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Brighton, Sussex



City/Town : Latitude: 50.8429102, Longitude: -0.183291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ellen  Abt Feb 1847Brighton, Sussex I36233
2 Bamford, Sybil  Abt May 1909Brighton, Sussex I65550
3 Bawcombe, Selina Charlotte  Abt 1852Brighton, Sussex I35384
4 Brackenridge, Derek  18 Jun 1933Brighton, Sussex I64041
5 Brackenridge, Edward William  27 Aug 1901Brighton, Sussex I64043
6 Brazier, Cyril Harvey  20 May 1909Brighton, Sussex I158708
7 Burgess, James  Abt 1870Brighton, Sussex I86245
8 Burrell, Winifred Helen  24 Jun 1891Brighton, Sussex I148598
9 Carpenter, Phoebe  Abt Feb 1817Brighton, Sussex I19636
10 Coppard, Caroline  Abt Nov 1841Brighton, Sussex I94520
11 Croft, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1909Brighton, Sussex I43403
12 Croft, Kathleen Mary  Abt Aug 1908Brighton, Sussex I43417
13 Eager, Arthur Gordon  Abt Nov 1892Brighton, Sussex I65554
14 Eager, Ernest Edward  Abt Feb 1889Brighton, Sussex I65555
15 Eager, Frank Charles  Abt Dec 1890Brighton, Sussex I65558
16 Eager, Frederick  Abt 1863Brighton, Sussex I65559
17 Eager, Frederick William John  Abt Feb 1887Brighton, Sussex I65560
18 Fowler, Doris Louisa  Abt 1903Brighton, Sussex I65566
19 Fowler, Reginald Arthur  Abt 1905Brighton, Sussex I65569
20 Geering, Lucy  Abt 1867Brighton, Sussex I64150
21 Gillam, May  2 Oct 1893Brighton, Sussex I73234
22 Glenn, Leslie Archibald Heaney  Abt Feb 1904Brighton, Sussex I158843
23 Hook, Stanley Porter  15 Jun 1901Brighton, Sussex I68076
24 House, Alice  Abt Aug 1879Brighton, Sussex I94526
25 House, Alice Maud  9 Nov 1884Brighton, Sussex I73236
26 House, Eva May  Abt May 1882Brighton, Sussex I73244
27 House, Frederick Benjamin  Abt Nov 1889Brighton, Sussex I73245
28 House, Sidney Charles  14 Feb 1893Brighton, Sussex I73261
29 House, Stanley Girling  5 Sep 1920Brighton, Sussex I73262
30 Howes, Albert  Abt May 1899Brighton, Sussex I64088
31 Howes, Albert William  Abt 1884Brighton, Sussex I36049
32 Howes, Alfred Frederick  Abt Nov 1892Brighton, Sussex I64092
33 Howes, Beatrice May  Abt Nov 1903Brighton, Sussex I64094
34 Howes, Daisy Eugenie  Abt Nov 1901Brighton, Sussex I64100
35 Howes, Doris Minnie  Abt May 1909Brighton, Sussex I36051
36 Howes, Edith Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1880Brighton, Sussex I5236
37 Howes, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1890Brighton, Sussex I36052
38 Howes, Ethel Annie  Abt Nov 1880Brighton, Sussex I36053
39 Howes, Frank Arthur  14 Mar 1910Brighton, Sussex I64105
40 Howes, George Calvert  Abt Feb 1894Brighton, Sussex I64107
41 Howes, James Frederick  14 Jul 1903Brighton, Sussex I70401
42 Howes, Katherine Grace  Abt Aug 1883Brighton, Sussex I36054
43 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1882Brighton, Sussex I23358
44 Howse, Albert John  Abt Jan 1877Brighton, Sussex I65582
45 Howse, Albert Seward  Abt Nov 1839Brighton, Sussex I94518
46 Howse, Alice  Abt Nov 1857Brighton, Sussex I27802
47 Howse, Alice Emily  Abt May 1867Brighton, Sussex I94521
48 Howse, Alice May  Abt May 1879Brighton, Sussex I22873
49 Howse, Amelia Harriet  Abt Nov 1848Brighton, Sussex I65573
50 Howse, Amelia Harriet H  17 Dec 1873Brighton, Sussex I65574

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Arabella  Bef 1 Jan 1852Brighton, Sussex I28790
2 Fisher, James  Abt May 1863Brighton, Sussex I16866
3 Goodere, Thomas  Abt May 1884Brighton, Sussex I518
4 Heighington, Edith Laura  19 Dec 1966Brighton, Sussex I49691
5 House, Phyllis  17 May 2012Brighton, Sussex I73258
6 Howes, Albert William Arthur  7 May 1986Brighton, Sussex I19240
7 Howes, Amy  Dec 1865Brighton, Sussex I75261
8 Howse, George  Abt Aug 1873Brighton, Sussex I13746
9 Howse, George Frederick  Abt Feb 1890Brighton, Sussex I65579
10 Howse, George Frederick  Abt May 1891Brighton, Sussex I28842
11 Howse, Henry Stephen  Abt Aug 1892Brighton, Sussex I65581
12 Howse, Lydia Florence  1878Brighton, Sussex I66957
13 Marshall, Clara Jane  22 Mar 1962Brighton, Sussex I140682
14 Papps, Louisa  Abt Feb 1871Brighton, Sussex I24428
15 St Paul, Ian Stephen  22 Jul 2001Brighton, Sussex I75000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howse, Helen Susan  14 May 1820Brighton, Sussex I16473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ellen  Abt 1843Brighton, Sussex I36233
2 Bailey, Ellen  Abt 1846Brighton, Sussex I36233
3 Bamford, Sybil  Abt 1909Brighton, Sussex I65550
4 Bawcombe, Selina Charlotte  Abt 1855Brighton, Sussex I35384
5 Bawcombe, Selina Charlotte  Abt 1858Brighton, Sussex I35384
6 Brackenridge, Edward William  Abt 1901Brighton, Sussex I64043
7 Burrell, Winifred Helen  Abt 1891Brighton, Sussex I148598
8 Carpenter, Phoebe  Abt 1816Brighton, Sussex I19636
9 Coppard, Caroline  Abt 1841Brighton, Sussex I94520
10 Coppard, Caroline  Abt 1842Brighton, Sussex I94520
11 Croft, Albert Edward  Abt 1909Brighton, Sussex I43403
12 Croft, Kathleen Mary  Abt 1908Brighton, Sussex I43417
13 Eager, Arthur Gordon  Abt 1892Brighton, Sussex I65554
14 Eager, Ernest Edward  Abt 1888Brighton, Sussex I65555
15 Eager, Frank Charles  Abt 1890Brighton, Sussex I65558
16 Eager, Frederick William John  Abt 1886Brighton, Sussex I65560
17 Gardner, James  Abt 1848Brighton, Sussex I68177
18 Gillam, May  Abt 1892Brighton, Sussex I73234
19 Glenn, Leslie Archibald Heaney  Abt 1903Brighton, Sussex I158843
20 House, Alice  Abt 1878Brighton, Sussex I94526
21 House, Alice Maud  Abt 1884Brighton, Sussex I73236
22 House, Eva May  Abt 1880Brighton, Sussex I73244
23 House, Eva May  Abt 1881Brighton, Sussex I73244
24 House, Eva May  Abt 1882Brighton, Sussex I73244
25 House, Frederick Benjamin  Abt 1888Brighton, Sussex I73245
26 House, Frederick Thomas Girling  Abt 1849Brighton, Sussex I73246
27 House, Lewis  Abt 1858Brighton, Sussex I47236
28 House, Robert George  Abt 1854Brighton, Sussex I80866
29 House, Robert George  Abt 1855Brighton, Sussex I80866
30 House, Robert George  Abt 1856Brighton, Sussex I80866
31 House, Sidney Charles  Abt 1892Brighton, Sussex I73261
32 House, Sidney Charles  Abt 1893Brighton, Sussex I73261
33 Howes, Albert  Abt 1898Brighton, Sussex I64088
34 Howes, Albert William  Abt 1885Brighton, Sussex I36049
35 Howes, Alfred Frederick  Abt 1892Brighton, Sussex I64092
36 Howes, Annie Emma  Abt 1871Brighton, Sussex I105061
37 Howes, Beatrice May  Abt 1903Brighton, Sussex I64094
38 Howes, Daisy Eugenie  Abt 1901Brighton, Sussex I64100
39 Howes, Doris Minnie  Abt 1908Brighton, Sussex I36051
40 Howes, Edith Elizabeth  Abt 1880Brighton, Sussex I5236
41 Howes, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1889Brighton, Sussex I36052
42 Howes, Ethel Annie  Abt 1880Brighton, Sussex I36053
43 Howes, Ethel Annie  Abt Mar 1881Brighton, Sussex I36053
44 Howes, Frank Arthur  Abt 1909Brighton, Sussex I64105
45 Howes, George Calvert  Abt 1893Brighton, Sussex I64107
46 Howes, George Edward Harrod  Abt 1856Brighton, Sussex I25375
47 Howes, George Edward Harrod  Abt 1857Brighton, Sussex I25375
48 Howes, James Frederick  Abt 1903Brighton, Sussex I70401
49 Howes, James Frederick  Abt Aug 1903Brighton, Sussex I70401
50 Howes, Katherine Grace  Abt 1883Brighton, Sussex I36054

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howse, George Frederick  1875Brighton, Sussex I66956
2 Pelham, Ceres  Abt Nov 1957Brighton, Sussex I85470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Brown, Kenneth James Wynne  3 Aug 1982Brighton, Sussex I147577
2 Burrell, Winifred Helen  11 Aug 1983Brighton, Sussex I148598
3 Dadswell, Frank Charles  14 Jul 1993Brighton, Sussex I143687
4 Exley, Valentine Doreen  23 Mar 2000Brighton, Sussex I111770
5 Farrington, Florence Jessie  12 Dec 1983Brighton, Sussex I17455
6 Franklin, Charles Walter  23 Apr 1976Brighton, Sussex I134753
7 Halfacres, Sylvia C J  18 Dec 2007Brighton, Sussex I143701
8 Haliday, Irene Clarice Estella  19 Jun 1981Brighton, Sussex I106422
9 House, Brian John Lee  17 Apr 1996Brighton, Sussex I33639
10 Howes, Albert William Arthur  14 Aug 1986Brighton, Sussex I19240
11 Howes, Briony Ann  27 May 1999Brighton, Sussex I72880
12 Howes, Emeline Selina Kate  11 Nov 1977Brighton, Sussex I24320
13 Howes, Ethel Winifred  17 Oct 1988Brighton, Sussex I7193
14 Howes, Herbert Henry  13 Aug 1999Brighton, Sussex I111771
15 Howes, John Richard  23 Mar 1993Brighton, Sussex I148025
16 Howes, Philip Geoffrey  17 Dec 1990Brighton, Sussex I68541
17 Leaver, Charles Ernest  7 Mar 2005Brighton, Sussex I144675
18 Morse, Harold Geoffrey  2 Apr 1981Brighton, Sussex I118274
19 Pilcher, George Augustus  21 Jan 1980Brighton, Sussex I152795
20 Ruby, Keith Raymond  1 Mar 2012Brighton, Sussex I162281
21 Sargent, Avis Francis  1 Feb 2008Brighton, Sussex I45656
22 Simms, Annie  3 Jul 1990Brighton, Sussex I152801
23 Simms, Daisy  1 Apr 1985Brighton, Sussex I152804
24 Slade, Leslie Albert Philip  12 Feb 2003Brighton, Sussex I147588
25 Slayter, Annie Ermintrude  23 Nov 2001Brighton, Sussex I1132
26 South, Agnes Doris  20 Oct 2016Brighton, Sussex I162272
27 Truss, William George  17 Dec 1984Brighton, Sussex I148036
28 Whitcher, Robert Arthur  13 Apr 2000Brighton, Sussex I38588
29 Willbourn, Arthur John Norman  17 Jun 1988Brighton, Sussex I148039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Olliff, John  8 Sep 1878Brighton, Sussex I822
2 Rising, Elizabeth Alice Maria  Abt 1853Brighton, Sussex I55827
3 Saunders, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1817Brighton, Sussex I115613
4 Scrace, Charles  10 Feb 1824Brighton, Sussex I115620

Witness at Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness at Marriage    Person ID 
1 Whittle, Maria Howes  22 Aug 1893Brighton, Sussex I64412


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fisher / Howse  Abt Feb 1850Brighton, Sussex F6333
2 Goodere / Howse  Abt May 1870Brighton, Sussex F6334
3 Howes / Saunders  29 Oct 1817Brighton, Sussex F34802
4 Quatromini / Heighington  Abt Nov 1923Brighton, Sussex F14767
5 Sherwood / Whittle  22 Aug 1893Brighton, Sussex F33255