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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -27.5115277, Longitude: 152.9897111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Frederick John Wesley  20 Sep 1871Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I56172
2 Clark, Beatrice Alice  1887Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I135911
3 Foster, Carol Anne  6 Feb 1949Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136228
4 Fudge, Alice M  1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I29267
5 Fudge, Frederick William  1865Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I7596
6 Gailer, Neil Ernest  15 Jul 1933Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136966
7 Giles, Arthur George  10 Aug 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I75897
8 Hadley, Beryl Matilda  13 Aug 1920Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55477
9 Howes, Glenn David  13 Sep 1973Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55539
10 Howes, Herbert Arthur  19 Oct 1922Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55544
11 Howes, Nellie Ivy Isobel  30 Aug 1932Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55571
12 Howes, Samuel John  8 Aug 1955Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I118730
13 Howes, Winifred Hilda Mary  30 Jan 1925Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55606
14 Howse, Egbert Medland  29 Jul 1878Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I128195
15 Howse, Jessie Hazel  9 Dec 1896Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I75748
16 Howse, Minnie  31 Jan 1877Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I128193
17 Lewis, George Walter Brock  30 Aug 1924Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55668
18 Webster, Mary Elizabeth Aplin  Abt 1872Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I49319
19 Yourell, Florence Madelene  4 Aug 1914Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I18212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Martha McCalla  5 Nov 2007Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55352
2 Barnes, Frederick John Wesley  Apr 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I56172
3 Bennetts, Gladys Maud  6 Sep 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136963
4 Bosel, Mable Louise  7 Dec 1976Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I24564
5 Clark, Ernest George  1952Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I135912
6 Clark, John Hennessey  Abt 1921Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I135910
7 Clark, Thomas George  1978Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I135914
8 Desbois, Alice  14 Sep 1949Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I30556
9 Foster, Carol Anne  8 Jun 2013Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136228
10 Foster, Keith  8 Aug 2015Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136227
11 Gailer, Benjamin Frank  3 Aug 1967Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136937
12 Gailer, Edith  15 Nov 1944Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136933
13 Gailer, Neil Ernest  18 Jul 1933Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136966
14 Gailer, Thomas Francis  19 Sep 1959Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136965
15 Gallaway, William  1976Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I11572
16 Hadley, Beryl Matilda  Jul 1977Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55477
17 Howes, Albert Blackburn  24 Nov 1958Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17385
18 Howes, Albert Victor George  2 Jun 2009Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55509
19 Howes, Alice Hilda  4 Aug 1966Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I27287
20 Howes, Anne  23 Nov 1941Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I1834
21 Howes, Anthony James Cecil  12 Oct 2012Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I12995
22 Howes, Charles Henry  6 Apr 1913Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15237
23 Howes, Derek George  Abt Feb 2018Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I95249
24 Howes, Edith Maud  26 Nov 1969Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17078
25 Howes, Florence Alithea  1973Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I6599
26 Howes, Glenn David  10 May 2003Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55539
27 Howes, Harold Cecil  5 Sep 1998Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55541
28 Howes, Nellie Ivy Isobel  19 Apr 1933Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55571
29 Howes, Noel Albert  8 Jan 1988Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55574
30 Howes, Samuel John  8 Aug 1955Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I118730
31 Howes, Samuel King  17 Aug 1931Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I118727
32 Howse, Egbert Medland  16 May 1879Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I128195
33 Howse, Mabel Constance  16 Aug 1975Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I75750
34 Howse, Minnie  6 Jul 1953Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I128193
35 Lewis, George Walter Brock  13 Sep 1988Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I55668
36 Postle, Belinda Agnes Henrietta  27 Jan 1973Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I7539
37 Wakefield, Jabez  Abt 1977Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I58047
38 Wells, Edith Minnie  26 Apr 1984Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I5318
39 Yourell, Florence Madelene  28 May 1992Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I18212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lee, Robert Leslie  4 Oct 1907Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I27043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Godber, Annie Florence  Abt 1950Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I27886
2 House, Marjorie Rebecca  30 Aug 2007Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I136226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Howes, Albert Blackburn  1909Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17385


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Atherfold, Elizabeth  1 Jul 1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I91805
2 Bailey, Alithea  11 May 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I7230
3 Hannam, Henry John  25 Jul 1951Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I40481
4 Howes, Ada Louisa  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I98344
5 Howes, Albert Blackburn  1909Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17385
6 Howes, Annie Louisa  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I7092
7 Howes, Charles Henry  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15237
8 Howes, Florence Edith  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I98347
9 Howes, Helen Gertrude  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I24271
10 Howes, John Edward  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I26552
11 Howes, John Edward  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I19013
12 Howes, John Skedge  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I98341
13 Howes, Kate Emma  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I98345
14 Howes, Mabel Eleanor  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I158721
15 Howes, Maud  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I158720
16 Howes, Nathaniel Joseph Symonds  20 Oct 1910Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I40885
17 Howes, Percy Edward  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I158719
18 Howes, Robert Ernest  11 Nov 1884Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I10350
19 Howes, Susan Rebecca  28 Jan 1862Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I99127
20 Howes, Winifred Alice  25 Jul 1951Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I6026
21 Hows, Ann Maria  1 Jul 1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I91806
22 Hows, Charles  1 Jul 1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I27592
23 Hows, Emily Margaret  1 Jul 1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I91808
24 Hows, Mary Atherfold  1 Jul 1867Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I91807
25 Maddox, Emma Louisa  17 Nov 1886Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I98343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Samuel King  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I118727
2 Howes, Sheila Margaret  1992Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I100331


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Howes  1895Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F3095
2 Gallaway / Howes  18 Mar 1933Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F2961
3 Hogden / Howes  6 Sep 1862Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F37814
4 Howes / Allen  30 Apr 1942Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F16197
5 Howes / Hadley  20 Jan 1941Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F16247
6 Howes / Yourell  7 Oct 1939Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F6286
7 Ridge / Howse  2 Oct 1879Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F38854
8 Wilkie / Howes  21 Oct 1930Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F13595


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Howes  Abt 1878Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F41288
2 Gallaway / Howes  1932Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F2961
3 Hogden / Howes  1866Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F37814