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California, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 37.2658255, Longitude: -119.2592275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allemand, Marie Josephine  4 Mar 1912California, USA I56518
2 Andrews, A M  Abt 1863California, USA I147427
3 Andrews, Edmond  Abt 1857California, USA I147424
4 Andrews, Esta  Abt 1861California, USA I147426
5 Andrews, Mary A  Abt Sep 1859California, USA I147425
6 Bon, Evalyn Catherine  30 Oct 1904California, USA I22229
7 Craig, James Berchet  30 Oct 1943California, USA I136666
8 Ellington, Norma Lorene  13 Jan 1942California, USA I8384
9 Fong, Arthur L  Abt 1901California, USA I101328
10 Fong, Chester Lawrence  Abt 1905California, USA I101329
11 Graham, Evelyn Florence  Abt 1908California, USA I60744
12 Grauel, Hilda J  24 Aug 1901California, USA I89604
13 Greenwood, A A  Abt 1867California, USA I60754
14 Greenwood, Clara  May 1878California, USA I60753
15 Greenwood, Harriet  Jan 1874California, USA I60745
16 Hahn, Loretta C  26 Dec 1889California, USA I101296
17 Hanrahan, Edward  May 1861California, USA I89226
18 Hauer, Anna  Abt 1879California, USA I101237
19 House, Pauline L  Abt 1914California, USA I65337
20 House, Shirley Leona  Abt 1934California, USA I65340
21 Houze, Gertrude E  Abt 1900California, USA I158905
22 Howes, Alice L  Abt 1917California, USA I56513
23 Howes, Anna M  Abt 1914California, USA I56512
24 Howes, Charles Freeman  25 Jul 1921California, USA I89233
25 Howes, Doreen  Abt 1924California, USA I50818
26 Howes, Eileen R  Abt 1913California, USA I56514
27 Howes, Emma Ruth  Abt Nov 1909California, USA I60741
28 Howes, Floyd E  20 May 1901California, USA I89592
29 Howes, Geraldine  Abt 1889California, USA I78985
30 Howes, John Pete  Abt 1933California, USA I89595
31 Howes, Wilbur Burdick  Abt 1898California, USA I89591
32 Howse, Dorothy  Abt Jun 1919California, USA I101240
33 Howse, Edward  27 Nov 1914California, USA I101239
34 Howse, Francis H  Abt 1908California, USA I101238
35 Howse, Gladys  Abt May 1917California, USA I101245
36 Howse, Louisa M  25 Jan 1883California, USA I101253
37 Howse, Ralph W  19 Mar 1910California, USA I101244
38 Howse, Richard F  Abt 1906California, USA I101251
39 Hunt, Oscar C  Abt 1885California, USA I137097
40 Irby, Jesse Walton III  17 Oct 1936California, USA I148968
41 Jenkins, Ida Marian  18 Oct 1892California, USA I89410
42 Kemp, Ardell Sylvia  1 Mar 1920California, USA I136467
43 LaMontagne, Ellard Edward  Abt 1911California, USA I89589
44 LaMontagne, Leslie Howes  Nov 1898California, USA I89588
45 Lewis, Ansel  Abt Oct 1917California, USA I111741
46 Lewis, Unnamed  Abt Dec 1919California, USA I111742
47 Martin, Richard D  Abt 1908California, USA I85448
48 McClure, E Raymond  Abt Aug 1915California, USA I89602
49 McClure, Edgar R  Jun 1890California, USA I89597
50 McClure, Edna Hazel  Sep 1892California, USA I89598

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Caldwell, Ola Louise  20 May 1980California, USA I144533
2 Cole, Mary Abigail  Abt 1915California, USA I47260
3 Egholm, Eunice  17 Aug 2001California, USA I136774
4 Grant, Francis Pinneo  1 Oct 1948California, USA I77816
5 House, Howard E  5 Sep 1938California, USA I101232
6 Howes, Alice Virginia  California, USA I169842
7 Howes, Briant Davidson  26 Jan 2015California, USA I52969
8 Howes, Emerson Clarence  26 Jun 1964California, USA I19890
9 Howes, Hallett Eugene  19 Mar 1948California, USA I2056
10 Howes, Helen Dorothy  Mar 1990California, USA I8475
11 Howes, Kimbal Ryder Jr  24 May 1851California, USA I167960
12 Howse, Kevin William  27 Jun 2005California, USA I101300
13 Howze, James Brown  8 Oct 1967California, USA I78955
14 Kirby, Mildred Edna  4 Oct 1952California, USA I74292
15 Knight, Lulu Adelia  9 Apr 1938California, USA I167129
16 McCord, James Matthew  21 Sep 1923California, USA I11068
17 McEowen, Robert Franklin  21 Jul 1978California, USA I74280
18 Mulrine, Ada Boone  12 Feb 1912California, USA I34282
19 Palmer, Hellen  Jan 1976California, USA I26937
20 Scott, Mary Ann  16 Feb 1901California, USA I12583
21 Stribling, Vanessa  30 Sep 1999California, USA I1547
22 Strong, Josep Lewis  9 Dec 1854California, USA I126518
23 Van Ness, Freda Mary  14 Mar 1977California, USA I1901
24 Wagner, Walter F  11 May 1978California, USA I22122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Mary A  Abt 1858California, USA I147425
2 Andrews, Mary A  Abt 1859California, USA I147425
3 Blair, David Dayton  Abt 1921California, USA I47257
4 Blair, Frederic Draper  Abt 1923California, USA I47258
5 Blanchard, Clara P  Abt 1912California, USA I91585
6 Church, Elma Sara  Abt 1893California, USA I89232
7 Church, Elma Sara  Abt 1894California, USA I89232
8 Cocksedge, Betty June  Abt 1923California, USA I138040
9 Denham, Emma Gertrude  Abt 1891California, USA I75097
10 Denham, Emma Gertrude  Abt 1892California, USA I75097
11 Dibble, Alta Edna  Abt 1896California, USA I75038
12 Dibble, Cecil Elwood  10 May 1910California, USA I75101
13 Dibble, Ella Abi  Abt 1894California, USA I75098
14 Dibble, Ella Abi  1 Oct 1894California, USA I75098
15 Doubet, Ruth Marie  13 Jan 1941California, USA I148967
16 Eccleston, Nelli Maxine  Abt 1900California, USA I13761
17 Fong, Chester Lawrence  Abt 1911California, USA I101329
18 Grant, Basil Felix  29 Sep 1909California, USA I125822
19 Grauel, Hilda J  Abt 1901California, USA I89604
20 Greenwood, Clara  Abt 1877California, USA I60753
21 Greenwood, Clara  1 May 1878California, USA I60753
22 Hahn, Loretta C  Abt 1889California, USA I101296
23 Hanrahan, Edward  Abt 1861California, USA I89226
24 Hanrahan, Edward  Abt 1863California, USA I89226
25 Hauer, Anna  19 Jun 1879California, USA I101237
26 Hilend, James Earl  24 Feb 1896California, USA I111736
27 Holleran, James Edward  Abt 1896California, USA I101267
28 Holleran, James Edward  Abt 1898California, USA I101267
29 Holleran, Jane Marie  Abt 1929California, USA I101269
30 Holleran, Jane Marie  Abt Oct 1929California, USA I101269
31 Holleran, Jerome William  Abt 1932California, USA I101270
32 Holleran, Richard Joseph  Abt 1934California, USA I101271
33 Holleran, Robert Thomas  Abt 1923California, USA I101268
34 House, Beverly Roy  Abt 1916California, USA I136466
35 House, Beverly Roy  Abt 1917California, USA I136466
36 House, Beverly Roy  Abt Apr 1917California, USA I136466
37 House, Beverly Roy  3 Apr 1917California, USA I136466
38 House, Charles Stanley  Abt 1913California, USA I136465
39 House, Charles Stanley  16 May 1913California, USA I136465
40 House, Pauline L  Abt 1913California, USA I65337
41 House, Shirley Leona  9 Aug 1935California, USA I65340
42 House, Stanley Marvin  Abt 1926California, USA I110965
43 House, Stanley Marvin  Abt Sep 1926California, USA I110965
44 Howes, Alice L  Abt Feb 1918California, USA I56513
45 Howes, Ardene Harriet  Abt 1929California, USA I89237
46 Howes, Ardene Harriet  Abt May 1929California, USA I89237
47 Howes, Barbara Elizabeth  Abt 1923California, USA I89234
48 Howes, Benjamin Durward III  Abt 1922California, USA I5635
49 Howes, Bernice Ann  Abt 1912California, USA I75102
50 Howes, Carrol Forrest  Abt 1918California, USA I159990

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Emerson Clarence  Jul 1964California, USA I19890
2 Howes, George Thompson  Jul 1977California, USA I60742
3 Howes, Samuel Musgrove  1988California, USA I72444
4 Howse, Ralph W  Jan 1966California, USA I101244
5 Taylor, Laura Mary  1965California, USA I167155
6 Waughan, Emma Gertrude  15 Sep 1966California, USA I85442


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Howes, Samuel Musgrove  1957California, USA I72444
2 Ward, Irene Olive  1957California, USA I82257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Howes, Dorothy Velma Phyllis  10 Feb 1950California, USA I108905
2 Howes, Henry James  31 Jan 1963California, USA I133611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnhardt, Charles  California, USA I119728
2 Howes, David Sears  6 Nov 1976California, USA I167157
3 Howes, Henry James  21 Oct 1972California, USA I133611
4 Howes, Phillip Marion  15 Apr 1910California, USA I75035
5 Smith, Elihu  1849California, USA I126762


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dunn / Howes  Abt 1927California, USA F29872
2 House / Kemp  17 Sep 1942California, USA F41473
3 House / Tunstall  23 Apr 1940California, USA F41474
4 Howes / Jenkins  1928California, USA F25807
5 Howes / Simpson  Abt 1935California, USA F29873
6 Howse / McCausland  6 Sep 1918California, USA F50004
7 Howse / Whedon  31 Jan 1942California, USA F50006
8 Ryan / Howes  Abt 1948California, USA F32531