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Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire



Latitude: 51.7747995, Longitude: -0.8065995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Beatrice Mary  Abt Sep 2004Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I127342
2 Bradshaw, Betty Ivy  Feb 2002Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I103368
3 Cutler, Olive Elsie  Feb 2006Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I84766
4 Dumbleton, Bernard Albert G  Abt May 2004Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I104246
5 Fitzgerald, John Patrick  Abt Apr 2001Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I129850
6 House, Douglas James  Apr 1999Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I51178
7 House, Leslie George  Abt Feb 2004Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I44353
8 House, Mabel  Abt Jul 2002Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I51370
9 House, Reginald James Ellis  Abt Mar 2002Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I129037
10 Howes, Arthur  Abt May 1999Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I101652
11 Howes, Dorothy Elizabeth  Abt Dec 2000Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I65416
12 Howes, Freda E A  Abt Nov 2006Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I103083
13 Howes, George Thomas  Abt Dec 1998Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I118173
14 Howes, Hilda Helena  Abt Aug 2003Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I21840
15 Howes, Joan  Abt Jul 2000Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I97510
16 Howes, Joyce G  Feb 2005Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I134793
17 Howes, Joyce Patricia  Abt Oct 2004Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I119507
18 Howes, Wilma Iris  Abt Aug 2003Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I56454
19 Howse, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Oct 2003Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I46224
20 Hunt, Gladys May  Sep 2005Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I103383
21 Marshall, Phyllis Howes  21 Oct 1996Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I40142
22 Merrett, Joyce Maud  Abt Nov 2001Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I2655
23 Saunders, Joan Audrey  Abt Sep 2000Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I129038
24 Sutherland, James  Abt Dec 2001Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I97512
25 Yarrow, Richard William  Abt Jan 2000Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I106487


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Franklin, Lionel R  Aug 1999Chiltern RD, Buckinghamshire I144107