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Colchester RD, Essex



City/Town : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chilver, Gladys May  Abt Nov 1919Colchester RD, Essex I177890
2 Collins, Herbert Victor  22 Oct 1909Colchester RD, Essex I132964
3 Halsall, Dawn Jeanette  Abt Feb 1958Colchester RD, Essex I78031
4 Hills, Daniel S  Abt Nov 1916Colchester RD, Essex I174178
5 Howes, Annie Dora  Abt Nov 1894Colchester RD, Essex I7580
6 Howes, Betty  Abt Nov 1928Colchester RD, Essex I64095
7 Howes, Daphne  7 Nov 1928Colchester RD, Essex I64101
8 Howes, David J  Abt Feb 1960Colchester RD, Essex I85453
9 Howes, Sheila Elsie  16 Aug 1929Colchester RD, Essex I93002
10 Howse, Pamela Jean  Abt Feb 1940Colchester RD, Essex I99538
11 Jolly, Bernard Geoffrey  25 Jan 1920Colchester RD, Essex I93000
12 Laughlin, Florence Ada  12 Jun 1918Colchester RD, Essex I99533
13 Meanwell, Norman Henry  Abt May 1911Colchester RD, Essex I108038
14 Philbrook, Andrew Stephen  1 Jun 1955Colchester RD, Essex I93007
15 Philbrook, Peter Ernest  14 Oct 1928Colchester RD, Essex I93006
16 Scarfe, Linda May  14 Dec 1904Colchester RD, Essex I159611
17 Wood, Adeline Mary  Abt Aug 1843Colchester RD, Essex I118628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Elizabeth Kathleen  Abt Jan 1985Colchester RD, Essex I64030
2 Bailey, Doris Victoria  Abt Feb 2004Colchester RD, Essex I117737
3 Batt, Selina Frances  Abt Nov 1990Colchester RD, Essex I98329
4 Boulton, James Watts  Abt Nov 1907Colchester RD, Essex I118614
5 Boyton, Robert James  Abt Jul 2003Colchester RD, Essex I96443
6 Bruce, Leonard P  Abt Nov 1967Colchester RD, Essex I93209
7 Davies, Edith Violet  Abt Apr 2005Colchester RD, Essex I75562
8 de Visser, Christina Amy  Abt Aug 2003Colchester RD, Essex I18656
9 Deacon, Henry Hazard  Abt Nov 1978Colchester RD, Essex I94338
10 Dobson, Leslie John Neville  Abt Jan 1995Colchester RD, Essex I30913
11 Everitt, George Travis  Abt Aug 2006Colchester RD, Essex I96439
12 Fairhead, Christine  Abt Aug 1974Colchester RD, Essex I64057
13 Gammer, Mabel Alice  Abt Aug 1987Colchester RD, Essex I93037
14 Garwood, Ernest  Abt Aug 1964Colchester RD, Essex I92959
15 Gladding, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Nov 1912Colchester RD, Essex I118620
16 Grimsey, Lily Grace  Abt May 1977Colchester RD, Essex I93059
17 Harlacher, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1998Colchester RD, Essex I68181
18 Hilder, Cora Florence  Abt Dec 2002Colchester RD, Essex I48079
19 Hines, Leslie James  Abt Nov 1991Colchester RD, Essex I92995
20 Hodson, Frederick Vernon  Abt May 1959Colchester RD, Essex I100228
21 Holland, Ann  Abt Feb 1916Colchester RD, Essex I64086
22 House, Ada Ethel  Abt May 1987Colchester RD, Essex I120525
23 House, Cyril Andrew S  Abt Jan 1993Colchester RD, Essex I85303
24 House, Edgar Spendlove  Abt Jan 1985Colchester RD, Essex I73604
25 House, Francis Hector  Abt Feb 1972Colchester RD, Essex I43665
26 House, George Everard Charles  Abt Feb 1998Colchester RD, Essex I32877
27 House, Hector  Abt Mar 2006Colchester RD, Essex I109132
28 House, Henry George  Abt Feb 1994Colchester RD, Essex I68206
29 House, Henry Joseph  Abt Oct 2001Colchester RD, Essex I68207
30 House, Herbert Charles G  Abt Oct 1993Colchester RD, Essex I79510
31 House, Jonathan David  Abt Oct 1993Colchester RD, Essex I145884
32 House, Leslie George Herbert  Abt Aug 1987Colchester RD, Essex I76212
33 House, Mary  Abt Nov 1910Colchester RD, Essex I2562
34 House, Michael Robert  Abt Nov 1974Colchester RD, Essex I104770
35 House, Sarah  Abt Feb 1890Colchester RD, Essex I1781
36 House, Stanley  Abt May 1996Colchester RD, Essex I35551
37 House, Theodore William Jesse  Abt Aug 1978Colchester RD, Essex I48110
38 House, Veronica Ruth  Abt Oct 2003Colchester RD, Essex I76550
39 House, Walter Charles  Abt Oct 2005Colchester RD, Essex I92404
40 House, Walter Frederick  Abt Feb 1948Colchester RD, Essex I85300
41 House, William Percival  Abt Jan 1992Colchester RD, Essex I93301
42 Howes, Albert Charles  Abt May 1980Colchester RD, Essex I2593
43 Howes, Alfred John  Abt Feb 1967Colchester RD, Essex I10610
44 Howes, Alice  Abt Nov 1960Colchester RD, Essex I8156
45 Howes, Bertie Victor  Abt Dec 2005Colchester RD, Essex I8582
46 Howes, Betty  Abt Nov 1928Colchester RD, Essex I64095
47 Howes, Betty Constance  Abt Jun 2000Colchester RD, Essex I145548
48 Howes, Charles  Abt May 2001Colchester RD, Essex I69568
49 Howes, Charles Herbert  Abt Aug 1962Colchester RD, Essex I36875
50 Howes, Clifford Breeze  Abt Nov 1978Colchester RD, Essex I72360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bevan, William Alfred  Abt Aug 1886Colchester RD, Essex I89377
2 Collins, Herbert Victor  Abt Nov 1909Colchester RD, Essex I132964
3 Donnelly, Agnes Mary  Abt May 1862Colchester RD, Essex I74763
4 Gladding, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1853Colchester RD, Essex I118620
5 House, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1877Colchester RD, Essex I60289
6 House, James Charles  Abt Feb 1876Colchester RD, Essex I60288
7 House, Kate  Abt May 1892Colchester RD, Essex I58264
8 House, Leonard James  Abt Feb 1891Colchester RD, Essex I58265
9 Howes, Daphne  Abt Nov 1928Colchester RD, Essex I64101
10 Howes, Florence Ruth  Abt Nov 1914Colchester RD, Essex I64104
11 Howes, Harry Albert  Abt Feb 1901Colchester RD, Essex I64110
12 Howes, Henry  Abt Nov 1883Colchester RD, Essex I15985
13 Howes, Robert  Abt Aug 1903Colchester RD, Essex I64123
14 Howes, Sheila Elsie  Abt Aug 1929Colchester RD, Essex I93002
15 Howes, William Harry  Abt Aug 1898Colchester RD, Essex I64126
16 Jolly, Bernard Geoffrey  Abt Feb 1920Colchester RD, Essex I93000
17 Laughlin, Florence Ada  Abt May 1918Colchester RD, Essex I99533
18 Penman, Vera  Abt Nov 1904Colchester RD, Essex I64133
19 Philbrook, Andrew Stephen  Abt May 1955Colchester RD, Essex I93007
20 Philbrook, Peter Ernest  Abt Nov 1928Colchester RD, Essex I93006
21 Plowright, Beatrice Mary  Abt Feb 1904Colchester RD, Essex I64135
22 Scarfe, Linda May  Abt Feb 1905Colchester RD, Essex I159611
23 Sparke, Minnie  Abt Feb 1878Colchester RD, Essex I64142
24 Woodward, Horace William  Abt May 1877Colchester RD, Essex I142356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boulton, John Henry  Abt Feb 1887Colchester RD, Essex I118615
2 Evett, Emmanuel George  Abt Nov 1908Colchester RD, Essex I178576
3 House, Lydia Ann  Abt Nov 1965Colchester RD, Essex I76220
4 House, Reverend Canon William Joseph  Abt Nov 1958Colchester RD, Essex I52150
5 Howse, Arthur Leonard  Abt Nov 1965Colchester RD, Essex I77035
6 Pullen, Kate Minnie Isabel  Abt Feb 1940Colchester RD, Essex I1064


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boulton / Gladding  Abt Nov 1875Colchester RD, Essex F35787
2 Bruce / House  Abt Feb 1956Colchester RD, Essex F27101
3 Bruce / Manning  Abt Feb 1956Colchester RD, Essex F48787
4 Hills / French  Abt May 1946Colchester RD, Essex F53520
5 Hines / Howes  Abt Feb 1950Colchester RD, Essex F27022
6 House / Hayward  Abt Feb 1949Colchester RD, Essex F20939
7 House / Odlum  Abt Nov 1946Colchester RD, Essex F32595
8 House / Rogers  Abt May 1890Colchester RD, Essex F16929
9 Howard / Howes  Abt Nov 1837Colchester RD, Essex F21497
10 Howes / Merrett  Abt Aug 1918Colchester RD, Essex F21498
11 Howes / Mitchell  Abt Feb 1954Colchester RD, Essex F27027
12 Howes / Penman  Abt May 1928Colchester RD, Essex F18546
13 Howes / Plowright  Abt May 1926Colchester RD, Essex F18548
14 Howes / Roberson  Abt Feb 1898Colchester RD, Essex F14678
15 Howes / Tugwood  Abt Feb 1946Colchester RD, Essex F10870
16 Howes / Tunbridge  Abt May 1914Colchester RD, Essex F27024
17 Howse / Laughlin  Abt May 1939Colchester RD, Essex F29282
18 Jolly / Howes  Abt Feb 1941Colchester RD, Essex F27025
19 Knapp / Howes  Abt Aug 1939Colchester RD, Essex F18539
20 Moss-Blundell / Spencer  Abt Feb 1942Colchester RD, Essex F43434
21 Mrozele / House  Abt Aug 1969Colchester RD, Essex F27102
22 Mrozele / Manning  Abt Aug 1969Colchester RD, Essex F48788
23 North / Cudmore  Abt May 1946Colchester RD, Essex F12427
24 Philbrook / Howes  Abt Aug 1949Colchester RD, Essex F27026
25 Pickett / Howes  Abt Nov 1899Colchester RD, Essex F8065
26 Shattock / Chilver  Abt Feb 1941Colchester RD, Essex F54925
27 Shelley / Howes  Abt Nov 1979Colchester RD, Essex F31747
28 Shergold / Bridges  Abt May 1920Colchester RD, Essex F13209
29 Smith / Howes  Abt Feb 1973Colchester RD, Essex F30280


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Fairhead  Abt Feb 1928Colchester RD, Essex F18528
2 Howes / Sparke  Abt Nov 1897Colchester RD, Essex F18553
3 Howse / Cook  Abt Aug 1910Colchester RD, Essex F21502
4 Talbot / Howes  Abt May 1946Colchester RD, Essex F24059