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Coventry, Warwickshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.4155332, Longitude: -1.5173676


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Reverend Canon Thomas  22 Aug 1842Coventry, Warwickshire I13992
2 Berry, Arthur  Abt May 1873Coventry, Warwickshire I66301
3 Burden, Samuel James  Abt 1822Coventry, Warwickshire I66307
4 Butler, Kate Selina  Abt Nov 1860Coventry, Warwickshire I33566
5 Carey, Charles John  15 Jul 1902Coventry, Warwickshire I28528
6 Carey, Elsie May  16 Jan 1900Coventry, Warwickshire I15733
7 Carey, Frederick George  25 Jun 1906Coventry, Warwickshire I17628
8 Carey, William Robert  29 Nov 1903Coventry, Warwickshire I17477
9 Cooke, Mary Margaret  3 Nov 1899Coventry, Warwickshire I40145
10 Cutts, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt May 1901Coventry, Warwickshire I146211
11 Cutts, James  20 Oct 1874Coventry, Warwickshire I146209
12 Cutts, Mary Eliza  Abt May 1900Coventry, Warwickshire I146210
13 De-Voisey, Patricia Penny  27 Mar 1971Coventry, Warwickshire I14724
14 Eyett, Emma  Abt 1843Coventry, Warwickshire I66174
15 Hartopp, Ernest Harold  18 Nov 1906Coventry, Warwickshire I92494
16 Hedger, Edward  Abt 1867Coventry, Warwickshire I107388
17 Hewitt, Francis  Abt Feb 1844Coventry, Warwickshire I90764
18 Hewitt, Henry  Abt Jan 1851Coventry, Warwickshire I90765
19 Hewitt, Mary Ann Howes  Abt Aug 1858Coventry, Warwickshire I90766
20 Hewitt, William  Abt 1862Coventry, Warwickshire I90768
21 Hodrien, William  Abt 1833Coventry, Warwickshire I98772
22 Hornby, Elizabeth  12 Jun 1875Coventry, Warwickshire I51452
23 House, Alfred Henry  5 May 1905Coventry, Warwickshire I67314
24 Howes, Amy Elizabeth  22 Jun 1901Coventry, Warwickshire I146198
25 Howes, Arthur Thomas  Abt Jan 1900Coventry, Warwickshire I51455
26 Howes, Doris Mabel  8 Dec 1908Coventry, Warwickshire I51459
27 Howes, Ernest  28 Jan 1899Coventry, Warwickshire I51464
28 Howes, Ethel  Abt Feb 1915Coventry, Warwickshire I51467
29 Howes, Florence Ellen  15 Jan 1895Coventry, Warwickshire I51468
30 Howes, Francis Leslie  Abt Nov 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I146509
31 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1831Coventry, Warwickshire I58586
32 Howes, Harold Ernest  14 Mar 1931Coventry, Warwickshire I51472
33 Howes, Horace  20 Apr 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I51474
34 Howes, Joyce Elizabeth  10 Feb 1930Coventry, Warwickshire I143403
35 Howes, Mabel  7 Oct 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I92498
36 Howes, Nellie May  15 Apr 1904Coventry, Warwickshire I51482
37 Howes, Norman James  30 Jun 1896Coventry, Warwickshire I66361
38 Howes, William George  22 Jan 1896Coventry, Warwickshire I51486
39 Hows, Kate Alberta  Abt Feb 1892Coventry, Warwickshire I33582
40 Ingram, Minnie Emily  Abt 1880Coventry, Warwickshire I87198
41 Johnson, Albert Harold  Abt Jul 1890Coventry, Warwickshire I45836
42 Johnson, Douglas Reginald  Abt Feb 1893Coventry, Warwickshire I45838
43 Johnson, George Lionel  Abt 1872Coventry, Warwickshire I78759
44 Johnson, Margaret H  Abt Feb 1894Coventry, Warwickshire I45839
45 Johnson, Mary H  Abt Nov 1891Coventry, Warwickshire I45837
46 Leavesley, Eveline  Abt Mar 1911Coventry, Warwickshire I146219
47 Lowe, Alice Amanda  20 Apr 1898Coventry, Warwickshire I34468
48 Lowe, Amy Susannah  23 Jun 1872Coventry, Warwickshire I120521
49 Nunn, William  Abt 1838Coventry, Warwickshire I52830
50 Sheargold, Marjorie Winifred  23 Jun 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I65883

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Charles Howard  Abt Aug 2000Coventry, Warwickshire I170919
2 Ball, Olive Alice  Abt Nov 1985Coventry, Warwickshire I170921
3 Berry, Arthur  27 Oct 1931Coventry, Warwickshire I66301
4 Carey, Charles John  Sep 1903Coventry, Warwickshire I28528
5 De-Voisey, Patricia Penny  Jun 1971Coventry, Warwickshire I14724
6 Edwards, Joyce Marie  19 Aug 1991Coventry, Warwickshire I16364
7 Franks, Jean  7 Aug 2012Coventry, Warwickshire I143392
8 Herron, Alan  Jul 2004Coventry, Warwickshire I17580
9 Hewitt, Francis  Abt Aug 1868Coventry, Warwickshire I90764
10 Hill, Eleanor Rose  1 Feb 1983Coventry, Warwickshire I94640
11 Hoseason, Arthur  24 Sep 1981Coventry, Warwickshire I124923
12 House, Audrey Violet  5 Dec 2010Coventry, Warwickshire I161336
13 House, Leslie Gordon  9 Dec 2013Coventry, Warwickshire I82917
14 Howes, Ernest Albert  11 Nov 1989Coventry, Warwickshire I143505
15 Howes, Francis  10 Sep 1866Coventry, Warwickshire I90788
16 Howes, George Herbert Neville  8 Dec 1937Coventry, Warwickshire I217
17 Howes, Harold Ernest  17 Aug 2009Coventry, Warwickshire I51472
18 Howes, Joyce Elizabeth  12 Jan 2015Coventry, Warwickshire I143403
19 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 4 Feb 1839Coventry, Warwickshire I90800
20 Howes, Stanley George  30 Nov 2018Coventry, Warwickshire I143391
21 Hows, William Thomas Edwin Wakelin  8 Sep 1935Coventry, Warwickshire I33589
22 Hutton, Jean  23 Mar 2020Coventry, Warwickshire I63968
23 Leavesley, Eric  15 Oct 2009Coventry, Warwickshire I146221
24 Lister, Alice Amelia Maud  3 Jun 1970Coventry, Warwickshire I170893
25 Molesworth, Gwendoline  5 May 2015Coventry, Warwickshire I146234
26 Newcomb, Betty Irene  25 Nov 2003Coventry, Warwickshire I11202
27 Sheargold, Marjorie Winifred  9 Aug 1979Coventry, Warwickshire I65883
28 Shirley, Nellie  Nov 1990Coventry, Warwickshire I169229
29 Townley, Kenneth William  21 Sep 1969Coventry, Warwickshire I7380
30 Tupper, Ernest Walter  27 Sep 1953Coventry, Warwickshire I94670
31 Wells, Bernard  5 Sep 2004Coventry, Warwickshire I4250
32 Wilkerson, Mollie Margaret  Abt Aug 2005Coventry, Warwickshire I20164
33 Windmill, Charles Leslie  11 Aug 2015Coventry, Warwickshire I161003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Reverend Canon Thomas  Abt 1842Coventry, Warwickshire I13992
2 Berry, Arthur  Abt 1871Coventry, Warwickshire I66301
3 Burden, Samuel James  Abt 1823Coventry, Warwickshire I66307
4 Butler, Kate Selina  Abt 1860Coventry, Warwickshire I33566
5 Carey, Elsie May  Abt 1899Coventry, Warwickshire I15733
6 Cooke, Mary Margaret  3 Nov 1900Coventry, Warwickshire I40145
7 Cotton, Ellen  Abt 1881Coventry, Warwickshire I66310
8 Cotton, Lizzie  Abt 1883Coventry, Warwickshire I66311
9 Cutts, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1901Coventry, Warwickshire I146211
10 Cutts, James  Abt 1874Coventry, Warwickshire I146209
11 Cutts, Mary Eliza  Abt 1899Coventry, Warwickshire I146210
12 Eyett, Emma  Abt 1841Coventry, Warwickshire I66174
13 Gascoigne, Lavinia  Abt 1872Coventry, Warwickshire I7634
14 Haynes, Hannah  Abt 1800Coventry, Warwickshire I90763
15 Hewitt, Emma  Abt 1848Coventry, Warwickshire I46433
16 Hewitt, Francis  Abt 1843Coventry, Warwickshire I90764
17 Hewitt, Henry  Abt 1850Coventry, Warwickshire I90765
18 Hewitt, Mary Ann Howes  Abt 1858Coventry, Warwickshire I90766
19 Hewitt, William  Abt 1818Coventry, Warwickshire I90767
20 Hornby, Elizabeth  Abt 1873Coventry, Warwickshire I51452
21 Hornby, Elizabeth  Abt 1874Coventry, Warwickshire I51452
22 House, Alfred Henry  Abt 1905Coventry, Warwickshire I67314
23 Howes, Alfred  Abt 1881Coventry, Warwickshire I66335
24 Howes, Clara Jane  Abt 1873Coventry, Warwickshire I66336
25 Howes, Doris Mabel  Abt 1908Coventry, Warwickshire I51459
26 Howes, Doris Mabel  Abt Feb 1909Coventry, Warwickshire I51459
27 Howes, Eli Yardley  Abt 1837Coventry, Warwickshire I66339
28 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1828Coventry, Warwickshire I90780
29 Howes, Ernest  Abt 1898Coventry, Warwickshire I51464
30 Howes, Florence Ellen  Abt 1894Coventry, Warwickshire I51468
31 Howes, Francis Leslie  Abt 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I146509
32 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1832Coventry, Warwickshire I58586
33 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1833Coventry, Warwickshire I58586
34 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1858Coventry, Warwickshire I66347
35 Howes, Horace  Abt 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I51474
36 Howes, James  Abt 1866Coventry, Warwickshire I66350
37 Howes, James Wallace  Abt 1849Coventry, Warwickshire I66351
38 Howes, Kate  Abt 1876Coventry, Warwickshire I66355
39 Howes, Kate Elizabeth  Abt 1890Coventry, Warwickshire I66968
40 Howes, Kate Elizabeth  Abt 1891Coventry, Warwickshire I66968
41 Howes, Kate Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1891Coventry, Warwickshire I66968
42 Howes, Mabel  Abt 1907Coventry, Warwickshire I92498
43 Howes, Maria  Abt 1867Coventry, Warwickshire I66356
44 Howes, Nellie May  Abt 1904Coventry, Warwickshire I51482
45 Howes, Norman James  Abt 1896Coventry, Warwickshire I66361
46 Howes, Sarah  Abt 1856Coventry, Warwickshire I66365
47 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1860Coventry, Warwickshire I66367
48 Howes, William George  Abt 1895Coventry, Warwickshire I51486
49 Hows, Kate Alberta  Abt 1891Coventry, Warwickshire I33582
50 Johnson, Albert Harold  Abt 1890Coventry, Warwickshire I45836

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Julia Florence  9 Nov 1938Coventry, Warwickshire I66354
2 Howes, Percival Charles  8 Aug 1961Coventry, Warwickshire I65863
3 Howes, Thomas  18 Jun 1935Coventry, Warwickshire I66370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carey, Edwin Thomas  Apr 1901Coventry, Warwickshire I28317
2 Carey, Elsie May  Apr 1901Coventry, Warwickshire I15733
3 Howes, James  2 Jun 1755Coventry, Warwickshire I88209
4 Howes, Thomas  22 Dec 1828Coventry, Warwickshire I88207
5 Macdonald, Hannah  2 Jun 1755Coventry, Warwickshire I88210
6 Stubbs, Esther  22 Dec 1828Coventry, Warwickshire I88208


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Denney / Howes  Dec 1935Coventry, Warwickshire F1201
2 Howes / Cooke  13 Nov 1920Coventry, Warwickshire F12333
3 Russell / Howes  20 Feb 1941Coventry, Warwickshire F2032
4 Townley / Edwards  1 Jun 1945Coventry, Warwickshire F5750


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Howes / Smith  Abt Mar 1942Coventry, Warwickshire F19228