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Cricklade, Wiltshire



Location : Latitude: 51.6402901, Longitude: -1.857738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boulton, Daniel  Abt 1812Cricklade, Wiltshire I118610
2 Brown, Albert  Abt 1864Cricklade, Wiltshire I115527
3 Cuss, Arthur Giles  Abt Nov 1898Cricklade, Wiltshire I40566
4 Freeth, Joseph  Abt 1847Cricklade, Wiltshire I117872
5 Giles, Eliza Jane  Abt 1850Cricklade, Wiltshire I40541
6 Giles, Mollie  Abt Feb 1910Cricklade, Wiltshire I40574
7 Giles, Sydney George B  Abt May 1882Cricklade, Wiltshire I40575
8 Giles, William  Abt 1906Cricklade, Wiltshire I40576
9 Giles, William John  Abt May 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40578
10 Hall, William  Abt Oct 1725Cricklade, Wiltshire I545
11 Hayes, Mary Akerman  Abt 1866Cricklade, Wiltshire I44316
12 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1852Cricklade, Wiltshire I49133
13 Howes, William  Abt 1824Cricklade, Wiltshire I19366
14 Howse, Alice  Abt 1878Cricklade, Wiltshire I40579
15 Howse, Annie  Abt May 1871Cricklade, Wiltshire I40543
16 Howse, Annie  Abt Jul 1890Cricklade, Wiltshire I40580
17 Howse, Arthur John  Abt Nov 1899Cricklade, Wiltshire I40581
18 Howse, Charles  Abt Aug 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40582
19 Howse, Charlie  Abt May 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40545
20 Howse, Eliza Jane  Abt Aug 1879Cricklade, Wiltshire I40546
21 Howse, Elizabeth Langley  Abt Mar 1816Cricklade, Wiltshire I101322
22 Howse, Emily  Abt Aug 1864Cricklade, Wiltshire I40586
23 Howse, Emily  Abt Nov 1872Cricklade, Wiltshire I40585
24 Howse, Emma  Abt Aug 1878Cricklade, Wiltshire I40547
25 Howse, Ernest  Abt 1885Cricklade, Wiltshire I40588
26 Howse, Ethel Isabel  Abt Feb 1884Cricklade, Wiltshire I26960
27 Howse, Fanny  Abt May 1884Cricklade, Wiltshire I40590
28 Howse, James  Abt May 1866Cricklade, Wiltshire I40592
29 Howse, Jane Langley  Abt May 1819Cricklade, Wiltshire I101321
30 Howse, Janette Rachel  Abt Aug 1878Cricklade, Wiltshire I10831
31 Howse, Leah  Abt Nov 1884Cricklade, Wiltshire I40549
32 Howse, Leonard William  Abt Aug 1874Cricklade, Wiltshire I5693
33 Howse, Lot  Abt May 1870Cricklade, Wiltshire I40550
34 Howse, Mary  Abt Sep 1805Cricklade, Wiltshire I103123
35 Howse, Richard  Abt 1870Cricklade, Wiltshire I40594
36 Howse, Robert Clark  Abt Jan 1801Cricklade, Wiltshire I103122
37 Howse, Rose  Abt Aug 1882Cricklade, Wiltshire I40596
38 Howse, Rose  Abt May 1883Cricklade, Wiltshire I40551
39 Howse, Sarah Ann  Abt 1867Cricklade, Wiltshire I40597
40 Howse, Sidney Charles  Abt Feb 1905Cricklade, Wiltshire I40552
41 Howse, Susan  Abt Feb 1874Cricklade, Wiltshire I40599
42 Howse, Susannah  Abt Feb 1850Cricklade, Wiltshire I49130
43 Howse, Tom  Abt May 1872Cricklade, Wiltshire I40553
44 Howse, William  Abt Oct 1822Cricklade, Wiltshire I75215
45 Howse, William  Abt 1869Cricklade, Wiltshire I40601
46 Howse, William  Abt Nov 1878Cricklade, Wiltshire I40600
47 Kilminster, Annie  Abt Feb 1893Cricklade, Wiltshire I40603
48 Kilminster, Charles  Abt Aug 1899Cricklade, Wiltshire I40604
49 Kilminster, Edward George  Abt May 1897Cricklade, Wiltshire I40605
50 Kilminster, Frederick James  Abt Aug 1903Cricklade, Wiltshire I40606

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hall, William  Abt 5 Jan 1779Cricklade, Wiltshire I545
2 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 19 Jun 1867Cricklade, Wiltshire I49133
3 Howse, Edith  Abt 2 Jul 1790Cricklade, Wiltshire I14651
4 Howse, Edward  Abt 25 Oct 1876Cricklade, Wiltshire I9789
5 Howse, Emily  Jan 1872Cricklade, Wiltshire I40586
6 Howse, Joseph  5 Jan 1965Cricklade, Wiltshire I2902
7 Howse, Rose  1 Apr 1884Cricklade, Wiltshire I40551


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Moulder, David  6 Nov 1734Cricklade, Wiltshire I2939
2 Moulder, Richard  10 Apr 1736Cricklade, Wiltshire I26497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boulton, Daniel  Abt 1815Cricklade, Wiltshire I118610
2 Cuss, Arthur Giles  Abt 1898Cricklade, Wiltshire I40566
3 Giles, Eliza Jane  Abt 1849Cricklade, Wiltshire I40541
4 Giles, Mollie  Abt 1909Cricklade, Wiltshire I40574
5 Giles, Sydney George B  Abt 1882Cricklade, Wiltshire I40575
6 Giles, William John  Abt 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40578
7 Hayes, Mary Akerman  Abt 1867Cricklade, Wiltshire I44316
8 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Cricklade, Wiltshire I30247
9 Howes, Henry  Abt 1832Cricklade, Wiltshire I26072
10 Howes, Henry  Abt 1833Cricklade, Wiltshire I26072
11 Howes, Henry  Abt 1834Cricklade, Wiltshire I26072
12 Howes, Henry  Abt 1835Cricklade, Wiltshire I26072
13 Howes, John  Abt 1826Cricklade, Wiltshire I30248
14 Howes, Joseph  Abt Apr 1835Cricklade, Wiltshire I23540
15 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1851Cricklade, Wiltshire I49133
16 Howse, Alice  Abt 1879Cricklade, Wiltshire I40579
17 Howse, Alice  Abt 1880Cricklade, Wiltshire I40579
18 Howse, Alice  Abt Feb 1880Cricklade, Wiltshire I40579
19 Howse, Annie  Abt 1889Cricklade, Wiltshire I40580
20 Howse, Annie  Abt 1890Cricklade, Wiltshire I40580
21 Howse, Arthur John  Abt 1899Cricklade, Wiltshire I40581
22 Howse, Charles  Abt 1874Cricklade, Wiltshire I40582
23 Howse, Charles  Abt 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40582
24 Howse, Charlie  Abt 1875Cricklade, Wiltshire I40545
25 Howse, Eliza Jane  Abt 1879Cricklade, Wiltshire I40546
26 Howse, Emily  Abt 1864Cricklade, Wiltshire I40586
27 Howse, Emily  Abt 1872Cricklade, Wiltshire I40585
28 Howse, Emma  Abt 1878Cricklade, Wiltshire I40547
29 Howse, Ernest  Abt Feb 1886Cricklade, Wiltshire I40588
30 Howse, Fanny  Abt 1883Cricklade, Wiltshire I40590
31 Howse, Henry Charles  Abt 1850Cricklade, Wiltshire I4231
32 Howse, James  Abt 1865Cricklade, Wiltshire I40592
33 Howse, John Edward  Abt 1843Cricklade, Wiltshire I49129
34 Howse, John Edward  Abt 1846Cricklade, Wiltshire I49129
35 Howse, John Edward  Abt 1847Cricklade, Wiltshire I49129
36 Howse, Leah  Abt 1884Cricklade, Wiltshire I40549
37 Howse, Leonard William  Abt 1874Cricklade, Wiltshire I5693
38 Howse, Lot  Abt 1871Cricklade, Wiltshire I40550
39 Howse, Richard  Abt 1857Cricklade, Wiltshire I536
40 Howse, Richard  Abt 1871Cricklade, Wiltshire I40594
41 Howse, Richard  Abt May 1871Cricklade, Wiltshire I40594
42 Howse, Robert Clark  Abt 1800Cricklade, Wiltshire I103122
43 Howse, Rose  Abt 1881Cricklade, Wiltshire I40596
44 Howse, Rose  Abt 1882Cricklade, Wiltshire I40596
45 Howse, Sarah Ann  Abt 1868Cricklade, Wiltshire I40597
46 Howse, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1868Cricklade, Wiltshire I40597
47 Howse, Sidney Charles  Abt 1904Cricklade, Wiltshire I40552
48 Howse, Susan  Abt 1873Cricklade, Wiltshire I40599
49 Howse, Susannah  Abt 1849Cricklade, Wiltshire I49130
50 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1843Cricklade, Wiltshire I22748

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chivers, Ann  20 Feb 1833Cricklade, Wiltshire I24986
2 Cuss, Frank Giles  24 Aug 1898Cricklade, Wiltshire I40568
3 Hall, William  19 May 1750Cricklade, Wiltshire I545
4 Howes, James  20 Feb 1833Cricklade, Wiltshire I20781
5 Howse, Rose  31 Aug 1913Cricklade, Wiltshire I40596
6 Howse, William  25 Apr 1874Cricklade, Wiltshire I4002
7 Howse, William  24 Apr 1917Cricklade, Wiltshire I5617
8 Richens, Thomas  12 Jun 1855Cricklade, Wiltshire I115557
9 Smith, Martha  24 Apr 1917Cricklade, Wiltshire I40611
10 Trindar, Thomas  7 Dec 1693Cricklade, Wiltshire I180565


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Smith  Abt May 1877Cricklade, Wiltshire F7601