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Daventry, Northamptonshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.2600718, Longitude: -1.1661051


George Howes BC
George Howes BC


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abel, Fred  Dec 1874Daventry, Northamptonshire I7026
2 Adams, George  Abt 1857Daventry, Northamptonshire I109908
3 Balderson, Betsey Ann  Abt 1824Daventry, Northamptonshire I61029
4 Bannard, Minnie  10 Jul 1897Daventry, Northamptonshire I13353
5 Birch, Ada Emily  Mar 1895Daventry, Northamptonshire I17000
6 Birch, Ellen  Abt 1896Daventry, Northamptonshire I5415
7 Birch, Florence  Mar 1893Daventry, Northamptonshire I11653
8 Birch, Gertrude Susan  Mar 1902Daventry, Northamptonshire I5878
9 Birch, Henry  Abt 1861Daventry, Northamptonshire I7921
10 Birch, Sophia  Abt 1886Daventry, Northamptonshire I11999
11 Bradshaw, Clara  Abt 1869Daventry, Northamptonshire I66962
12 Bristow, Kenneth Samuel J  16 Jul 1915Daventry, Northamptonshire I102177
13 Bull, Leslie  8 Jun 1909Daventry, Northamptonshire I14690
14 Carvell, Frederick  1867Daventry, Northamptonshire I20573
15 Carvell, James Cole  Mar 1865Daventry, Northamptonshire I3261
16 Carvell, Lydia  Mar 1870Daventry, Northamptonshire I24314
17 Carvell, Samuel  1872Daventry, Northamptonshire I15318
18 Carvell, Sophia  Abt 1861Daventry, Northamptonshire I11059
19 Ellard, Patricia Mary  22 Feb 1941Daventry, Northamptonshire I25016
20 Hall, Ada  Sep 1882Daventry, Northamptonshire I29561
21 Hall, Edith Harriet  Mar 1873Daventry, Northamptonshire I27681
22 Hall, Eleanor  Dec 1874Daventry, Northamptonshire I20130
23 Hall, George  Abt 1877Daventry, Northamptonshire I7101
24 Hall, Joseph  Dec 1852Daventry, Northamptonshire I24865
25 Hall, William  Dec 1884Daventry, Northamptonshire I9582
26 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1846Daventry, Northamptonshire I81977
27 Howes, Frances Ann  Abt Feb 1844Daventry, Northamptonshire I66963
28 Howes, George  26 Mar 1844Daventry, Northamptonshire I81976
29 Howes, Joseph  4 Nov 1815Daventry, Northamptonshire I66967
30 Howes, Marjorie Violet  23 Dec 1922Daventry, Northamptonshire I22760
31 Howes, Mark  24 Apr 1817Daventry, Northamptonshire I66971
32 Howes, Richard  Abt 1797Daventry, Northamptonshire I20826
33 Howes, William Bridges  Abt Aug 1849Daventry, Northamptonshire I61033
34 Johnson, Walter  Abt 1857Daventry, Northamptonshire I9053
35 Kitchener, Clifford  Abt 1892Daventry, Northamptonshire I1070
36 Kitchener, Fanney  Abt 1872Daventry, Northamptonshire I6780
37 Kitchener, Horace  Abt 1896Daventry, Northamptonshire I7482
38 Kitchener, James J.  Abt 1877Daventry, Northamptonshire I12786
39 Kitchener, John  Abt 1868Daventry, Northamptonshire I12452
40 Kitchener, John  Abt 1890Daventry, Northamptonshire I22779
41 Kitchener, Thomas  Abt 1870Daventry, Northamptonshire I2630
42 Kitchener, William  1843Daventry, Northamptonshire I9157
43 Kitchener, William G.  Abt 1874Daventry, Northamptonshire I29076
44 Liddington, Isobella Elizabeth  Abt 1862Daventry, Northamptonshire I15301
45 Muddiman, George Edward  Sep 1906Daventry, Northamptonshire I13224
46 Muddiman, Henry James  Sep 1901Daventry, Northamptonshire I22520
47 Muddiman, Percival Albert  5 Dec 1894Daventry, Northamptonshire I15165
48 Muddiman, Thomas  Dec 1892Daventry, Northamptonshire I7809
49 Muddiman, William  Abt Nov 1866Daventry, Northamptonshire I21073
50 Muddiman, William  29 Apr 1899Daventry, Northamptonshire I18581

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bannard, Minnie  Dec 1974Daventry, Northamptonshire I13353
2 Birch, Henry  Dec 1904Daventry, Northamptonshire I7921
3 Bridges, Mary  1 Dec 1873Daventry, Northamptonshire I61034
4 Bull, Leslie  8 Jan 1999Daventry, Northamptonshire I14690
5 Carvell, Ann  Jun 1887Daventry, Northamptonshire I23482
6 Carvell, George  Mar 1852Daventry, Northamptonshire I16895
7 Carvell, Harriet  Abt Feb 1913Daventry, Northamptonshire I10623
8 Carvell, Harry  Mar 1852Daventry, Northamptonshire I29611
9 Carvell, Samuel  Abt Feb 1853Daventry, Northamptonshire I4508
10 Carvell, Susan Clara  Dec 1881Daventry, Northamptonshire I24177
11 Carvell, William  Jun 1898Daventry, Northamptonshire I7883
12 Freeman, William  Abt 8 Nov 1847Daventry, Northamptonshire I67029
13 Hall, Joseph  Sep 1927Daventry, Northamptonshire I24865
14 Howes, Ann  Bef 1858Daventry, Northamptonshire I15012
15 Howes, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1846Daventry, Northamptonshire I61035
16 Howes, Elsie May R  Abt Feb 1974Daventry, Northamptonshire I9760
17 Howes, Frances Ann  Abt Aug 1863Daventry, Northamptonshire I66963
18 Howes, Frank William  1 Mar 1970Daventry, Northamptonshire I22668
19 Howes, Mary Ellen  Mar 1925Daventry, Northamptonshire I10420
20 Howes, Thomas  2 Feb 1854Daventry, Northamptonshire I61032
21 Howes, Thomas Henry  19 Dec 1876Daventry, Northamptonshire I4315
22 Howes, William  3 Oct 1875Daventry, Northamptonshire I81973
23 Hunt, Mary  Dec 1895Daventry, Northamptonshire I22200
24 Lovell, Beatrice Helen  Sep 1941Daventry, Northamptonshire I28128
25 Muddiman, George Edward  Dec 1981Daventry, Northamptonshire I13224
26 Muddiman, Henry James  Sep 1982Daventry, Northamptonshire I22520
27 Muddiman, William  Sep 1931Daventry, Northamptonshire I21073
28 Rogers, Susanna  Mar 1906Daventry, Northamptonshire I19397
29 Thomas, Elizabeth  4 Feb 1962Daventry, Northamptonshire I12566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Howes, William  8 Oct 1875Daventry, Northamptonshire I81973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, Clara  6 Aug 1870Daventry, Northamptonshire I66962
2 Carvell, Ann  11 Sep 1857Daventry, Northamptonshire I23482
3 Carvell, Eliza  4 May 1877Daventry, Northamptonshire I21774
4 Carvell, Emily  1862Daventry, Northamptonshire I29305
5 Carvell, George  17 Oct 1817Daventry, Northamptonshire I16139
6 Carvell, George  26 Dec 1842Daventry, Northamptonshire I12962
7 Carvell, George  15 Jan 1852Daventry, Northamptonshire I16895
8 Carvell, Harriet  6 Jun 1853Daventry, Northamptonshire I10623
9 Carvell, Harry  15 Jan 1852Daventry, Northamptonshire I29611
10 Carvell, Harry  5 Nov 1875Daventry, Northamptonshire I12722
11 Carvell, John  17 Apr 1813Daventry, Northamptonshire I28633
12 Carvell, Lydia  26 Dec 1840Daventry, Northamptonshire I17029
13 Carvell, Lydia  16 May 1870Daventry, Northamptonshire I24314
14 Carvell, Mary  11 Dec 1819Daventry, Northamptonshire I25570
15 Carvell, Mary Ann  26 Dec 1845Daventry, Northamptonshire I26949
16 Carvell, Mary Ann  11 Jul 1866Daventry, Northamptonshire I27992
17 Carvell, Nell  3 Sep 1879Daventry, Northamptonshire I28192
18 Carvell, Samuel  20 Dec 1828Daventry, Northamptonshire I10122
19 Carvell, Sarah  14 Aug 1856Daventry, Northamptonshire I21768
20 Carvell, Susan Clara  14 Oct 1857Daventry, Northamptonshire I24177
21 Carvell, Thomas  11 Nov 1814Daventry, Northamptonshire I10432
22 Carvell, William  1 Jul 1822Daventry, Northamptonshire I7883
23 Carvell, William  7 Oct 1855Daventry, Northamptonshire I3197
24 Warner, James  19 Jun 1837Daventry, Northamptonshire I81874
25 Warner, Martha Ann  7 Nov 1842Daventry, Northamptonshire I81876
26 Warner, Thomas  6 Jul 1840Daventry, Northamptonshire I81875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Birt, Emmanuel  Abt 1841Daventry, Northamptonshire I18492
2 Bradshaw, Clara  Abt 1868Daventry, Northamptonshire I66962
3 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1845Daventry, Northamptonshire I81977
4 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Daventry, Northamptonshire I81977
5 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Daventry, Northamptonshire I81977
6 Howes, Frances Ann  Abt 1843Daventry, Northamptonshire I66963
7 Howes, George  Abt 1843Daventry, Northamptonshire I81976
8 Howes, George  Abt May 1844Daventry, Northamptonshire I81976
9 Howes, Joseph  Abt 1814Daventry, Northamptonshire I66967
10 Howes, Joseph  Abt 1815Daventry, Northamptonshire I66967
11 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1828Daventry, Northamptonshire I66972
12 Howes, William  19 Apr 1782Daventry, Northamptonshire I24319
13 Howes, William Bridges  Abt 1849Daventry, Northamptonshire I61033
14 Howes, Zoe Constance  24 Feb 1890Daventry, Northamptonshire I61022
15 Mann, Rosina  Abt 1840Daventry, Northamptonshire I44843
16 Mann, Rosina  Abt 1842Daventry, Northamptonshire I44843
17 Needle, John Henry  Abt 1863Daventry, Northamptonshire I109213
18 Newitt, Harriett  Abt 1856Daventry, Northamptonshire I66977
19 Newitt, James  Abt 1862Daventry, Northamptonshire I66978
20 Newitt, John  Abt 1833Daventry, Northamptonshire I66979
21 Newitt, John Howes  Abt 1855Daventry, Northamptonshire I66980
22 Newitt, William  Abt 1860Daventry, Northamptonshire I66983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Ann  1861Daventry, Northamptonshire I15012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Freeman, William  9 Nov 1828Daventry, Northamptonshire I67029
2 Hancock, Henry  20 Oct 1862Daventry, Northamptonshire I67018
3 Howes, Frances Ann  20 Oct 1862Daventry, Northamptonshire I66963
4 Howes, William  7 May 1843Daventry, Northamptonshire I81973
5 Howes, William  26 Mar 1844Daventry, Northamptonshire I81973
6 Marks, Mary Ann  9 Nov 1828Daventry, Northamptonshire I47567
7 Marks, Mary Ann  27 Dec 1849Daventry, Northamptonshire I47567
8 Muddiman, William  6 Jun 1892Daventry, Northamptonshire I21073
9 Southorn, Elizabeth  7 Mar 1843Daventry, Northamptonshire I67024
10 Southorn, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1844Daventry, Northamptonshire I67024


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abel / Carvell  Sep 1874Daventry, Northamptonshire F8625
2 Benjamin / Letts  Abt Feb 1878Daventry, Northamptonshire F5705
3 Billingham / Carvell  1 Jul 1882Daventry, Northamptonshire F4228
4 Birch / Carvell  14 Apr 1884Daventry, Northamptonshire F5154
5 Bull / Ellard  21 Jul 1962Daventry, Northamptonshire F8239
6 Carter / Carvell  20 May 1872Daventry, Northamptonshire F7077
7 Carvell / Cowley  31 Jan 1864Daventry, Northamptonshire F9209
8 Carvell / Hutt  26 Dec 1874Daventry, Northamptonshire F2778
9 Carvell / Ward  Sep 1870Daventry, Northamptonshire F4382
10 Johnson / Carvell  Sep 1875Daventry, Northamptonshire F7985
11 Kitchener / Liddington  Dec 1889Daventry, Northamptonshire F5459
12 Muddiman / Bannard  Sep 1923Daventry, Northamptonshire F4888
13 Pascow / Carvell  2 Apr 1872Daventry, Northamptonshire F5931
14 Stewart / Carvell  5 Feb 1876Daventry, Northamptonshire F7795
15 Warren / Carvell  25 Dec 1867Daventry, Northamptonshire F6320


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Marks  7 Dec 1849Daventry, Northamptonshire F14213