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Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire



Latitude: 51.89223, Longitude: -1.49354


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cross, Thomas  Abt 1824Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I128205
2 Fowler, Charles  Abt May 1878Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132544
3 Fowler, Ernest Joseph  Abt May 1874Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132543
4 Fowler, Lizzie  Abt Aug 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132542
5 Fowler, Margaret  Abt Jun 1880Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132545
6 Gardner, John  Abt 1852Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129871
7 Hannis, Alice  Abt Feb 1878Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137770
8 Hannis, Annie Maria  Abt Aug 1876Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137771
9 Hannis, Eli  Abt Feb 1850Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
10 Hannis, Florence Annie  Abt Aug 1874Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137773
11 Hannis, Harriet Ann  Abt Nov 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137774
12 Hannis, John  Abt Feb 1880Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137775
13 Hannis, Lucy Jane  Abt May 1873Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137776
14 Hous, William  Abt 1768Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137779
15 House, Sarah  Abt 1770Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137780
16 Howes, Jane  Abt 1820Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I25854
17 Howse, Ann  Abt 1825Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129876
18 Howse, Ann  Abt Aug 1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125526
19 Howse, Dorcas Annie  30 Jul 1867Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50635
20 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129877
21 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1843Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
22 Howse, Emily Maria  Abt 1837Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50637
23 Howse, Harry  28 Apr 1865Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50647
24 Howse, James  Abt Jan 1832Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129878
25 Howse, James  Abt Feb 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I1174
26 Howse, Jane  Abt 1820Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129879
27 Howse, Jane  Abt Jul 1838Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
28 Howse, Mary  Abt 1829Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50663
29 Howse, Richard  Abt 1774Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137781
30 Howse, Richard  Abt 1807Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
31 Howse, Richard  Abt 1826Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50672
32 Howse, Ruth  Abt Dec 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
33 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1816Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129880
34 Howse, William  Abt 1806Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I1352
35 Lainchbury, Ellis James  Abt May 1855Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137786
36 Lainchbury, Fanny Mary  Abt Nov 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137788
37 Lainchbury, Jabal  Abt Nov 1858Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137789
38 Lainchbury, Lillie  Abt Feb 1876Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137790
39 Lainchbury, Minnie  Abt Nov 1879Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137791
40 Lainchbury, Rose Ann  Abt 1852Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137793
41 Panting, Emily Jane  Abt Aug 1860Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137798
42 Unknown, Margrett  Abt 1817Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125527


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannis, Annie Maria  Abt 8 Mar 1877Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137771
2 Hannis, John  Abt 25 Sep 1880Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137775
3 Howse, James  Abt 7 Mar 1832Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129878
4 Howse, James  Abt 2 Nov 1865Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50651
5 Howse, William  Abt 13 May 1845Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50680


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fowler, Charles  Abt 1876Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132544
2 Fowler, Charles  Abt 1877Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132544
3 Fowler, Ernest Joseph  Abt 1873Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132543
4 Fowler, Ernest Joseph  Abt 1874Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132543
5 Fowler, Lizzie  Abt 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132542
6 Fowler, Margaret  Abt 1880Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132545
7 Hannis, Alice  Abt 1877Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137770
8 Hannis, Annie Maria  Abt 1876Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137771
9 Hannis, Eli  Abt 1849Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
10 Hannis, Florence Annie  Abt 1874Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137773
11 Hannis, Harriet Ann  Abt 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137774
12 Hannis, John  Abt 1880Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137775
13 Hannis, Lucy Jane  Abt 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137776
14 Howes, Florence Mary  Abt May 1870Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I63799
15 Howse, Charles  Abt 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50634
16 Howse, Charles  Abt 1873Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50634
17 Howse, Dorcas Annie  Abt 1867Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50635
18 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129877
19 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
20 Howse, Emily  Abt 1869Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50638
21 Howse, Emily  Abt 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50638
22 Howse, Emily Maria  Abt 1836Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50637
23 Howse, Harry  Abt 1865Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50647
24 Howse, James  Abt 1839Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I1174
25 Howse, James  Abt 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I1174
26 Howse, Jane  Abt 1836Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
27 Howse, Jane  Abt 1838Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
28 Howse, John  Abt 1817Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50659
29 Howse, Richard  Abt 1808Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
30 Howse, Richard  Abt 1827Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50672
31 Howse, Ruth  Abt 1839Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
32 Howse, Ruth  Abt 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
33 Howse, Ruth  Abt 1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
34 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1815Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129880
35 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1833Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50678
36 Howse, William  Abt Dec 1804Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I1352
37 Lainchbury, Ellis James  Abt 1855Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137786
38 Lainchbury, Fanny Mary  Abt 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137788
39 Lainchbury, Jabal  Abt 1858Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137789
40 Lainchbury, Lillie  Abt 1875Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137790
41 Lainchbury, Minnie  Abt 1879Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137791
42 Lainchbury, Reuben  Abt 1830Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137792
43 Panting, Emily Jane  Abt 1859Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137798
44 Panting, Emily Jane  Abt 1860Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137798
45 Sheppard, Henry  1863Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I79062
46 Snow, Dinah  Abt 1810Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hern, Mary Ann  Abt 10 Aug 1852Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50692
2 Howse, Richard  14 May 1886Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fowler, Thomas  20 May 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I132539
2 Gardner, John  31 Jan 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129871
3 Hannis, Alice  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137770
4 Hannis, Alice  5 Apr 1891Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137770
5 Hannis, Alice  31 Mar 1901Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137770
6 Hannis, Eli  16 Mar 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
7 Hannis, Eli  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
8 Hannis, Eli  5 Apr 1891Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
9 Hannis, Eli  31 Mar 1901Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
10 Hannis, Eli  2 Apr 1911Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137772
11 Hannis, Florence Annie  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137773
12 Hannis, Harriet Ann  5 Apr 1891Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137774
13 Hannis, Lucy Jane  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137776
14 Hannis, Lucy Jane  31 Mar 1901Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137776
15 Hern, Mary Ann  14 Jan 1816Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50692
16 Hern, Mary Ann  4 Jul 1819Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50692
17 Hern, Mary Ann  19 Apr 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50692
18 Hous, William  18 Sep 1774Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137778
19 Howes, Jane  22 Aug 1824Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I128218
20 Howse, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1840Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I129877
21 Howse, Elizabeth  1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
22 Howse, Elizabeth  1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
23 Howse, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1872Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
24 Howse, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
25 Howse, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
26 Howse, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
27 Howse, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125525
28 Howse, James  14 Jan 1816Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50651
29 Howse, James  4 Jul 1819Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50651
30 Howse, Jane  1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
31 Howse, Jane  1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
32 Howse, Jane  1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
33 Howse, Jane  20 May 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125523
34 Howse, Maryanne  1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125521
35 Howse, Maryanne  2 Apr 1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125521
36 Howse, Maryanne  3 Apr 1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125521
37 Howse, Maryanne  5 Apr 1891Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125521
38 Howse, Richard  17 Jul 1808Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I137781
39 Howse, Richard  1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
40 Howse, Richard  19 May 1849Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50672
41 Howse, Richard  1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
42 Howse, Richard  1871Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
43 Howse, Richard  1881Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125519
44 Howse, Ruth  1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
45 Howse, Ruth  1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
46 Howse, Ruth  25 Feb 1860Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125524
47 Howse, Thomas  1841Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125522
48 Howse, Thomas  1851Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I125522
49 Howse, Thomas  26 Nov 1853Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50678
50 Howse, Thomas  29 Oct 1864Dean, Spelsbury, Oxfordshire I50678

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