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Drayton, Northamptonshire



Location : Latitude: 52.4025, Longitude: -0.550316


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carvell, Ann  Sep 1857Drayton, Northamptonshire I23482
2 Carvell, Eliza  1859Drayton, Northamptonshire I14219
3 Carvell, Eliza  Apr 1877Drayton, Northamptonshire I21774
4 Carvell, Ellen  1858Drayton, Northamptonshire I14764
5 Carvell, Emma  1864Drayton, Northamptonshire I17321
6 Carvell, Florence  1868Drayton, Northamptonshire I20652
7 Carvell, Frances  Abt Aug 1850Drayton, Northamptonshire I5809
8 Carvell, George  1817Drayton, Northamptonshire I16139
9 Carvell, George  Abt Nov 1842Drayton, Northamptonshire I12962
10 Carvell, George  1851Drayton, Northamptonshire I16895
11 Carvell, George  Mar 1882Drayton, Northamptonshire I27866
12 Carvell, Hannah  Mar 1850Drayton, Northamptonshire I18350
13 Carvell, Harriet  11 Mar 1853Drayton, Northamptonshire I10623
14 Carvell, Harry  1851Drayton, Northamptonshire I29611
15 Carvell, Harry  Nov 1875Drayton, Northamptonshire I12722
16 Carvell, John  Abt Nov 1848Drayton, Northamptonshire I25050
17 Carvell, Louisa  1861Drayton, Northamptonshire I8823
18 Carvell, Lydia  Abt Nov 1840Drayton, Northamptonshire I17029
19 Carvell, Mary  1819Drayton, Northamptonshire I25570
20 Carvell, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1845Drayton, Northamptonshire I26949
21 Carvell, Mary Ann  1853Drayton, Northamptonshire I20895
22 Carvell, Mary Ann  Jun 1866Drayton, Northamptonshire I27992
23 Carvell, Nell  Aug 1879Drayton, Northamptonshire I28192
24 Carvell, Samuel  1828Drayton, Northamptonshire I10122
25 Carvell, Sarah  1856Drayton, Northamptonshire I21768
26 Carvell, Susan Clara  Abt Aug 1857Drayton, Northamptonshire I24177
27 Carvell, Thomas  1814Drayton, Northamptonshire I10432
28 Carvell, Thomas  Sep 1846Drayton, Northamptonshire I20526
29 Carvell, Thomas  Jun 1884Drayton, Northamptonshire I24601
30 Carvell, Thomas Hunt  Abt Feb 1853Drayton, Northamptonshire I19761
31 Carvell, William  Jun 1822Drayton, Northamptonshire I7883
32 Carvell, William  Jun 1855Drayton, Northamptonshire I3197
33 Hutt, Anne  Mar 1856Drayton, Northamptonshire I5969
34 Pascow, William  Abt 1835Drayton, Northamptonshire I21443


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carvell, Frances  Abt 1851Drayton, Northamptonshire I5809
2 Carvell, George  Abt 1842Drayton, Northamptonshire I12962
3 Carvell, John  Abt 1849Drayton, Northamptonshire I25050
4 Carvell, Lydia  1840Drayton, Northamptonshire I17029
5 Carvell, Mary Ann  1845Drayton, Northamptonshire I26949
6 Carvell, Susan Clara  1857Drayton, Northamptonshire I24177
7 Carvell, Thomas Hunt  1853Drayton, Northamptonshire I19761


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carvell, Henry George  Apr 1871Drayton, Northamptonshire I27232
2 Carvell, James Cole  Apr 1871Drayton, Northamptonshire I3261
3 Carvell, Lydia  2 Apr 1872Drayton, Northamptonshire I17029
4 Carvell, Mary Ann  20 May 1872Drayton, Northamptonshire I20895
5 Carvell, Robert  Apr 1861Drayton, Northamptonshire I13519
6 Carvell, Samuel  6 Jun 1841Drayton, Northamptonshire I4508
7 Carvell, Samuel  28 May 1849Drayton, Northamptonshire I10122
8 Carvell, Samuel  30 Mar 1851Drayton, Northamptonshire I4508
9 Carvell, Samuel  Apr 1861Drayton, Northamptonshire I10122
10 Carvell, William  26 Dec 1874Drayton, Northamptonshire I3197
11 Howes, Ann  6 Jun 1841Drayton, Northamptonshire I15012
12 Howes, Ann  30 Mar 1851Drayton, Northamptonshire I15012
13 Pascow, William  2 Apr 1872Drayton, Northamptonshire I21443