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East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire



Location : Latitude: 53.1298445, Longitude: -0.9832165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blow, Doris May  28 Sep 1909East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77220
2 Cordall, John W  Abt May 1916East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83201
3 Cordall, Leonard  Abt Nov 1912East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83200
4 Cordall, Lily  Abt May 1919East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83202
5 Cordall, Violet  Abt May 1919East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83203
6 Franchitti, Nellie  Abt Nov 1918East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83176
7 Holland, Thomas F  Abt May 1912East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83196
8 House, Alice  Abt Nov 1903East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83156
9 House, Austin  4 Aug 1911East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83167
10 House, Evelyn  Abt Feb 1918East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83175
11 House, Frederick  27 Dec 1913East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83174
12 House, Harry Leslie  Abt Nov 1907East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83157
13 House, Lewis  Abt Aug 1895East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83155
14 House, Sarah Annie  Abt Feb 1885East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I163895
15 Howes, Celia J  7 Jul 1919East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77226
16 Marsh, David Rex  15 Dec 1929East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83170
17 Millington, George A  Abt Feb 1913East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83189
18 Millington, Nora  Abt Nov 1915East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83190
19 Millington, Ronald  Abt Nov 1920East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83191
20 Woods, Lizzie  Abt Nov 1895East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blow, Doris May  Abt Jan 1996East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77220
2 Calthorpe, George  Abt May 1922East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I50986
3 Cordall, Henry  Abt May 1934East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83198
4 Cordall, John W  Abt May 1916East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83201
5 Glasby, Ann  Abt Aug 1853East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83038
6 Hellefield, Sarah Wright  Abt Feb 1917East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83158
7 Holland, Frederick  Abt Feb 1955East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83193
8 House, Alice  Abt Feb 1907East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83156
9 House, Anne Elizabeth  Abt May 1913East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83165
10 House, Austin  Abt May 1912East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83163
11 House, Caroline  Abt Feb 1967East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83164
12 House, Edith Mary  Abt May 1903East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83152
13 House, Evelyn  Abt Nov 1918East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83175
14 House, Frederick  Abt Jul 1990East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83174
15 House, Harry Leslie  Abt Feb 1909East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83157
16 House, James  Abt Aug 1861East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71851
17 House, John  Abt Aug 1875East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83037
18 House, John  Abt Feb 1889East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71855
19 House, John Walter  Abt Aug 1938East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83151
20 House, Lewis  Abt Nov 1899East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83155
21 House, Mary Ann H  Abt May 1882East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83159
22 House, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1891East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83149
23 House, Sarah Wright  Abt Aug 1973East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83160
24 House, Thomas  Abt Nov 1871East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83028
25 House, Thomas Helliefield  Abt Aug 1935East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83161
26 House, Thomas Steemson  Abt Aug 1924East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83044
27 Howes, Charles Edwin  4 May 1987East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77227
28 Howes, William Henry J  Abt Nov 1980East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I92907
29 Marsh, David Rex  Abt May 2006East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83170
30 Marshall, Emily  Abt Nov 1888East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71927
31 Millington, George A  Abt Feb 1915East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83189
32 Millington, Harry  Abt Feb 1914East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83183
33 Millington, Harry  Abt Nov 1929East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83182
34 Winn, Frances Ann  Abt May 1947East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83147
35 Woods, Lizzie  Abt May 1928East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blow, Doris May  Abt Nov 1909East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77220
2 Cordall, Henry  Abt May 1910East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83199
3 Holland, Frances Caroline  Abt May 1906East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83195
4 House, Anne Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1889East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83165
5 House, Austin  Abt Feb 1884East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83163
6 House, Austin  Abt Aug 1911East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83167
7 House, Caroline  Abt May 1886East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83164
8 House, Edith Mary  Abt Nov 1897East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83152
9 House, Eleanor Ann  Abt Nov 1885East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83148
10 House, Elsie Beatrice  Abt Feb 1911East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83154
11 House, Emily  Abt May 1846East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83039
12 House, Frederick  Abt Feb 1914East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83174
13 House, George  Abt Feb 1849East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83040
14 House, George  Abt Nov 1881East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83162
15 House, George Henry  Abt May 1858East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71845
16 House, George William  Abt Nov 1888East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71846
17 House, Hannah Eliza  Abt Nov 1890East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83150
18 House, James  Abt Feb 1851East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83041
19 House, James  Abt May 1860East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71851
20 House, James  Abt Feb 1863East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71850
21 House, John  Abt Aug 1853East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83042
22 House, John Walter  Abt May 1893East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83151
23 House, John Willie  Abt Aug 1866East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71861
24 House, Mabel Gertrude  Abt Aug 1886East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I71865
25 House, Mary Ann H  Abt Feb 1877East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83159
26 House, Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1887East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83149
27 House, Sarah Wright  Abt Aug 1878East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83160
28 House, Thomas  Abt May 1901East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83153
29 House, Thomas Steemson  Abt Aug 1860East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83044
30 Howes, Celia J  Abt Aug 1919East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77226
31 Marsh, David Rex  Abt Feb 1930East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83170
32 Millington, Caroline Ida  Abt Nov 1904East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83185
33 Millington, Charlotte Ann  Abt May 1906East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83186
34 Millington, Gladys Sarah  Abt Feb 1910East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83188
35 Millington, Harry  Abt Feb 1902East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83183
36 Millington, Kathleen  Abt Feb 1908East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83187
37 Millington, May  Abt May 1903East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83184
38 Preston, Mary Jane  Abt May 1861East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I83197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Charles Edwin  Abt May 1987East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire I77227


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Booth / Wells  Abt Nov 1919East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23738
2 Cordall / House  Abt Aug 1908East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23731
3 Holland / House  Abt May 1905East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23735
4 House / Fielding  Abt May 1881East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F20449
5 House / Franchitti  Abt Aug 1941East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23741
6 House / Glasby  Abt Nov 1844East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23694
7 House / Hellefield  Abt Nov 1876East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23733
8 House / Steemson  Abt Nov 1859East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23696
9 House / Wells  Abt May 1911East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23737
10 House / Winn  Abt Aug 1885East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23730
11 Howes / Blow  Abt Aug 1939East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F21831
12 Littlewood / House  Abt May 1909East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23736
13 Millington / House  Abt Feb 1901East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23734
14 Taylor / House  Abt Nov 1912East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F23732


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Woods  Abt Nov 1918East Retford RD, Nottinghamshire F21841