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Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire



Location : Latitude: 53.3274, Longitude: -1.5441


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Lewyn  Abt Nov 1903Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I111709
2 Banner, Marjorie  Abt Aug 1922Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83129
3 Burley, Harold  12 Jan 1907Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159471
4 Cawthorne, Albert Henry  14 Dec 1881Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71812
5 Dace, Constance  7 Aug 1902Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159468
6 Godbehere, John  Abt Nov 1901Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159466
7 Hallatt, Elsie  Abt Aug 1917Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83122
8 Hallatt, Reginald P  Abt Aug 1920Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83123
9 Hardwick, Walter Alwyn  16 Jun 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I134216
10 House, Edith Mary  Abt May 1884Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83218
11 House, Edna May  22 Jul 1923Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I109648
12 House, Edward  2 Jul 1920Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83115
13 House, Frederick Walter  18 May 1916Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83114
14 House, Jack  16 Dec 1921Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I109647
15 Howes, Arthur Richard  31 Mar 1924Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83213
16 Hull, Rex  3 Jan 1918Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I59948
17 Reading, Frank  20 Oct 1905Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I160529
18 Roberts, Jessie  13 Feb 1912Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44027
19 Robinson, Joseph Robert  Abt Aug 1892Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159460
20 Sansom, Marjory Josephine Peet  27 Mar 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I74047
21 Timm, Eva  9 Dec 1918Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I92650
22 Woolley, Kenneth William  27 Feb 1921Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83236


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Critchell, Joseph  Abt Aug 1905Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159455
2 Godbehere, John  Abt Nov 1901Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159466
3 Hallatt, Percy  Abt May 1920Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83121
4 House, Emily  Abt Nov 1902Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83039
5 House, James  Abt May 1904Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83031
6 House, John James  Abt Feb 1882Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I41154
7 Robinson, Joseph Robert  Abt Aug 1892Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159460
8 Robinson, Lily  Abt Aug 1896Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159462
9 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1871Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83029
10 Watson, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1906Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83033


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bown, Clifford Samuel  Abt Aug 1902Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I73358
2 Bramwell, Beatrice Annie  Abt May 1899Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I146878
3 Burley, Harold  Abt Feb 1907Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159471
4 Cawthorne, Albert Henry  Abt Feb 1882Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71812
5 Clarke, George Edman  Abt May 1897Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83146
6 Clarke, Gershom  Abt May 1871Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83143
7 Clarke, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt May 1881Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83144
8 Dace, Constance  Abt Aug 1902Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159468
9 Dummere, Dizie Helen  Abt Aug 1887Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I25269
10 Dunmere, Henzell Howard  Abt Nov 1885Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I3076
11 Godbehere, Florence  Abt May 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159467
12 Godbehere, George Harry  Abt Nov 1899Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159465
13 Goff, Beatrice Alexandra  Abt May 1902Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83111
14 Hardwick, Walter Alwyn  Abt Aug 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I134216
15 House, Charles Ferrier Garbutt  Abt Aug 1893Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71835
16 House, Douglas Frederick  Abt Aug 1900Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71838
17 House, Edith  Abt Feb 1909Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44000
18 House, Edna May  Abt Aug 1923Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I109648
19 House, Edward  Abt Aug 1920Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83115
20 House, Ernest Frederick  Abt Aug 1907Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44003
21 House, Frederick Walter  Abt May 1916Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83114
22 House, Harry N  Abt Aug 1914Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44007
23 House, Ivy  Abt Nov 1904Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44009
24 House, Jack  Abt Feb 1922Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I109647
25 House, Jessie  Abt Nov 1912Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44011
26 House, John I  Abt Aug 1919Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44012
27 House, William  Abt Aug 1885Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71884
28 Howes, Arthur Richard  Abt May 1924Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83213
29 Howes, Charles Richard  Abt Aug 1900Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I4908
30 Howes, Daisy Constance  Abt Nov 1896Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71971
31 Howes, Lavinia  Abt May 1885Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83216
32 Hull, Rex  Abt Feb 1918Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I59948
33 Pincott, Ruth Millicent  Abt Nov 1882Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I71936
34 Reading, Frank  Abt Nov 1905Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I160529
35 Roberts, Jessie  Abt Feb 1912Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I44027
36 Robinson, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1896Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I159463
37 Sansom, Marjory Josephine Peet  Abt May 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I74047
38 Skelton, Walter James  Abt Feb 1866Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I49376
39 Swift, Kate Selina  Abt Aug 1899Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I86368
40 Timm, Eva  Abt Nov 1918Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I92650
41 Woolley, Kenneth William  Abt Feb 1921Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I83236


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Goddard, Millicent  Abt Feb 1931Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire I3303


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bratton / House  Abt Aug 1927Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23712
2 Butler / House  Abt May 1921Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23711
3 Clarke / House  Abt May 1871Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23695
4 Crossley / House  Abt Nov 1910Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F20457
5 Dixon / House  Abt Aug 1901Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F20455
6 Godbehere / Critchell  Abt May 1899Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F48375
7 Godbehere / Dace  Abt May 1924Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F48376
8 Hall / Howes  Abt Aug 1928Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F40737
9 Houghton / House  Abt Feb 1885Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F12608
10 Howes / Cooper  Abt May 1923Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23745
11 Howes / Evans  Abt Feb 1923Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F40739
12 Howes / Illingworth  Abt Aug 1883Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F40738
13 Howes / Knight  Abt Nov 1934Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F40740
14 Rhone / Greaves  Abt Nov 1908Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F12186
15 Tinker / House  Abt Aug 1925Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F48759
16 Ward / House  Abt May 1896Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23693


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Farrer / House  Abt Aug 1920Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23714
2 House / Goff  Abt Aug 1925Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F23716
3 House / King  Abt Aug 1925Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire F20464