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Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA



Location : Latitude: 40.9804999, Longitude: -111.8874392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, Annie Vilate  24 Sep 1864Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I2039
2 Clark, Elwood S  1 Jun 1908Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8979
3 Clark, Erma Esther  16 Jun 1919Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I20429
4 Clark, Eugene Henry  20 Mar 1873Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29129
5 Clark, Ezra Thompson  3 Dec 1914Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I20712
6 Clark, Grace  18 Aug 1908Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I16813
7 Clark, Horace Wells  23 Mar 1882Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I15649
8 Clark, John Alexander  28 Feb 1871Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6821
9 Clark, John Ford  12 Mar 1910Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6149
10 Clark, Josephine  31 Oct 1901Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I26242
11 Clark, Laura Blanche  30 Jan 1880Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I14541
12 Clark, Marion Franklin  6 Sep 1877Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I4969
13 Clark, Mildred  10 Aug 1900Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25874
14 Clark, Nathan George  4 Aug 1875Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8130
15 Clark, Sara Lavina  11 Sep 1867Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I27912
16 Clark, Seymour Thompson  27 Sep 1862Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6214
17 Clark, Susan  25 Aug 1906Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6120
18 Clark, Susan Alice Bell  14 Jan 1869Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I31
19 Clark, Wesley Sessions  13 Aug 1905Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I27337
20 Cook, George E  Abt 1880Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25450
21 Gallagher, Samuel John  Abt 1895Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I14008
22 Gilbert, Arthur K  Abt 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I9342
23 Hess, Joseph Wells  11 Oct 1859Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6756
24 Jensen, Lillian  Abt 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I15932
25 Kinghorn, Leland  Abt 1895Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I16955
26 Knowlton, Alta  7 May 1895Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I1029
27 Knowlton, Ezra Clark  20 Feb 1891Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I19634
28 Knowlton, Franklin Richards  2 Jun 1893Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I14756
29 Knowlton, Hazel  30 Apr 1887Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8911
30 Knowlton, Horace John  5 Mar 1897Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I870
31 Knowlton, Melva  28 Aug 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I24481
32 Knowlton, Viola  28 Jan 1889Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8707
33 Palmer, Alta U  9 Jul 1891Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I7073
34 Palmer, Andrea Venita  20 Apr 1889Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I26664
35 Palmer, George Herman  18 Mar 1894Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25938
36 Palmer, Hellen  14 Nov 1905Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I26937
37 Palmer, Jane Venita  18 Sep 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25421
38 Palmer, Lowell Smith  24 Jun 1900Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I11759
39 Palmer, Stuart Smith  14 Jun 1905Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I14671
40 Palmer, Theodore Smith  4 Nov 1902Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I26891
41 Pearce, Lewis Clark  14 Jan 1925Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I21548
42 Petersen, Elsie M  Abt 1901Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I26294
43 Schmidt, Clara  Abt 1869Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I21891
44 Smith, Lucy Effie  13 Nov 1874Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I5933
45 Smith, Margaret Agnes  15 Aug 1868Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I23573
46 Soper, Mae  Abt 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I12020
47 Steed, Milton Ezra  23 Jan 1899Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I12504
48 Tanner, Belva  9 May 1897Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29012
49 Tanner, Kneland Clark  8 Jun 1898Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I2897
50 Tanner, Leah  6 May 1902Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I16092

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Elwood S  14 Mar 1993Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8979
2 Clark, Eugene Henry  19 Apr 1931Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29129
3 Clark, Ezra Thompson  17 Oct 1901Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I17888
4 Clark, John Alexander  8 Feb 1895Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6821
5 Clark, Marion Franklin  26 Oct 1878Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I4969
6 Clark, Seymour Thompson  23 Nov 1893Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6214
7 Grant, Mary  8 Mar 1986Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I4176
8 Howes, Eliza  2 Nov 1879Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8717
9 Howes, Sarah  8 Mar 1902Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I2346
10 Hull, William Roy  27 Jun 1923Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I7758
11 Kenley, Jeanne  14 Oct 2018Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I146501
12 Leggett, Susan  4 Nov 1902Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I19763
13 Palmer, George  4 Dec 1883Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25007
14 Palmer, Minnie  14 Dec 1918Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I19700
15 Smith, Lucy Effie  15 Dec 1938Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I5933
16 Tanner, Belva  26 May 1897Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Eugene Clair  8 Jul 1965Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I233
2 Clark, Annie Vilate  29 Jan 1942Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I2039
3 Clark, Elwood S  Mar 1993Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8979
4 Clark, Eugene Henry  22 Apr 1931Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29129
5 Clark, Ezra Thompson  20 Oct 1901Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I17888
6 Clark, John Ford  Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I6149
7 Clark, Mildred  15 Apr 1970Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25874
8 Clark, Sara Lavina  3 May 1955Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I27912
9 Fairbanks, Lynn Reed  31 Dec 1975Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I25977
10 Ford, Esther Lauretta  15 Jan 1969Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I20726
11 Grant, Mary  11 Mar 1986Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I4176
12 Holmes, Phyllis Daich  Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29238
13 Howes, Eliza  Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I8717
14 Knowlton, Horace John  1 Apr 1987Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I870
15 Palmer, Nephi Omner  May 1940Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I1580
16 Sessions, Sarah Ann  23 Mar 1941Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I9672
17 Smith, Lucy Effie  Dec 1938Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I5933
18 Tanner, Belva  27 May 1897Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I29012
19 Tanner, Jennie  21 May 1923Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I2351
20 Tanner, Levinz  12 Apr 1973Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I7301
21 Wright, Eliza  7 Aug 1938Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA I4548


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Call  8 Mar 1913Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA F6190
2 House / Aplin  9 Oct 1940Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA F22361
3 Palmer / Smith  20 Nov 1894Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA F2767
4 Yates / Howes  14 Mar 1938Farmington, Davis, Utah, USA F31675