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Farnham RD, Surrey



City/Town : Latitude: 51.2742865, Longitude: -0.3880845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Arthur George  4 May 1894Farnham RD, Surrey I110100
2 Cantillon, Beatrice Ellen  27 Jun 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I79084
3 Capper, Charles Francis  26 May 1902Farnham RD, Surrey I27683
4 Dolloway, Ronald David  29 Sep 1904Farnham RD, Surrey I148050
5 Franklin, Mary W  Abt Aug 1919Farnham RD, Surrey I134756
6 Grout, Percy Edward  17 Jul 1920Farnham RD, Surrey I131143
7 Hambleton, William Henry  17 Dec 1899Farnham RD, Surrey I79085
8 Hope, Charles James  19 Apr 1923Farnham RD, Surrey I162810
9 House, Cyril Ernest  11 May 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I94799
10 House, Elizabeth Caroline  Abt Feb 1871Farnham RD, Surrey I94804
11 House, Elizabeth Metcalf  Abt Feb 1905Farnham RD, Surrey I68935
12 House, Maggie Victoria Eliza  Abt Nov 1890Farnham RD, Surrey I120861
13 House, Nora Eileen  27 Jan 1920Farnham RD, Surrey I94836
14 Howes, Minnie Theodora  Abt May 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I49789
15 Hows, Alfred Adolph  9 Aug 1924Farnham RD, Surrey I91723
16 Hows, Ronald Raymond  8 Oct 1926Farnham RD, Surrey I91737
17 Howse, Mary  Abt Nov 1879Farnham RD, Surrey I120862
18 Jones, Daphne Muriel Emily Annie  3 Sep 1927Farnham RD, Surrey I163253
19 Long, Harold Geoffrey  Abt Aug 1890Farnham RD, Surrey I12192
20 Long, Reginald Minton  Abt Aug 1893Farnham RD, Surrey I142434
21 Lyons, Joseph Edward R  Abt Feb 1902Farnham RD, Surrey I32255
22 O'Donnell, Michael J P  Abt Aug 1910Farnham RD, Surrey I79138
23 Plumbly, Ivy Patricia  4 Nov 1919Farnham RD, Surrey I117203
24 Stott, Ernest L  Abt Feb 1917Farnham RD, Surrey I118214
25 Suter, Ivy  8 Oct 1911Farnham RD, Surrey I79087
26 Tatford, Marjorie Vera A  Abt Feb 1908Farnham RD, Surrey I77809
27 Walbridge, Betty O  Abt Nov 1914Farnham RD, Surrey I76856
28 Webster, Ellen  11 Apr 1929Farnham RD, Surrey I159661
29 Woodhouse, Albert J V  Abt May 1913Farnham RD, Surrey I74738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Abner William  Abt May 1911Farnham RD, Surrey I43152
2 Abbott, Thomas Scammell  Abt May 1924Farnham RD, Surrey I43162
3 Berridge, Henry Dudley  Abt Aug 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I18972
4 Croft, Robert S  Abt May 1917Farnham RD, Surrey I43418
5 Dresch, Frank William  Abt Aug 1904Farnham RD, Surrey I36046
6 Gatcum, Ellen  Abt Aug 1924Farnham RD, Surrey I102695
7 Haward, George  Abt Feb 1894Farnham RD, Surrey I88743
8 Haward, Hannah Sophia  Abt Aug 1887Farnham RD, Surrey I88745
9 House, Elizabeth Caroline  Abt Feb 1873Farnham RD, Surrey I94804
10 House, Elizabeth Metcalf  Abt Aug 1905Farnham RD, Surrey I68935
11 House, George  Abt Aug 1891Farnham RD, Surrey I32144
12 House, Louisa Ann  Abt Nov 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I43222
13 House, Maggie Victoria Eliza  Abt Nov 1890Farnham RD, Surrey I120861
14 House, William Metcalf  Abt Nov 1904Farnham RD, Surrey I68960
15 Howes, Edward Charles  Abt May 1924Farnham RD, Surrey I3397
16 Howes, Henry Dudley  Abt Feb 1907Farnham RD, Surrey I28312
17 Howes, Rebecca  Abt Feb 1897Farnham RD, Surrey I7330
18 Howes, Thomas  Abt Aug 1907Farnham RD, Surrey I18462
19 Howse, Mary  Abt May 1889Farnham RD, Surrey I120862
20 Sawyer, Thomas  Abt May 1894Farnham RD, Surrey I125213
21 Thurnall, Henry Percy  Abt May 1909Farnham RD, Surrey I18713
22 Wills, Emma Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1915Farnham RD, Surrey I125220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Francis James  Abt May 1882Farnham RD, Surrey I43157
2 Abbott, Francis James  Abt Feb 1911Farnham RD, Surrey I43158
3 Benge, Percy Boyd  Abt Nov 1899Farnham RD, Surrey I139619
4 Berry, Arthur George  Abt May 1894Farnham RD, Surrey I110100
5 Biles, Charles Percival William  Abt Aug 1906Farnham RD, Surrey I79079
6 Biles, Vera Mary  Abt May 1915Farnham RD, Surrey I79083
7 Cantillon, Beatrice Ellen  Abt Aug 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I79084
8 Capper, Charles Francis  Abt Aug 1902Farnham RD, Surrey I27683
9 Clements, Gilbert Thomas  Abt Aug 1878Farnham RD, Surrey I68918
10 Dolloway, Ronald David  Abt Nov 1904Farnham RD, Surrey I148050
11 Dresch, Eva Kathleen  Abt May 1905Farnham RD, Surrey I36045
12 Foreman, Avon Jesse  Abt Aug 1910Farnham RD, Surrey I102678
13 Foreman, Edwin Charles  Abt Nov 1906Farnham RD, Surrey I102679
14 Gatcum, Ellen  Abt Nov 1881Farnham RD, Surrey I102695
15 Grout, Percy Edward  Abt Aug 1920Farnham RD, Surrey I131143
16 Hambleton, William Henry  Abt Feb 1900Farnham RD, Surrey I79085
17 Harwood, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1865Farnham RD, Surrey I32533
18 Hope, Charles James  Abt May 1923Farnham RD, Surrey I162810
19 House, Beatrice Alice  Abt Nov 1872Farnham RD, Surrey I94805
20 House, Beatrice May  Abt May 1913Farnham RD, Surrey I49782
21 House, Cyril Ernest  Abt May 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I94799
22 House, Ethel Louise  Abt Nov 1883Farnham RD, Surrey I33148
23 House, George Giles  Abt Nov 1902Farnham RD, Surrey I68939
24 House, Harriet Matilda  Abt May 1867Farnham RD, Surrey I94802
25 House, Hugh Charles  Abt May 1887Farnham RD, Surrey I94823
26 House, Kate  Abt Feb 1898Farnham RD, Surrey I48342
27 House, Lucy Georgina  Abt May 1884Farnham RD, Surrey I94816
28 House, Marjorie Gladys  Abt Feb 1907Farnham RD, Surrey I40000
29 House, Nora Eileen  Abt Feb 1920Farnham RD, Surrey I94836
30 House, Rose Lydia  Abt Nov 1869Farnham RD, Surrey I94803
31 House, Ruth  Abt May 1899Farnham RD, Surrey I68951
32 House, Thomas  Abt May 1876Farnham RD, Surrey I48015
33 Howes, Bella  Abt Nov 1890Farnham RD, Surrey I22205
34 Howes, Charles Samuel  Abt May 1892Farnham RD, Surrey I11058
35 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt May 1889Farnham RD, Surrey I27194
36 Howes, Edward Victor Seabright  Abt May 1887Farnham RD, Surrey I27396
37 Howes, Emily Margery  Abt Feb 1908Farnham RD, Surrey I29841
38 Howes, Florence Alice Eleanor  Abt Feb 1895Farnham RD, Surrey I21876
39 Howes, Frederick Richard  Abt Feb 1896Farnham RD, Surrey I24475
40 Howes, Hilda Annie  Abt Aug 1907Farnham RD, Surrey I10844
41 Howes, Lilian Maria  Abt Feb 1888Farnham RD, Surrey I87894
42 Howes, Margaret Lilian  Abt May 1898Farnham RD, Surrey I22008
43 Howes, Reginald Arthur  Abt Aug 1896Farnham RD, Surrey I12065
44 Howes, Reginald Leonard  Abt Feb 1905Farnham RD, Surrey I29851
45 Howes, Thomas George  Abt Nov 1885Farnham RD, Surrey I7453
46 Howes, Violet Florence  Abt Feb 1894Farnham RD, Surrey I10061
47 Howes, William Lionel Andrew  Abt Aug 1903Farnham RD, Surrey I67252
48 Hows, Alfred Adolph  Abt Aug 1924Farnham RD, Surrey I91723
49 Hows, Ronald Raymond  Abt Nov 1926Farnham RD, Surrey I91737
50 Howse, Beatrice Alice Maud  Abt May 1913Farnham RD, Surrey I55279

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ganny, Alice  Abt May 1881Farnham RD, Surrey I20489
2 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1912Farnham RD, Surrey I5862


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Biles / Black  Abt Aug 1904Farnham RD, Surrey F22459
2 Cole / House  Abt Nov 1903Farnham RD, Surrey F27654
3 Dickinson / Ellis  Abt Nov 1919Farnham RD, Surrey F49635
4 Gale / Howes  Abt May 1907Farnham RD, Surrey F27667
5 Howes / Case  Abt Nov 1933Farnham RD, Surrey F26586
6 Howes / Ellis  Abt Nov 1915Farnham RD, Surrey F49634
7 Howes / Jennings  Abt Feb 1932Farnham RD, Surrey F26766
8 Jones / Howes  Abt Nov 1922Farnham RD, Surrey F49632
9 Jones / Howse  Abt Nov 1931Farnham RD, Surrey F21400
10 Methven / Fletcher  Abt May 1892Farnham RD, Surrey F27653
11 Smith / Howes  Abt Feb 1915Farnham RD, Surrey F27669
12 Spratt / Howes  Abt Nov 1926Farnham RD, Surrey F38118
13 Stedham / House  Abt May 1908Farnham RD, Surrey F24289
14 Thorne / Williams  Abt Nov 1922Farnham RD, Surrey F48213


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Foreman / Gatcum  Abt Feb 1903Farnham RD, Surrey F30310
2 House / Fletcher  Abt Aug 1883Farnham RD, Surrey F19780
3 Howes / Checkland  Abt Nov 1875Farnham RD, Surrey F4920
4 Howes / Roberts  Abt Feb 1904Farnham RD, Surrey F7705
5 Howse / Bevis  Abt Feb 1873Farnham RD, Surrey F19841