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Georgia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 32.681572, Longitude: -83.229538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avara, Sylvestor S  1830Georgia, USA I125930
2 Bailey, Melinda  20 Aug 1799Georgia, USA I128673
3 Beacham, James A  25 May 1937Georgia, USA I127034
4 Beacham, John Alonzo  29 Aug 1903Georgia, USA I127032
5 Bell, Mary McMillan  Abt 1833Georgia, USA I140535
6 Bishop, Irwin Leslie  25 Feb 1895Georgia, USA I135798
7 Borders, Sara F  Abt 1904Georgia, USA I115905
8 Cannington, Ella Henrietta  Abt 1882Georgia, USA I137178
9 Chandler, Allerine  Feb 1898Georgia, USA I68270
10 Chandler, Blanche Piety  25 Sep 1879Georgia, USA I68262
11 Chandler, Brice  Mar 1888Georgia, USA I68266
12 Chandler, George Neese  Feb 1849Georgia, USA I68258
13 Chandler, Harrell  Mar 1891Georgia, USA I68267
14 Chandler, Julia Georgia  Jan 1883Georgia, USA I68265
15 Chandler, Margaret Evelyn  Abt 1871Georgia, USA I68259
16 Chandler, Mary A  Abt 1872Georgia, USA I68260
17 Chandler, Maude Brock  Apr 1882Georgia, USA I68264
18 Chandler, Millie Gertrude  Abt 1874Georgia, USA I68261
19 Chandler, Quillian  Apr 1895Georgia, USA I68269
20 Chandler, Samuel Smith  Jan 1893Georgia, USA I68268
21 Chandler, Valdosta Victoria  May 1878Georgia, USA I68263
22 Collins, Claude E  Abt 1918Georgia, USA I134845
23 Coxwell, Alice Bell  28 Sep 1868Georgia, USA I134824
24 Duke, Roxie W  8 Jul 1879Georgia, USA I112486
25 England, Margaret Lovice  Abt 1820Georgia, USA I67652
26 Fail, Huldah A  1812Georgia, USA I110535
27 Ford, Rosa May  Abt 1919Georgia, USA I103004
28 Henson, Mary Melissa  1842Georgia, USA I68305
29 Holcombe, Sarah  1812Georgia, USA I68297
30 House, Alexander  Abt 1854Georgia, USA I140538
31 House, Andrew Claude  Feb 1869Georgia, USA I134822
32 House, Blanche J  Abt Nov 1918Georgia, USA I62447
33 House, Caroline  Abt 1839Georgia, USA I112735
34 House, Charles Henry  Abt 1900Georgia, USA I134828
35 House, Daniel David  10 Aug 1849Georgia, USA I67525
36 House, Dewey  Dec 1898Georgia, USA I134866
37 House, Doc Carfield  1890Georgia, USA I68336
38 House, Eliza C  Abt 1834Georgia, USA I134871
39 House, Elizabeth T  Abt 1871Georgia, USA I134863
40 House, Felix Wilburn  1847Georgia, USA I68331
41 House, Henry A  Jul 1868Georgia, USA I134862
42 House, Henry Oscar  Dec 1874Georgia, USA I68317
43 House, Jack  Abt 1924Georgia, USA I71786
44 House, James M  Abt 1858Georgia, USA I67658
45 House, Jane  Abt 1833Georgia, USA I112731
46 House, Joe  May 1873Georgia, USA I68309
47 House, John C  Abt 1868Georgia, USA I67661
48 House, John W  Jun 1839Georgia, USA I134859
49 House, Joseph Joshua  Abt 1866Georgia, USA I134861
50 House, Josiah  Abt 1838Georgia, USA I112734

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Avara, Sylvestor S  3 Feb 1863Georgia, USA I125930
2 Colvard, Mildred  30 Oct 2006Georgia, USA I128620
3 House, Doc Carfield  1967Georgia, USA I68336
4 House, Martha S  1880Georgia, USA I68341
5 House, Robert M  23 Jan 1953Georgia, USA I68306
6 Howes, Orrin  12 Feb 1869Georgia, USA I27520
7 Howse, Essie Idell  1 Nov 1974Georgia, USA I53850
8 Howse, James Clyde  6 Dec 2013Georgia, USA I128642
9 Oland, Margaret Marie  27 Jul 2002Georgia, USA I170443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Martha Washington  Abt 1839Georgia, USA I45507
2 Baker, Martha Washington  Abt 1840Georgia, USA I45507
3 Baker, Martha Washington  Jun 1840Georgia, USA I45507
4 Beacham, James A  Abt 1937Georgia, USA I127034
5 Beacham, John Alonzo  Abt 1903Georgia, USA I127032
6 Borders, Sara F  Abt 1905Georgia, USA I115905
7 Chandler, Allerine  Abt 1897Georgia, USA I68270
8 Chandler, Blanche Piety  Aug 1879Georgia, USA I68262
9 Chandler, George Neese  Abt 1848Georgia, USA I68258
10 Chandler, Maude Brock  Mar 1882Georgia, USA I68264
11 Chandler, Quillian  Abt 1894Georgia, USA I68269
12 Chandler, Samuel Smith  Abt 1892Georgia, USA I68268
13 Chandler, Valdosta Victoria  Abt 1876Georgia, USA I68263
14 Chandler, Valdosta Victoria  7 Aug 1877Georgia, USA I68263
15 Clayton, Claudia Caroline  Abt 1825Georgia, USA I85224
16 Coxwell, Alice Bell  Abt 1868Georgia, USA I134824
17 Coxwell, Alice Bell  Sep 1869Georgia, USA I134824
18 Epling, Eliza Agnes  Abt 1872Georgia, USA I97328
19 Epling, Eliza Agnes  Sep 1872Georgia, USA I97328
20 House, Andrew Claude  Abt 1868Georgia, USA I134822
21 House, Andrew Claude  Abt 1870Georgia, USA I134822
22 House, Andrew Claude  Abt 1871Georgia, USA I134822
23 House, Blanche J  Abt 1918Georgia, USA I62447
24 House, Charles Henry  Abt 1901Georgia, USA I134828
25 House, Daniel David  Abt 1849Georgia, USA I67525
26 House, Daniel David  Aug 1850Georgia, USA I67525
27 House, Elisha S  Abt 1855Georgia, USA I67655
28 House, Henry A  Abt 1867Georgia, USA I134862
29 House, Henry A  Abt 1868Georgia, USA I134862
30 House, James Thomas  Dec 1890Georgia, USA I134823
31 House, John T  Abt 1909Georgia, USA I62438
32 House, John T  Abt Dec 1909Georgia, USA I62438
33 House, John T  Abt 1911Georgia, USA I62438
34 House, John W  Abt 1838Georgia, USA I134859
35 House, John W  Abt 1839Georgia, USA I134859
36 House, John Wesley  Abt 1850Georgia, USA I140524
37 House, Joseph Joshua  Abt 1865Georgia, USA I134861
38 House, Julia Sarah  Abt 1850Georgia, USA I67656
39 House, Julia Sarah  Abt 1851Georgia, USA I67656
40 House, Julia Sarah  Jan 1851Georgia, USA I67656
41 House, Julia Sarah  Abt 1852Georgia, USA I67656
42 House, Leander Sharpe  Abt 1853Georgia, USA I140537
43 House, Louisa  1813Georgia, USA I39048
44 House, Martha Louisa Rebecca  Abt 1848Georgia, USA I140536
45 House, Mary A  Abt 1893Georgia, USA I134839
46 House, Mattie L  Abt 1896Georgia, USA I134840
47 House, Melissa Elizabeth  Abt 1825Georgia, USA I39051
48 House, Raymond Fielder  Abt 1919Georgia, USA I137156
49 House, Ruby B  Abt 1909Georgia, USA I134841
50 House, Samuel Smith  Abt 1856Georgia, USA I67657

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Richard Leroy  7 Feb 1966Georgia, USA I73143


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Milner  Abt 1876Georgia, USA F15791
2 Kimbrough / Burke  3 Sep 1938Georgia, USA F24214
3 Perkins / Howse  Abt 1852Georgia, USA F15786