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Goring, Oxfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.5215, Longitude: -1.13113


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Alice  Abt Feb 1884Goring, Oxfordshire I48627
2 Brown, Annie  Abt May 1879Goring, Oxfordshire I48628
3 Brown, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1886Goring, Oxfordshire I48629
4 Brown, Ellen  Abt May 1882Goring, Oxfordshire I48630
5 Brown, Emily  Abt Nov 1891Goring, Oxfordshire I48631
6 Brown, Henry  Abt May 1853Goring, Oxfordshire I48633
7 Brown, Kate  Abt Jun 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I48634
8 Brown, Sarah Emily  Abt Nov 1887Goring, Oxfordshire I48635
9 Hawkins, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I23629
10 House, Alfred William  5 May 1882Goring, Oxfordshire I48639
11 House, Dinah  Abt 1806Goring, Oxfordshire I133267
12 House, Edwin  23 Jul 1864Goring, Oxfordshire I48642
13 House, Ellen  3 Jan 1857Goring, Oxfordshire I48644
14 House, Frances  Abt 1685Goring, Oxfordshire I51930
15 House, James  Abt Aug 1867Goring, Oxfordshire I48646
16 House, Jane  Abt Aug 1854Goring, Oxfordshire I48648
17 House, Lizzie  16 Mar 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I48652
18 House, Richard  Abt 1829Goring, Oxfordshire I68408
19 House, Robert  Abt 1682Goring, Oxfordshire I51981
20 House, William  Abt Nov 1858Goring, Oxfordshire I48654
21 Howes, Ebenezer  17 Feb 1815Goring, Oxfordshire I6891
22 Howes, Edward Richard  22 May 1906Goring, Oxfordshire I25316
23 Howes, Hannah  15 Sep 1816Goring, Oxfordshire I6921
24 Howes, James  20 Dec 1825Goring, Oxfordshire I19671
25 Howes, Lydia  7 May 1822Goring, Oxfordshire I2829
26 Howes, Rachel  16 Feb 1824Goring, Oxfordshire I26298
27 Howes, Rebekah  18 Mar 1820Goring, Oxfordshire I14558
28 Howes, Robert  5 Aug 1869Goring, Oxfordshire I48667
29 Howes, Thomas Henry  7 Jun 1861Goring, Oxfordshire I48672
30 Howse, Eliza  Abt 1811Goring, Oxfordshire I133270
31 Howse, Harriett  Abt 1824Goring, Oxfordshire I133271
32 Howse, John  Abt 1819Goring, Oxfordshire I133272
33 Rush, John  1711Goring, Oxfordshire I52070
34 Rush, Martha  1712Goring, Oxfordshire I52072
35 Webb, Hannah  Abt 1816Goring, Oxfordshire I7242


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Moore, Mary  Abt 8 Jun 1848Goring, Oxfordshire I46334


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Robert  8 Nov 1682Goring, Oxfordshire I51981


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Alice  Abt 1883Goring, Oxfordshire I48627
2 Brown, Annie  Abt 1878Goring, Oxfordshire I48628
3 Brown, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1886Goring, Oxfordshire I48629
4 Brown, Ellen  Abt 1882Goring, Oxfordshire I48630
5 Brown, Emily  Abt 1891Goring, Oxfordshire I48631
6 Brown, Henry  Abt 1852Goring, Oxfordshire I48633
7 Brown, Henry  Abt 1853Goring, Oxfordshire I48633
8 Brown, Kate  Abt 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I48634
9 Brown, Sarah Emily  Abt 1887Goring, Oxfordshire I48635
10 Hawkins, Elizabeth  Abt 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I23629
11 Hawkins, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I23629
12 Hawkins, Emma Sophia  Abt 1856Goring, Oxfordshire I48637
13 Hawkins, Emma Sophia  Abt 1858Goring, Oxfordshire I48637
14 Hawkins, Emma Sophia  Abt Aug 1859Goring, Oxfordshire I48637
15 House, Alfred William  Abt 1881Goring, Oxfordshire I48639
16 House, Alfred William  Abt 1882Goring, Oxfordshire I48639
17 House, Ann  Abt 1843Goring, Oxfordshire I46335
18 House, Ann  Abt 1844Goring, Oxfordshire I46335
19 House, Dinah  Abt 1845Goring, Oxfordshire I46336
20 House, Dinah  Abt 1846Goring, Oxfordshire I46336
21 House, Edwin  Abt 1864Goring, Oxfordshire I48642
22 House, Ellen  Abt 1856Goring, Oxfordshire I48644
23 House, James  Abt 1866Goring, Oxfordshire I48646
24 House, James  Abt 1867Goring, Oxfordshire I48646
25 House, Jane  Abt 1853Goring, Oxfordshire I48648
26 House, Jane  Abt 1854Goring, Oxfordshire I48648
27 House, John  Abt 1815Goring, Oxfordshire I46333
28 House, John  Abt 1816Goring, Oxfordshire I46333
29 House, John  Abt 1817Goring, Oxfordshire I46333
30 House, John  Abt 1850Goring, Oxfordshire I48650
31 House, John  Abt 1851Goring, Oxfordshire I48650
32 House, John  Abt 1852Goring, Oxfordshire I48650
33 House, Lizzie  Abt 1879Goring, Oxfordshire I48652
34 House, Richard  Abt 1828Goring, Oxfordshire I68408
35 House, Richard  Abt 1830Goring, Oxfordshire I68408
36 House, William  Abt 1858Goring, Oxfordshire I48654
37 Howes, Ebenezer  Abt 1814Goring, Oxfordshire I6891
38 Howes, Ebenezer  Abt Mar 1815Goring, Oxfordshire I6891
39 Howes, Edward Richard  Abt 1906Goring, Oxfordshire I25316
40 Howes, James  1 Nov 1813Goring, Oxfordshire I22265
41 Howes, John Puxley  19 Nov 1812Goring, Oxfordshire I18185
42 Howes, Rachel  Abt 1826Goring, Oxfordshire I26298
43 Howes, Robert  Abt 1868Goring, Oxfordshire I48667
44 Howes, Robert  Abt 1869Goring, Oxfordshire I48667
45 Howes, Rosa Elizabeth  Abt 1907Goring, Oxfordshire I24594
46 Howes, Thomas Henry  Abt 1861Goring, Oxfordshire I48672
47 Webb, Hannah  Abt 1818Goring, Oxfordshire I7242
48 Webb, Hannah  Abt 1819Goring, Oxfordshire I7242


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Henry  10 Feb 1877Goring, Oxfordshire I48633
2 Hawkins, Elizabeth  12 Jun 1905Goring, Oxfordshire I23629
3 Hawkins, Emma Sophia  3 Aug 1878Goring, Oxfordshire I48637
4 Hawkins, Emma Sophia  25 Apr 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I48637
5 House, Ellen  10 Feb 1877Goring, Oxfordshire I48644
6 House, John  21 Aug 1864Goring, Oxfordshire I46333
7 House, John  3 Apr 1878Goring, Oxfordshire I48650
8 House, John  25 Apr 1880Goring, Oxfordshire I48650
9 Howes, James Richard  12 Jun 1905Goring, Oxfordshire I6416
10 Howse, William  7 Dec 1806Goring, Oxfordshire I133273
11 Howse, William  4 Jul 1824Goring, Oxfordshire I133273
12 Unknown, Martha  7 Dec 1806Goring, Oxfordshire I133279
13 Unknown, Martha  4 Jul 1824Goring, Oxfordshire I133279