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Great Rissington, Gloucestershire



Location : Latitude: 51.8535, Longitude: -1.71181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howse, Alice  12 Aug 1893Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18209
2 Howse, Alma  Abt Aug 1897Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I28246
3 Howse, Elijah  Abt Nov 1868Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I10651
4 Howse, Henry  Abt 1834Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
5 Howse, James  Abt Nov 1864Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
6 Howse, John  Abt 1828Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
7 Howse, John Nolder  Abt May 1861Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
8 Howse, John Nolder  Abt Nov 1894Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I21712
9 Howse, Kate  24 Mar 1896Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I24375
10 Howse, Lily May  Abt May 1887Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I9788
11 Howse, Lily Victoria  18 Jun 1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I3421
12 Howse, Nellie  10 Jan 1892Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4081
13 Howse, Thirza  30 Sep 1890Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I17438
14 Howse, Thomas James  Abt May 1900Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18478
15 Howse, Wilfred  Abt Jul 1889Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I22632
16 Howse, William Henry  Abt Aug 1866Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I22682
17 Masters, Charles  Abt May 1846Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I137437
18 Timms, Lydia  Abt 1902Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I105837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biles, Christiana  Abt 16 Sep 1874Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4244
2 Bradley, George  Abt 20 May 1872Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115857
3 Eden, William  Abt 8 Feb 1876Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115865
4 Hitchcocks, Mary  Abt 9 Dec 1904Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
5 Howse, Alma  Abt 1 Jul 1900Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I28246
6 Howse, James  Abt 8 Feb 1862Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I430
7 Howse, John  Abt 1 Oct 1903Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
8 Howse, Lily May  Abt 1 May 1889Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I9788
9 Lane, Mary Ann  Abt 23 Oct 1870Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I22232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howse, Alice  Abt 1893Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18209
2 Howse, Alice  Abt Aug 1893Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18209
3 Howse, Alma  Abt 1897Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I28246
4 Howse, Ann  Abt 1865Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I27540
5 Howse, Ann  Abt 1866Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I27540
6 Howse, Ann  Abt 1867Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I27540
7 Howse, Elijah  Abt 1867Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I10651
8 Howse, Henry  Abt 1832Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
9 Howse, Henry  Abt 1833Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
10 Howse, James  Abt 1864Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
11 Howse, James  Abt 1865Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
12 Howse, John  Abt 1824Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
13 Howse, John  Abt 1827Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
14 Howse, John Nolder  Abt 1861Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
15 Howse, John Nolder  Abt 1894Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I21712
16 Howse, Kate  Abt 1895Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I24375
17 Howse, Kate  Abt 1896Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I24375
18 Howse, Lily May  Abt 1887Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I9788
19 Howse, Lily Victoria  Abt 1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I3421
20 Howse, Nellie  Abt 1892Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4081
21 Howse, Thirza  Abt Sep 1890Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I17438
22 Howse, Thomas James  Abt 1900Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18478
23 Howse, Wilfred  Abt 1889Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I22632
24 Howse, William Henry  Abt 1863Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I22682
25 Masters, Charles  Abt 1846Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I137437
26 Masters, Charles  Abt 1847Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I137437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Akers, Caroline  30 Oct 1886Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15820
2 Akers, Caroline  5 Apr 1891Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15820
3 Akers, Caroline  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15820
4 Akers, Kate  29 Oct 1890Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8846
5 Biles, Christiana  6 Jun 1841Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4244
6 Biles, Christiana  30 Mar 1851Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4244
7 Biles, Christiana  7 Apr 1861Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4244
8 Biles, Christiana  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4244
9 Eden, William  18 Feb 1874Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115865
10 Hitchcocks, Mary  18 Feb 1874Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
11 Hitchcocks, Mary  12 Nov 1877Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
12 Hitchcocks, Mary  3 Apr 1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
13 Hitchcocks, Mary  5 Apr 1891Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
14 Hitchcocks, Mary  31 Mar 1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I115873
15 Howes, Peggy Joan  29 Sep 1939Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I105817
16 Howse, Alice  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I18209
17 Howse, Ann  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I27540
18 Howse, Ann  1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I27540
19 Howse, Elijah  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I10651
20 Howse, Elijah  1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I10651
21 Howse, Henry  6 Jun 1841Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
22 Howse, Henry  1851Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
23 Howse, Henry  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
24 Howse, Henry  1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
25 Howse, Henry  31 Mar 1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I7844
26 Howse, Henry John  5 Apr 1891Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I444
27 Howse, Henry John  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I444
28 Howse, James  6 Apr 1828Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I430
29 Howse, James  6 Jun 1841Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I430
30 Howse, James  30 Mar 1851Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I430
31 Howse, James  7 Apr 1861Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I430
32 Howse, James  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
33 Howse, James  1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
34 Howse, James  29 Oct 1890Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I23726
35 Howse, John  6 Jun 1841Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
36 Howse, John  1851Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
37 Howse, John  7 Apr 1861Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
38 Howse, John  12 Nov 1877Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
39 Howse, John  3 Apr 1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
40 Howse, John  5 Apr 1891Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
41 Howse, John  31 Mar 1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I15975
42 Howse, John Nolder  1871Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
43 Howse, John Nolder  1881Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
44 Howse, John Nolder  30 Oct 1886Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
45 Howse, John Nolder  5 Apr 1891Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
46 Howse, John Nolder  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I21712
47 Howse, John Nolder  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I8465
48 Howse, Kate  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I24375
49 Howse, Kate  2 Apr 1911Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I24375
50 Howse, Nellie  1901Great Rissington, Gloucestershire I4081

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