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Guildford RD, Surrey



City/Town : Latitude: 51.2742865, Longitude: -0.553612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beagley, Nellie R  Abt Nov 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I98097
2 Borras, Francis Percival  30 Jun 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I172487
3 Chudley, James Fenton  21 Jan 1902Guildford RD, Surrey I138815
4 Daborn, Lilian Rose  Abt Aug 1893Guildford RD, Surrey I75187
5 Davis, Irene  26 Jan 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I139986
6 Dendy, Marion Emily  Abt Nov 1846Guildford RD, Surrey I28526
7 Dresch, Frank William  Abt Nov 1903Guildford RD, Surrey I36046
8 Edgington, Ivy Kathleen  11 Aug 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I53243
9 Gibbs, Marjorie Stracey  Abt Aug 1905Guildford RD, Surrey I112281
10 Green, Olive  6 Dec 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I94864
11 Hardy, Percy George  27 Feb 1894Guildford RD, Surrey I67569
12 House, Amelia Barbara M  9 Nov 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I181313
13 House, Eric Herbert  25 May 1913Guildford RD, Surrey I159760
14 House, Frederick F L  Abt Nov 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I75189
15 House, Hugh George Clarence  24 Apr 1913Guildford RD, Surrey I181312
16 House, Walter Ralph  Abt Aug 1874Guildford RD, Surrey I25733
17 Howes, Albert John  Abt Feb 1913Guildford RD, Surrey I8411
18 Howes, Alice Annie Maud  Abt May 1891Guildford RD, Surrey I67570
19 Howes, Emily Alberta  1 Nov 1911Guildford RD, Surrey I27747
20 Howes, Gertrude Milly  Abt May 1896Guildford RD, Surrey I67590
21 Howes, Harry  Abt Nov 1905Guildford RD, Surrey I17189
22 Howes, Joan Marjorie I  6 Aug 1923Guildford RD, Surrey I53262
23 Howes, Margaret Ellen  Abt May 1909Guildford RD, Surrey I5452
24 Howes, Marion J  Abt May 1917Guildford RD, Surrey I6815
25 Howes, Peter Alfred  20 Jul 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I15620
26 Howse, Elsie May  Abt May 1912Guildford RD, Surrey I53277
27 Jenkins, Elsie Annie  16 Jan 1907Guildford RD, Surrey I53304
28 Kelly, Albert Stanley  9 Apr 1910Guildford RD, Surrey I172471
29 Lovelock, Edith  Abt Aug 1915Guildford RD, Surrey I134760
30 Lovelock, Edward  19 Jun 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I134761
31 Lovelock, Jessie  2 Feb 1912Guildford RD, Surrey I134763
32 Milburn, Doris J  Abt Feb 1916Guildford RD, Surrey I37754
33 Milburn, Freda E  Abt Feb 1920Guildford RD, Surrey I37755
34 Milburn, Marjorie R  Abt Aug 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I37757
35 Moir, Kathleen Florence  Abt Aug 1903Guildford RD, Surrey I52340
36 Newland, Percy Alfred  8 Jun 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I177130
37 Spratt, Robert Frederick  14 Dec 1900Guildford RD, Surrey I125887
38 Sumners, Daisy Maud  Abt Nov 1890Guildford RD, Surrey I42545
39 Wellstead, Doris Marion  5 Nov 1918Guildford RD, Surrey I93725
40 Willshire, Olive Kathleen  13 Oct 1902Guildford RD, Surrey I77248


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dean, William Albert  Abt May 1926Guildford RD, Surrey I55135
2 Farley, Henry  Abt Nov 1893Guildford RD, Surrey I42520
3 Foster, Edith  Abt Aug 1877Guildford RD, Surrey I47748
4 Haverfield, Zara Lavinia Vesey  Abt Feb 1901Guildford RD, Surrey I115899
5 House, James Albert  Abt Feb 1921Guildford RD, Surrey I39346
6 House, Kate Louisa  Abt Feb 1926Guildford RD, Surrey I98087
7 House, Mary  Abt Nov 1889Guildford RD, Surrey I42537
8 House, Reginald Richard  Abt Feb 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I51046
9 House, Richard  Abt Nov 1865Guildford RD, Surrey I42538
10 House, Robert  Abt Aug 1848Guildford RD, Surrey I42539
11 House, Sarah  Abt Feb 1893Guildford RD, Surrey I42540
12 Howes, Alice Annie Maud  Abt Feb 1921Guildford RD, Surrey I67570
13 Howes, Harriet  Abt Nov 1899Guildford RD, Surrey I1349
14 Howes, Harry  Abt Nov 1905Guildford RD, Surrey I17189
15 Howes, William  Abt May 1933Guildford RD, Surrey I29698
16 Howes, William Alfred  Abt Feb 1928Guildford RD, Surrey I130
17 Lovelock, Edith  Abt Feb 1917Guildford RD, Surrey I134760
18 Lusty, Emma  Abt Nov 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I9393
19 Mandeville, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1933Guildford RD, Surrey I42542
20 Newman, Kezia  Abt Aug 1871Guildford RD, Surrey I42557
21 Sumners, Benjamin  Abt Nov 1922Guildford RD, Surrey I42544
22 Sumners, Henry  Abt Nov 1870Guildford RD, Surrey I42549
23 Sumners, John  Abt Feb 1887Guildford RD, Surrey I42551
24 Sumners, Robert  Abt Nov 1932Guildford RD, Surrey I42555
25 Turley, Alfred  Abt May 1931Guildford RD, Surrey I33045
26 Turley, Archibald Victor W L  Abt Feb 1903Guildford RD, Surrey I33046
27 Witheridge, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1882Guildford RD, Surrey I97480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Mary  Abt Feb 1850Guildford RD, Surrey I18170
2 Baker, Lucy Mary  Abt Aug 1895Guildford RD, Surrey I2262
3 Barrett, Edith Ellen  Abt Feb 1880Guildford RD, Surrey I13641
4 Beagley, Charles J  Abt Feb 1889Guildford RD, Surrey I98098
5 Beddington, Daisy Lizette  Abt Aug 1876Guildford RD, Surrey I36663
6 Blackman, Beatrice May  Abt Aug 1892Guildford RD, Surrey I42518
7 Blunden, Grace Mary  Abt Aug 1889Guildford RD, Surrey I29916
8 Borras, Francis Percival  Abt Aug 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I172487
9 Botting, Hellen Florence  Abt Feb 1874Guildford RD, Surrey I31702
10 Castell, Doris  Abt Feb 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I134745
11 Chudley, James Fenton  Abt Feb 1902Guildford RD, Surrey I138815
12 Davis, Irene  Abt Feb 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I139986
13 Dennis, Florence  Abt Nov 1883Guildford RD, Surrey I15632
14 Dennis, Mary  Abt Nov 1881Guildford RD, Surrey I2025
15 Dennis, Philip A  Abt Aug 1889Guildford RD, Surrey I16879
16 Dennis, William  Abt Nov 1886Guildford RD, Surrey I21670
17 Eager, Albert Edgar  Abt May 1898Guildford RD, Surrey I65552
18 Eager, Alfred Thomas  Abt May 1896Guildford RD, Surrey I65553
19 Eager, Eva Frances  Abt Aug 1899Guildford RD, Surrey I65556
20 Eager, Florence Louisa  Abt Nov 1894Guildford RD, Surrey I65557
21 Eager, Harold Septimus  Abt Aug 1904Guildford RD, Surrey I65561
22 Eager, Mabel Violet  Abt Nov 1901Guildford RD, Surrey I65562
23 Eager, Sidney Walter H  Abt Feb 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I65563
24 Edgington, Ivy Kathleen  Abt Aug 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I53243
25 Fletcher, Emma Peters  Abt Nov 1864Guildford RD, Surrey I69072
26 Green, Olive  Abt Nov 1919Guildford RD, Surrey I94864
27 Hardy, Percy George  Abt Feb 1894Guildford RD, Surrey I67569
28 Hewitt, Benjamin  Abt Nov 1851Guildford RD, Surrey I42521
29 Hewitt, Mary  Abt Feb 1850Guildford RD, Surrey I42522
30 Hewitt, Robert  Abt Nov 1846Guildford RD, Surrey I42523
31 Hewson, Lucy  Abt Nov 1868Guildford RD, Surrey I7757
32 House, Alice Lily  Abt Aug 1888Guildford RD, Surrey I98101
33 House, Amelia Barbara M  Abt Nov 1914Guildford RD, Surrey I181313
34 House, Ann  Abt Nov 1851Guildford RD, Surrey I42525
35 House, Ann Pain  Abt Nov 1896Guildford RD, Surrey I98089
36 House, Arthur James  Abt Aug 1908Guildford RD, Surrey I38786
37 House, Benjamin  Abt Aug 1838Guildford RD, Surrey I42526
38 House, Blanche Ivy  Abt Nov 1903Guildford RD, Surrey I98091
39 House, Catherine Frances  Abt May 1846Guildford RD, Surrey I42528
40 House, Dorothy May  Abt Aug 1899Guildford RD, Surrey I98090
41 House, Edith Agnes Louise  Abt Feb 1896Guildford RD, Surrey I31704
42 House, Edith Mary Amey  Abt Feb 1876Guildford RD, Surrey I27040
43 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1842Guildford RD, Surrey I42529
44 House, Eric Herbert  Abt Aug 1913Guildford RD, Surrey I159760
45 House, Fanny Laura  Abt Nov 1910Guildford RD, Surrey I38801
46 House, Florence Bertha Mary  Abt Aug 1899Guildford RD, Surrey I39343
47 House, Hugh George Clarence  Abt May 1913Guildford RD, Surrey I181312
48 House, James Albert  Abt Aug 1902Guildford RD, Surrey I39346
49 House, Joseph  Abt Aug 1848Guildford RD, Surrey I42533
50 House, Kate Louisa  Abt Nov 1889Guildford RD, Surrey I98087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Catherine Frances  Abt Nov 1848Guildford RD, Surrey I42528
2 Howes, Emily Ann  Abt Nov 1877Guildford RD, Surrey I47761
3 Howes, Gerald Frederick  Abt Aug 1912Guildford RD, Surrey I61265
4 Howes, Mary Heseltine  Abt Aug 1882Guildford RD, Surrey I47773


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beagley / House  Abt Nov 1914Guildford RD, Surrey F28802
2 Blackman / Sumners  Abt May 1891Guildford RD, Surrey F13010
3 Chudley / House  Abt Nov 1926Guildford RD, Surrey F42234
4 Denton / House  Abt Aug 1927Guildford RD, Surrey F12127
5 Ewer / Howes  Abt Aug 1866Guildford RD, Surrey F17656
6 Francis / Holt  Abt May 1907Guildford RD, Surrey F14155
7 Hewitt / House  Abt Feb 1846Guildford RD, Surrey F13006
8 House / Field  Abt May 1911Guildford RD, Surrey F56124
9 House / Gill  Abt May 1908Guildford RD, Surrey F11988
10 House / Holt  Abt Nov 1888Guildford RD, Surrey F28801
11 House / Mitchell  Abt Nov 1910Guildford RD, Surrey F48768
12 Howes / Adams  Abt Aug 1871Guildford RD, Surrey F6274
13 Howes / Charman  Abt Feb 1859Guildford RD, Surrey F5817
14 Howes / Davis  Abt Aug 1917Guildford RD, Surrey F53298
15 Howes / Duignan  Abt May 1920Guildford RD, Surrey F43650
16 Howes / Edgington  Abt May 1932Guildford RD, Surrey F15626
17 Howes / Jenkins  Abt Feb 1927Guildford RD, Surrey F15648
18 Kelly / Howes  Abt Nov 1932Guildford RD, Surrey F52867
19 Lovelock / Castell  Abt Aug 1929Guildford RD, Surrey F40912
20 Reid / Daborn  Abt May 1918Guildford RD, Surrey F21365
21 Stone / House  Abt May 1917Guildford RD, Surrey F12128
22 Sumners / Bell  Abt Nov 1893Guildford RD, Surrey F13004
23 Sumners / Mandeville  Abt Feb 1875Guildford RD, Surrey F13009
24 Thorn / Dendy  Abt Aug 1867Guildford RD, Surrey F9248
25 Tipple / Howse  Abt Feb 1927Guildford RD, Surrey F15638
26 Turley / Thorne  Abt Nov 1929Guildford RD, Surrey F10469
27 Underwood / Randell  Abt Aug 1916Guildford RD, Surrey F36563
28 Vine / Beddington  Abt May 1900Guildford RD, Surrey F11418
29 Witty / House  Abt Feb 1907Guildford RD, Surrey F10461


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butcher / Turley  Abt Nov 1927Guildford RD, Surrey F10470
2 Dresch / Howes  Abt Aug 1903Guildford RD, Surrey F11262
3 Farley / House  Abt May 1849Guildford RD, Surrey F13007
4 Hardy / Howes  Abt May 1919Guildford RD, Surrey F19439
5 House / Richardson  Abt Aug 1912Guildford RD, Surrey F48479
6 Howes / Doyle  Abt Nov 1911Guildford RD, Surrey F7847
7 Howes / Leiworthy  Abt Feb 1908Guildford RD, Surrey F4167
8 Howes / Leiworthy  Abt Nov 1908Guildford RD, Surrey F4167
9 Howes / McCombie  Abt Feb 1922Guildford RD, Surrey F15650
10 Howes / Webb  Abt May 1890Guildford RD, Surrey F19455
11 Howse / Barrett  Abt Aug 1928Guildford RD, Surrey F21401
12 Howse / Henley  Abt Nov 1903Guildford RD, Surrey F6591
13 Joyce / Howes  Abt Feb 1888Guildford RD, Surrey F7194
14 Mayo / House  Abt Feb 1847Guildford RD, Surrey F13005
15 Stevens / Howes  Abt May 1924Guildford RD, Surrey F19441
16 Sumners / House  Abt Aug 1844Guildford RD, Surrey F13008