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Haringey RD, London



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4726715, Longitude: -0.1193525


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abell, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1979Haringey RD, London I83955
2 Bassett, Florence Isabelle  Abt Nov 1995Haringey RD, London I61487
3 Brailsford, William Stanley  Abt Oct 1987Haringey RD, London I178101
4 Cushway, James Alfred  Abt Aug 1966Haringey RD, London I123936
5 Cutting, Kathleen Kate  Abt Nov 1981Haringey RD, London I25093
6 Dewin, Harriet Amelia  Abt Nov 1966Haringey RD, London I71377
7 Dovey, Emily Ida  Abt Aug 1977Haringey RD, London I25537
8 Dummere, Hilda Joan  Abt May 1992Haringey RD, London I20590
9 Hodgkinson, Joe  Abt May 1982Haringey RD, London I143529
10 House, Brian  Abt Jan 1988Haringey RD, London I127728
11 House, Margaret  Abt Nov 1966Haringey RD, London I48485
12 Howes, Alfred Samuel  Abt Aug 1984Haringey RD, London I69490
13 Howes, Dorothy Beatrice  Abt May 1981Haringey RD, London I93822
14 Howes, Elizabeth Lily  Abt Nov 1989Haringey RD, London I3689
15 Howes, Emma Florence  Abt Nov 1993Haringey RD, London I117747
16 Howes, Frederick Ralph  Abt Nov 1978Haringey RD, London I46556
17 Howes, Gladys May  Abt Aug 1982Haringey RD, London I56810
18 Howes, Harold Geoffrey James  Abt Feb 1970Haringey RD, London I74658
19 Howes, Irene Gladys Ada  Abt Feb 1974Haringey RD, London I74010
20 Howes, James Victor  Abt Feb 1972Haringey RD, London I56815
21 Howes, May  Abt Feb 1976Haringey RD, London I29112
22 Howes, Minnie Kathleen  Abt May 1979Haringey RD, London I11211
23 Howes, Violet Maud  Abt Jul 1993Haringey RD, London I56833
24 Hows, Florence Hilda  Abt Oct 1989Haringey RD, London I81906
25 Hows, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1971Haringey RD, London I13020
26 Howse, James  Abt Nov 1975Haringey RD, London I68727
27 Howse, Louisa Alice  Abt Feb 1981Haringey RD, London I137377
28 Howse, Lucy Doreen  Abt Nov 1979Haringey RD, London I38719
29 Kendle, Samuel George  Abt Feb 1971Haringey RD, London I163761
30 Moore, Annie  Abt May 1980Haringey RD, London I69845
31 Pickard, Edward T  Abt Nov 1965Haringey RD, London I83746
32 Pickard, George Henry  Abt Nov 1974Haringey RD, London I83744
33 Quinn, William Nicholas  Abt Aug 1977Haringey RD, London I77200
34 Simpson, Edward Charles  Abt May 1972Haringey RD, London I117564
35 Sorrell, Alice  Abt Nov 1970Haringey RD, London I171423
36 Stimson, Emily Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1980Haringey RD, London I78073
37 Stonebridge, Florence Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1987Haringey RD, London I68765
38 Thomas, Ivy Violet  Abt Jul 1984Haringey RD, London I117560
39 Thurgate, Beatrice Alexandra  Abt May 1975Haringey RD, London I94557
40 Wilkins, Leonard Thomas  Abt May 1967Haringey RD, London I94398