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Hertford RD, Hertfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.8302995, Longitude: -0.26543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Joan P  Abt Nov 1933Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64036
2 Abbott, Roy  Abt May 1929Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64034
3 Abbott, Thomas Joseph  Abt Aug 1925Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64032
4 Dowton, Hilda Jessie  28 Dec 1909Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I65383
5 Duke, Daisy Winifred  12 Apr 1916Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61937
6 Duke, Ethel Jeanette  21 Jun 1913Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61938
7 Duke, Kathleen Alice  31 Oct 1914Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61940
8 Duke, Olive Cecely  10 Nov 1917Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61941
9 Heaven, Sylvia Agnes  11 Sep 1934Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I106384
10 Howes, Alfred  Abt May 1895Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120649
11 Howes, Frank  Abt May 1895Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120650
12 Howes, Norman Arthur  17 Apr 1923Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54683
13 Howes, Sam  Abt May 1911Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I116055
14 Howes, Thomas  Abt Feb 1871Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54691
15 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Nov 1885Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120647
16 Martin, Ethel M  Abt May 1913Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59894
17 Maynard, Arthur J  Abt Nov 1913Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54713
18 Mooney, Reginald  31 Mar 1914Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I163353
19 Pamphlion, Magdalene F  Abt May 1912Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54732
20 Trundell, Lilian Rose  Abt Aug 1913Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, John James  Abt Nov 1973Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64028
2 Abbott, Thomas Joseph  Abt Feb 1926Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I64032
3 Bate, Mary Frances  Abt Aug 1927Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I91370
4 Day, Edward  Abt May 1925Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54633
5 Duke, Joseph  Abt May 1953Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61939
6 Fenn, Violet Eleanor  Abt Nov 1961Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I15259
7 Hedge, Hannah  Abt Aug 1918Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54642
8 House, Agnes Ethel  Abt Feb 1947Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59867
9 House, James Wallis  Abt May 1918Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59878
10 Howes, Alfred  Abt May 1895Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120649
11 Howes, Alice Eliza  Abt May 1958Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61952
12 Howes, Arthur  Abt Nov 1930Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54646
13 Howes, Cyril David  Abt Feb 1945Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I70377
14 Howes, Francis S  Abt Feb 1964Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I98428
15 Howes, Frank  Abt May 1895Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120650
16 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1932Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54661
17 Howes, Hannah  Abt Aug 1939Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54662
18 Howes, Harriet  Abt May 1927Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54663
19 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1891Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54665
20 Howes, Henry John  Abt Aug 1933Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54818
21 Howes, James  Abt Feb 1973Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I70400
22 Howes, Jane  Abt Aug 1921Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54672
23 Howes, Jasper Brooks  Abt Feb 1921Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I27065
24 Howes, Lily  Abt Nov 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120648
25 Howes, Montague George  Abt May 1961Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54681
26 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Nov 1885Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120647
27 Lazell, Walter  Abt May 1943Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54711
28 Martin, Ernest Frederick  Abt Aug 1942Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59893
29 Maynard, William Thomas  Abt Aug 1961Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54719
30 Nineham, Mary Jane  Abt May 1915Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59917
31 Phypers, Joseph George  Abt Nov 1899Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54735
32 Raban, Elizabeth Ellen  Abt Feb 1937Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I67386
33 Roberts, George Sydney  Abt Nov 1972Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I105034
34 Single, Annie Charlotte  Abt Aug 1935Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I4976
35 Smith, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1904Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54741
36 Snell, Florence Elizabeth  Abt May 1953Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I70451
37 Trundell, Beatrice  19 Jan 1961Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54746
38 Trundell, Harriet  Abt Feb 1899Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54750
39 Trundell, Henry  Abt May 1935Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54751
40 Trundell, Thomas William  Abt May 1959Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Castle, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1873Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I106413
2 Dawes, Eleanor Ann  Abt May 1882Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54631
3 Day, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1901Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54632
4 Day, Ernest William  Abt Aug 1888Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54634
5 Day, Florence Mary  Abt Nov 1888Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54635
6 Day, Francis James  Abt Nov 1884Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54636
7 Day, George Henry  Abt Feb 1893Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54638
8 Day, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt May 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54639
9 Dowton, Hilda Jessie  Abt Feb 1910Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I65383
10 Duke, Daisy Winifred  Abt May 1916Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61937
11 Duke, Ethel Jeanette  Abt Aug 1913Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61938
12 Duke, Kathleen Alice  Abt Nov 1914Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61940
13 Duke, Olive Cecely  Abt Nov 1917Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I61941
14 Fosker, John William  Abt May 1880Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54803
15 Graves, Gladys Melinda  Abt Feb 1919Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120653
16 Graves, Thomas Arthur  Abt Aug 1923Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120654
17 Heaven, Sylvia Agnes  Abt Nov 1934Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I106384
18 Hedge, Hannah  Abt Nov 1841Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54642
19 Howes, Annie  Abt Nov 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I6945
20 Howes, Edith  Abt Nov 1898Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54649
21 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Nov 1881Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I25501
22 Howes, Ellen Beatrice  Abt May 1884Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I56338
23 Howes, Elsie May  Abt Nov 1898Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54654
24 Howes, Esther  Abt May 1877Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54656
25 Howes, Ethel Ruth  Abt Aug 1896Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I6601
26 Howes, Florence  Abt May 1909Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54657
27 Howes, Frances Ellen  Abt Feb 1891Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54938
28 Howes, George  Abt Nov 1866Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54661
29 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1873Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54660
30 Howes, Hannah Daisy  Abt Feb 1893Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I18445
31 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1869Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54666
32 Howes, James  Abt Feb 1875Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54671
33 Howes, John  Abt Nov 1879Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54675
34 Howes, Lily  Abt Nov 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I120648
35 Howes, May Isabel  Abt Aug 1893Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54939
36 Howes, Montague George  Abt Nov 1904Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54681
37 Howes, Norman Arthur  Abt May 1923Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54683
38 Howes, Rose Florence  Abt Nov 1888Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I15640
39 Howes, Sarah  Abt May 1847Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54687
40 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1873Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54695
41 Macgregor, John Henry  Abt Aug 1897Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I103651
42 Martin, Wallace Henry  Abt May 1909Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I59895
43 Maynard, Daisy May  Abt Feb 1908Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54714
44 Maynard, Harriet Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1904Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54716
45 Maynard, William Thomas  Abt Aug 1875Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54719
46 Maynard, William Thomas  Abt Nov 1909Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54720
47 Mooney, Reginald  Abt May 1914Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I163353
48 Pamphlion, Frederick Alfred  Abt Feb 1882Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54730
49 Pamphlion, Frederick H  Abt Aug 1910Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54731
50 Pamphlion, Winifred E  Abt Nov 1906Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54733

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt May 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I45593
2 Howes, Ethel Ruth  Abt Nov 1979Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I6601
3 Howes, Frances Ellen  Abt Feb 1944Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54938
4 Howes, George Herbert  Abt Feb 1941Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I12861
5 Howes, George William  Abt May 1928Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I26062
6 Moore, Martha Ann  Abt Feb 1933Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I28300
7 Trundell, Beatrice  Abt Feb 1961Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54746
8 Trundell, Thomas  Abt Nov 1890Hertford RD, Hertfordshire I54752


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Duke  Abt Aug 1948Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F28606
2 Cheneler / Duke  Abt Feb 1946Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F28605
3 Day / Howes  Abt Feb 1888Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16022
4 Fitzjohn / House  Abt May 1901Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F17384
5 House / Grace  Abt Feb 1889Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F2685
6 Howes / Brace  Abt Aug 1897Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F1907
7 Howes / Croft  Abt Aug 1906Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16011
8 Howes / Dawes  Abt Aug 1904Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16013
9 Howes / Dean  Abt May 1908Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F7456
10 Howes / Heaven  Abt Nov 1957Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F31543
11 Howes / Hedge  Abt May 1866Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16015
12 Howes / Larkin  Abt Feb 1941Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F44522
13 Howes / Morgan  Abt Nov 1904Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16031
14 Howes / Smith  Abt Nov 1867Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16036
15 Howes / Smith  Abt Nov 1897Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16037
16 Howes / Stoker  Abt Nov 1903Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16038
17 Howes / Wrangles  Abt Feb 1931Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16044
18 Martin / House  Abt Aug 1908Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F17380
19 Maynard / Howes  Abt May 1901Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16024
20 Pamphlion / Howes  Abt Nov 1905Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16026
21 Peck / Graves  Abt Aug 1951Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F36410
22 Stiles / Duke  Abt Aug 1938Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F28604
23 Wiseman / Abbott  Abt Nov 1960Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F49550


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Howes  Abt May 1906Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F36414
2 Dack / Howes  Abt Aug 1927Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16021
3 Graves / Howes  Abt Aug 1917Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F36402
4 Palmer / Howes  Abt Aug 1899Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16018
5 Taylor / Graves  Abt May 1940Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F36411
6 Trundell / Howes  Abt Aug 1876Hertford RD, Hertfordshire F16023