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Highworth, Wiltshire



Location : Latitude: 51.6313389, Longitude: -1.7095062


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, Emily Jane  Abt Nov 1857Highworth, Wiltshire I133181
2 Arrowsmith, George  Abt 1838Highworth, Wiltshire I133183
3 Arrowsmith, Henry  Abt Nov 1850Highworth, Wiltshire I133186
4 Arrowsmith, John  31 Oct 1809Highworth, Wiltshire I133189
5 Arrowsmith, Joseph  Abt Nov 1843Highworth, Wiltshire I133191
6 Arrowsmith, Sarah Ann  Abt 1828Highworth, Wiltshire I133196
7 Chamberlen, Catherine  Abt May 1841Highworth, Wiltshire I27431
8 Chamberlen, Fanny Saunders  Abt May 1844Highworth, Wiltshire I2815
9 Chamberlen, Lawrence John  Abt May 1847Highworth, Wiltshire I27987
10 Chamberlen, Mary Jane  Abt May 1839Highworth, Wiltshire I4717
11 Chivers, Ann  Abt 1806Highworth, Wiltshire I24986
12 Dyke, Elizabeth  Abt 1818Highworth, Wiltshire I13329
13 Hiett, Daisy Elizabeth  1896Highworth, Wiltshire I159033
14 Howse, Hannah  13 Aug 1800Highworth, Wiltshire I133216
15 Howse, Mary  Abt Nov 1801Highworth, Wiltshire I23204
16 Maslin, Jesse  Abt 1840Highworth, Wiltshire I79700
17 Matthews, Frances  19 Nov 1772Highworth, Wiltshire I2623
18 Price, Elizabeth  Abt 1868Highworth, Wiltshire I68973
19 Walgrave, George  Abt 1814Highworth, Wiltshire I133241
20 Wheeler, Mary  Abt 1833Highworth, Wiltshire I46296


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, George  Abt 10 Jan 1882Highworth, Wiltshire I133183
2 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 31 May 1875Highworth, Wiltshire I133188
3 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 11 May 1880Highworth, Wiltshire I133189
4 Howse, Edmund Henry  5 Aug 1837Highworth, Wiltshire I16426
5 Howse, Mary  22 Apr 1805Highworth, Wiltshire I23204
6 Howse, Rachel  Abt 16 Sep 1893Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
7 Howse, Sarah  Abt 6 Feb 1891Highworth, Wiltshire I133220
8 Howse, William  1 May 1807Highworth, Wiltshire I27741
9 Matthews, Frances  17 Feb 1860Highworth, Wiltshire I2623
10 Richens, Henry  Abt 14 Mar 1909Highworth, Wiltshire I133237
11 Walgrave, George  Abt 2 Apr 1881Highworth, Wiltshire I133241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, Ann  Abt 1840Highworth, Wiltshire I133177
2 Arrowsmith, Ann  Abt 1841Highworth, Wiltshire I133177
3 Arrowsmith, Ann  Abt 1843Highworth, Wiltshire I133177
4 Arrowsmith, Emily Jane  Abt 1857Highworth, Wiltshire I133181
5 Arrowsmith, George  Abt 1839Highworth, Wiltshire I133183
6 Arrowsmith, Henry  Abt 1850Highworth, Wiltshire I133186
7 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 1805Highworth, Wiltshire I133189
8 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 1808Highworth, Wiltshire I133189
9 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 1847Highworth, Wiltshire I133188
10 Arrowsmith, John  Abt 1848Highworth, Wiltshire I133188
11 Arrowsmith, Joseph  Abt 1840Highworth, Wiltshire I133191
12 Arrowsmith, Joseph  Abt 1842Highworth, Wiltshire I133191
13 Arrowsmith, Joseph  Abt 1843Highworth, Wiltshire I133191
14 Arrowsmith, Joseph  Abt 1844Highworth, Wiltshire I133191
15 Arrowsmith, Sarah Ann  Abt 1827Highworth, Wiltshire I133196
16 Arrowsmith, Thomas  Abt 1830Highworth, Wiltshire I133197
17 Arrowsmith, Thomas  Abt 1833Highworth, Wiltshire I133197
18 Arrowsmith, Thomas  Abt 1835Highworth, Wiltshire I133197
19 Arrowsmith, William  Abt 1835Highworth, Wiltshire I133199
20 Arrowsmith, William  Abt 1836Highworth, Wiltshire I133199
21 Chamberlen, Catherine  Abt 1841Highworth, Wiltshire I27431
22 Chamberlen, Catherine  Abt 1843Highworth, Wiltshire I27431
23 Chamberlen, Fanny Saunders  Abt 1844Highworth, Wiltshire I2815
24 Chamberlen, Lawrence John  Abt 1847Highworth, Wiltshire I27987
25 Chamberlen, Mary Jane  Abt 1839Highworth, Wiltshire I4717
26 Chamberlen, Mary Jane  Abt 1842Highworth, Wiltshire I4717
27 Dyke, Elizabeth  Abt 1817Highworth, Wiltshire I13329
28 Dyke, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Highworth, Wiltshire I13329
29 Howse, Edmund  Abt 1810Highworth, Wiltshire I22736
30 Howse, Edmund  Abt 1842Highworth, Wiltshire I28592
31 Howse, Henry  Abt 1803Highworth, Wiltshire I133217
32 Howse, Mary  1798Highworth, Wiltshire I23204
33 Howse, Rachel  Abt 1804Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
34 Howse, Rachel  Abt 1806Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
35 Howse, Rachel  Abt 1807Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
36 Howse, Rachel  Abt 1808Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
37 Howse, Rachel  Abt 1810Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
38 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1808Highworth, Wiltshire I133220
39 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1809Highworth, Wiltshire I133220
40 Howse, Sarah  Abt 1810Highworth, Wiltshire I133220
41 Maslin, Jesse  Abt 1842Highworth, Wiltshire I79700
42 Maslin, Jesse  Abt 1843Highworth, Wiltshire I79700
43 Matthews, Frances  Abt 1772Highworth, Wiltshire I2623
44 Richens, Hannah  Abt 1831Highworth, Wiltshire I133236
45 Richens, Henry  Abt 1841Highworth, Wiltshire I133237
46 Richens, Henry  Abt 1842Highworth, Wiltshire I133237
47 Walgrave, George  Abt 1813Highworth, Wiltshire I133241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, Ann  30 Dec 1866Highworth, Wiltshire I133177
2 Arrowsmith, George  30 Mar 1851Highworth, Wiltshire I133183
3 Arrowsmith, John  6 Oct 1828Highworth, Wiltshire I133189
4 Arrowsmith, Sarah Ann  13 Nov 1848Highworth, Wiltshire I133196
5 Arrowsmith, William  26 Aug 1856Highworth, Wiltshire I133199
6 Fisher, Sarah  11 Oct 1865Highworth, Wiltshire I133202
7 Golding, Lifely  30 Dec 1866Highworth, Wiltshire I133210
8 Goulding, Mary  26 Aug 1856Highworth, Wiltshire I133211
9 Haskins, Abijah Dwitt  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40501
10 Haskins, Arthur Henry  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40502
11 Haskins, Benjamin  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40503
12 Haskins, Francis Robert  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40504
13 Haskins, Mercy Lavinia  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40505
14 Haskins, William Bertie  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I40506
15 Howse, Edmund  19 Nov 1840Highworth, Wiltshire I22736
16 Howse, Jane  1881Highworth, Wiltshire I26823
17 Howse, Rachel  1830Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
18 Howse, Rachel  11 Oct 1865Highworth, Wiltshire I133219
19 Howse, Sarah  6 Oct 1828Highworth, Wiltshire I133220
20 Howse, Thomas  29 Sep 1800Highworth, Wiltshire I133222
21 Richens, Henry  11 Oct 1865Highworth, Wiltshire I133237
22 Richins, Joseph  1830Highworth, Wiltshire I133238
23 Unknown, Ann  29 Sep 1800Highworth, Wiltshire I133240
24 Walgrave, George  11 Oct 1865Highworth, Wiltshire I133241


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Matthews  1 Nov 1797Highworth, Wiltshire F1831
2 Weaver / House  19 Oct 1869Highworth, Wiltshire F32324