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Ilford, Essex



City/Town : Latitude: 51.5583714, Longitude: 0.0847189


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackery, Martha Lucy  Abt 1908Ilford, Essex I61469
2 Annereau, Margaret Emily  6 May 1878Ilford, Essex I87686
3 Buckingham, Clara  Abt Nov 1863Ilford, Essex I99684
4 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1827Ilford, Essex I75936
5 Golder, Alice Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1883Ilford, Essex I24949
6 Howes, Beatrice Ethel  Abt May 1910Ilford, Essex I93087
7 Howes, Grace Louisa  Abt Dec 1900Ilford, Essex I64751
8 Howes, Leslie Holland  12 Jul 1911Ilford, Essex I78649
9 Hows, Susannah Jane  Abt May 1848Ilford, Essex I17485
10 Howse, George Frederick  Abt Nov 1867Ilford, Essex I58297
11 Howse, Gertrude Alice  1 Dec 1868Ilford, Essex I58298
12 Kingsnorth, Hannah  Abt 1810Ilford, Essex I28942
13 Kracke, Frieda Emma  Jun 1904Ilford, Essex I6349
14 Martin, Emily  Abt Nov 1900Ilford, Essex I34639
15 Pain, Kathleen Mary  Abt Nov 1909Ilford, Essex I134892
16 Pain, Muriel Winefred  Abt May 1902Ilford, Essex I134893
17 Robertson, Mary Harvey  Abt 1901Ilford, Essex I52154
18 Wilson, Elizabeth  Abt 1851Ilford, Essex I9744
19 Wood, William George  27 Jul 1897Ilford, Essex I76188
20 Woolgar, George Harold  Abt Nov 1909Ilford, Essex I43055
21 Wright, Martha  Abt 1833Ilford, Essex I24641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, Kenneth William  28 Oct 2009Ilford, Essex I104748


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annereau, Margaret Emily  Abt 1878Ilford, Essex I87686
2 Buckingham, Clara  Abt 1862Ilford, Essex I99684
3 Buckingham, Clara  Abt 1863Ilford, Essex I99684
4 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1822Ilford, Essex I75936
5 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1825Ilford, Essex I75936
6 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1828Ilford, Essex I75936
7 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1831Ilford, Essex I75936
8 Golder, Alice Mary Ann  Abt 1882Ilford, Essex I24949
9 Heath, Carl Thomas  25 Jul 1912Ilford, Essex I10216
10 Howes, Beatrice Ethel  Abt 1909Ilford, Essex I93087
11 Hows, Susannah Jane  Abt 1847Ilford, Essex I17485
12 Howse, George Frederick  Abt 1867Ilford, Essex I58297
13 Howse, Gertrude Alice  Abt 1868Ilford, Essex I58298
14 Howse, Gertrude Alice  Abt 1869Ilford, Essex I58298
15 Pain, Kathleen Mary  Abt 1909Ilford, Essex I134892
16 Pain, Muriel Winefred  Abt 1901Ilford, Essex I134893
17 Robertson, Bertha  Abt 1899Ilford, Essex I52151
18 Robertson, Mary Harvey  Abt Feb 1902Ilford, Essex I52154
19 Wells, Peter James  16 Feb 1931Ilford, Essex I25744
20 Wood, William George  Abt 1897Ilford, Essex I76188
21 Woolgar, George Harold  Abt 1909Ilford, Essex I43055
22 Wright, Martha  Abt 1834Ilford, Essex I24641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wells, Sidney John  9 Dec 1930Ilford, Essex I13964


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Lunn  Abt Aug 1939Ilford, Essex F11768
2 Wells / Kracke  9 Dec 1930Ilford, Essex F2891