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Kingston, Surrey



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4206181, Longitude: -0.2955599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cole, Gladys Elizabeth  11 May 1921Kingston, Surrey I76044
2 Dell, Sarah Janet  Abt 1855Kingston, Surrey I9553
3 Dosher, Charlotte Elsie  Abt Aug 1893Kingston, Surrey I56480
4 Dosher, William  Abt Nov 1894Kingston, Surrey I56481
5 Douglass, Elizabeth  Abt 1833Kingston, Surrey I47232
6 Emms, William C  Abt 1870Kingston, Surrey I136551
7 Franklin, Adelaide Elizabeth  Abt May 1890Kingston, Surrey I99042
8 Goldring, May  Abt May 1875Kingston, Surrey I50619
9 Grant, Sidney Arthur  27 Aug 1896Kingston, Surrey I19886
10 Grimshaw, Henry  Abt Aug 1858Kingston, Surrey I101482
11 Hornden, Sarah  Abt 1829Kingston, Surrey I50481
12 House, Frederick  Abt Jun 1870Kingston, Surrey I132131
13 Howes, Ada Gertrude  8 Oct 1903Kingston, Surrey I14548
14 Howes, Anne  13 Dec 1834Kingston, Surrey I65702
15 Howes, Charles  10 Jun 1838Kingston, Surrey I91968
16 Howes, Charles George  Abt Feb 1862Kingston, Surrey I22745
17 Howes, Charles James  9 Mar 1885Kingston, Surrey I26428
18 Howes, Doris May  Abt Feb 1907Kingston, Surrey I25961
19 Howes, Edith Lorraine  5 Jan 1916Kingston, Surrey I79627
20 Howes, Eliza  16 May 1839Kingston, Surrey I65701
21 Howes, Eliza  Abt 1849Kingston, Surrey I12817
22 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1850Kingston, Surrey I9224
23 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  9 Feb 1841Kingston, Surrey I91969
24 Howes, Ellen  Abt 1837Kingston, Surrey I65700
25 Howes, Emma  16 Aug 1845Kingston, Surrey I91970
26 Howes, Emma  Abt Feb 1852Kingston, Surrey I22801
27 Howes, George  Abt 1829Kingston, Surrey I65699
28 Howes, Harriett  Abt Nov 1864Kingston, Surrey I25250
29 Howes, Henry  16 Aug 1845Kingston, Surrey I91971
30 Howes, James  29 Sep 1795Kingston, Surrey I91978
31 Howes, James  28 Oct 1820Kingston, Surrey I65704
32 Howes, James  19 Nov 1832Kingston, Surrey I20316
33 Howes, James  Abt Aug 1853Kingston, Surrey I10199
34 Howes, James  Abt May 1856Kingston, Surrey I1915
35 Howes, John  Abt Aug 1844Kingston, Surrey I21393
36 Howes, John  5 Jan 1872Kingston, Surrey I27472
37 Howes, John Henry  7 Jul 1898Kingston, Surrey I3152
38 Howes, Katie  Abt May 1890Kingston, Surrey I26992
39 Howes, Margaret Louise  Abt Feb 1891Kingston, Surrey I65436
40 Howes, Mary  Abt Aug 1858Kingston, Surrey I7352
41 Howes, Mary Ann  1 Mar 1822Kingston, Surrey I65696
42 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1860Kingston, Surrey I25629
43 Howes, Richard  25 Jan 1870Kingston, Surrey I19608
44 Howes, Richard  12 Oct 1892Kingston, Surrey I10353
45 Howes, Sarah  24 May 1819Kingston, Surrey I65703
46 Howes, Sarah  Abt Feb 1856Kingston, Surrey I8463
47 Howes, William  23 Jan 1794Kingston, Surrey I91977
48 Howes, William  11 Mar 1798Kingston, Surrey I91965
49 Howes, William  15 Sep 1824Kingston, Surrey I6697
50 Howes, William  Abt 1850Kingston, Surrey I15395

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, Rosalind Jane  2 May 1983Kingston, Surrey I81342
2 Howes, Thomas  Abt Sep 1794Kingston, Surrey I91979
3 Howes, William  Abt Jun 1794Kingston, Surrey I91977
4 Whybro, William Ernest John  Abt Mar 1972Kingston, Surrey I55942
5 Winter, Kate  13 Jan 1986Kingston, Surrey I68547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dendy, Sarah  Abt 1802Kingston, Surrey I65695
2 Dosher, Charlotte Elsie  Abt 1893Kingston, Surrey I56480
3 Dosher, William  Abt 1894Kingston, Surrey I56481
4 Duffell, Hannah  Abt 1805Kingston, Surrey I91966
5 Emms, William C  Abt 1869Kingston, Surrey I136551
6 Franklin, Adelaide Elizabeth  Abt 1890Kingston, Surrey I99042
7 Goldring, May  Abt 1875Kingston, Surrey I50619
8 Healey, Henry Edward  Abt 1877Kingston, Surrey I37430
9 Howes, Ada Gertrude  Abt 1903Kingston, Surrey I14548
10 Howes, Charles George  Abt 1861Kingston, Surrey I22745
11 Howes, Charles James  Abt 1884Kingston, Surrey I26428
12 Howes, Doris May  Abt 1906Kingston, Surrey I25961
13 Howes, Eliza  Abt 1839Kingston, Surrey I65701
14 Howes, Eliza  Abt 1841Kingston, Surrey I65701
15 Howes, Eliza  Abt 1842Kingston, Surrey I65701
16 Howes, Eliza  Abt 1857Kingston, Surrey I12817
17 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1849Kingston, Surrey I9224
18 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1850Kingston, Surrey I9224
19 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1840Kingston, Surrey I91969
20 Howes, Ellen  Abt 1835Kingston, Surrey I65700
21 Howes, Ellen  Abt 1836Kingston, Surrey I65700
22 Howes, Emma  Abt 1849Kingston, Surrey I22801
23 Howes, Emma  Abt 1850Kingston, Surrey I22801
24 Howes, Emma  Abt 1851Kingston, Surrey I22801
25 Howes, Florence Lilian  Abt 1909Kingston, Surrey I12799
26 Howes, Harriett  Abt 1864Kingston, Surrey I25250
27 Howes, Henry  Abt 1845Kingston, Surrey I91971
28 Howes, James  Abt 1832Kingston, Surrey I20316
29 Howes, James  19 Nov 1832Kingston, Surrey I36376
30 Howes, James  Abt 1833Kingston, Surrey I20316
31 Howes, James  Abt 1852Kingston, Surrey I10199
32 Howes, James  Abt 1855Kingston, Surrey I1915
33 Howes, John  Abt 1844Kingston, Surrey I21393
34 Howes, John  Abt 1870Kingston, Surrey I27472
35 Howes, John  Abt 1871Kingston, Surrey I27472
36 Howes, John Henry  Abt 1898Kingston, Surrey I3152
37 Howes, Katie  Abt 1891Kingston, Surrey I26992
38 Howes, Margaret Louise  Abt 1890Kingston, Surrey I65436
39 Howes, Mary  Abt 1847Kingston, Surrey I7352
40 Howes, Mary  Abt 1855Kingston, Surrey I7352
41 Howes, Mary  Abt 1857Kingston, Surrey I7352
42 Howes, Mary  Abt 1858Kingston, Surrey I7352
43 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1859Kingston, Surrey I25629
44 Howes, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1844Kingston, Surrey I109038
45 Howes, Olive Minnie  Abt 1908Kingston, Surrey I2770
46 Howes, Olive Minnie  12 Sep 1908Kingston, Surrey I2770
47 Howes, Richard  Abt 1869Kingston, Surrey I19608
48 Howes, Richard  Abt 1892Kingston, Surrey I10353
49 Howes, Sarah  Abt 1855Kingston, Surrey I8463
50 Howes, William  Abt 1797Kingston, Surrey I91965

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Court case

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court case    Person ID 
1 Jordan, Richard  29 Dec 1909Kingston, Surrey I148358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  2 Apr 1927Kingston, Surrey I201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allar, Elizabeth  21 Dec 1877Kingston, Surrey I65710
2 Bennett, Alfred  21 Dec 1877Kingston, Surrey I65709
3 Dendy, Sarah  27 Jun 1819Kingston, Surrey I65695
4 Dendy, Sarah  5 Apr 1822Kingston, Surrey I65695
5 Dendy, Sarah  13 Oct 1824Kingston, Surrey I65695
6 Dendy, Sarah  20 Jan 1833Kingston, Surrey I65695
7 Dendy, Sarah  15 Mar 1835Kingston, Surrey I65695
8 Dendy, Sarah  30 Jun 1839Kingston, Surrey I65695
9 Duffell, Hannah  6 Jul 1838Kingston, Surrey I91966
10 Duffell, Hannah  5 Mar 1841Kingston, Surrey I91966
11 Duffell, Hannah  2 Nov 1845Kingston, Surrey I91966
12 Grant, Sidney Arthur  Apr 1901Kingston, Surrey I19886
13 Hornden, Sarah  25 Dec 1855Kingston, Surrey I50481
14 House, Edwin  25 Dec 1855Kingston, Surrey I50483
15 Howes, James  27 Jun 1819Kingston, Surrey I65694
16 Howes, James  5 Apr 1822Kingston, Surrey I65694
17 Howes, James  13 Oct 1824Kingston, Surrey I65694
18 Howes, James  20 Jan 1833Kingston, Surrey I65694
19 Howes, James  20 Jan 1833Kingston, Surrey I36374
20 Howes, James  15 Mar 1835Kingston, Surrey I65694
21 Howes, James  30 Jun 1839Kingston, Surrey I65694
22 Howes, William  6 Jul 1838Kingston, Surrey I91965
23 Howes, William  5 Mar 1841Kingston, Surrey I91965
24 Howes, William  2 Nov 1845Kingston, Surrey I91965
25 Kemp, Walter Thomas Guy  8 Jun 1918Kingston, Surrey I69552
26 Sheffield, Sarah  20 Jan 1833Kingston, Surrey I36375


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dodson / Dennis  Abt Dec 1919Kingston, Surrey F16222
2 Sapey / Howes  Abt May 1883Kingston, Surrey F8401