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Leicester, Leicestershire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.6294021, Longitude: -1.1350726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Worth, Bertram William  27 May 1916Leicester, Leicestershire I72264
2 Willson, Sarah  Abt 1822Leicester, Leicestershire I72262
3 Williamson, Mabel Ellen  Abt Nov 1893Leicester, Leicestershire I72136
4 Williamson, Leonard Ernest  30 Jun 1897Leicester, Leicestershire I72135
5 Unknown, Mary Ann  Abt 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I12036
6 Taylor, Edward James  Abt Feb 1864Leicester, Leicestershire I34924
7 Storer, William  Abt 1836Leicester, Leicestershire I72132
8 Stone, Eliza  Abt 1822Leicester, Leicestershire I29789
9 Smith, Robert Charles  Abt 1876Leicester, Leicestershire I72131
10 Sheffield, Mabel Kate  Abt 1875Leicester, Leicestershire I44208
11 Reilly, Elizabeth Harriet  Abt 1889Leicester, Leicestershire I52744
12 Redhouse, Mary Ann  Abt 1825Leicester, Leicestershire I72128
13 Read, Sarah  Abt Feb 1844Leicester, Leicestershire I13833
14 Read, Mary Maud  Abt Aug 1874Leicester, Leicestershire I1716
15 Read, Mary Howes  Abt 1825Leicester, Leicestershire I7946
16 Read, Margaret Helen  Abt Aug 1893Leicester, Leicestershire I19653
17 Read, Lily Louise  Abt May 1881Leicester, Leicestershire I15142
18 Read, John William  18 Sep 1877Leicester, Leicestershire I28544
19 Read, George William  Abt Aug 1895Leicester, Leicestershire I282
20 Read, Frederick William  Abt May 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I27503
21 Read, Frederick  Abt Nov 1850Leicester, Leicestershire I19519
22 Read, Florence Jessie  Abt Feb 1885Leicester, Leicestershire I29272
23 Read, Florence Alice  Abt Jan 1891Leicester, Leicestershire I8215
24 Read, Ernest A  Abt 1879Leicester, Leicestershire I17797
25 Read, Elizabeth Maud  Abt May 1878Leicester, Leicestershire I2224
26 Read, Eliza  Abt Feb 1867Leicester, Leicestershire I2086
27 Read, Edwin  Abt 1828Leicester, Leicestershire I10855
28 Read, Edith Fanny  Abt Aug 1882Leicester, Leicestershire I2792
29 Read, Charlotte Sarah  Abt 1827Leicester, Leicestershire I11504
30 Read, Charlotte Ellen  Abt Feb 1889Leicester, Leicestershire I1301
31 Read, Charles  Abt Nov 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I18761
32 Read, Beatrice V  Abt Nov 1889Leicester, Leicestershire I5459
33 Read, Arthur George  Abt Aug 1850Leicester, Leicestershire I14716
34 Read, Archibald  Abt Dec 1890Leicester, Leicestershire I335
35 Read, Annie Rebecca  Abt 1886Leicester, Leicestershire I14762
36 Perry, Julia  Abt 1846Leicester, Leicestershire I43944
37 Parsons, Abigail  Mar 1873Leicester, Leicestershire I26153
38 Paling, Annie  31 Mar 1874Leicester, Leicestershire I62897
39 Norton, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1875Leicester, Leicestershire I72124
40 North, Edith Isabel  28 Jan 1905Leicester, Leicestershire I72254
41 Nicol, Rosina Emma  Abt May 1880Leicester, Leicestershire I79599
42 Mellor, Joan Trevena  25 Aug 1918Leicester, Leicestershire I29723
43 Measures, Harold  14 May 1898Leicester, Leicestershire I72122
44 Lapworth, John Lee  Abt Nov 1877Leicester, Leicestershire I72121
45 Jarvis, Walter  Abt 1872Leicester, Leicestershire I6846
46 Jarvis, Charles William  Abt 1865Leicester, Leicestershire I1296
47 Hurd, Mary  4 Jun 1884Leicester, Leicestershire I72118
48 Howes, William Ernest  28 Jun 1872Leicester, Leicestershire I64637
49 Howes, William  Abt Nov 1892Leicester, Leicestershire I72115
50 Howes, William  7 Dec 1872Leicester, Leicestershire I72116

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 West, Mary  Abt May 1873Leicester, Leicestershire I6446
2 Read, Frederick  Abt Aug 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I6745
3 Read, Charles Snelgrove  Abt Aug 1882Leicester, Leicestershire I27901
4 Howse, Lilian Nella  14 Jan 1995Leicester, Leicestershire I105582
5 Howes, William Ernest  30 Oct 1872Leicester, Leicestershire I64637
6 Howes, William  17 Apr 1840Leicester, Leicestershire I72248
7 Howes, Lavinia  9 Apr 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I72230
8 Howes, John Dorian  23 Feb 2011Leicester, Leicestershire I72228
9 Howes, Jane  4 Aug 1845Leicester, Leicestershire I72226
10 Howes, Isaac  15 May 1881Leicester, Leicestershire I72096
11 Howes, Horace  7 Dec 1892Leicester, Leicestershire I116240
12 Howes, Harold Albert  16 Jun 1976Leicester, Leicestershire I13233
13 Howes, Ernest  14 Sep 1890Leicester, Leicestershire I116239
14 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  14 Dec 1959Leicester, Leicestershire I72079
15 Howes, Anne  3 Aug 1880Leicester, Leicestershire I116238
16 Glover, Rebecca  Abt Aug 1898Leicester, Leicestershire I2895
17 Cowley, Eliza  Abt Feb 1919Leicester, Leicestershire I28392
18 Carvell, Henry George  Jun 1872Leicester, Leicestershire I27232
19 Carvell, George Harry  Dec 1892Leicester, Leicestershire I22156
20 Carvell, George  Mar 1898Leicester, Leicestershire I12962
21 Browne, Ruby Iris  20 Feb 2006Leicester, Leicestershire I17775
22 Browne, Greville James  Jan 2004Leicester, Leicestershire I27039
23 Braisby, Ann  29 Aug 1924Leicester, Leicestershire I72054
24 Borland, Walter John  20 Jun 1980Leicester, Leicestershire I105593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Williamson, Olive Alice  Abt 1902Leicester, Leicestershire I72137
2 Williamson, Mabel Ellen  Abt 1893Leicester, Leicestershire I72136
3 Williamson, Leonard Ernest  Abt 1897Leicester, Leicestershire I72135
4 Taylor, Edward James  Abt 1863Leicester, Leicestershire I34924
5 Simpson, Ada Mary  Abt 1880Leicester, Leicestershire I58378
6 Simpson, Ada Mary  Abt 1879Leicester, Leicestershire I58378
7 Read, William  Abt 1857Leicester, Leicestershire I13928
8 Read, Sarah  Abt 1843Leicester, Leicestershire I13833
9 Read, Mary Maud  Abt 1874Leicester, Leicestershire I1716
10 Read, Mary Howes  Abt 1829Leicester, Leicestershire I7946
11 Read, Lily Louise  Abt 1881Leicester, Leicestershire I15142
12 Read, John William  Abt Nov 1877Leicester, Leicestershire I28544
13 Read, John David  Abt 1896Leicester, Leicestershire I2012
14 Read, George William  Abt 1895Leicester, Leicestershire I282
15 Read, Frederick William  Abt 1852Leicester, Leicestershire I27503
16 Read, Frederick William  Abt 1851Leicester, Leicestershire I27503
17 Read, Frederick  Abt 1849Leicester, Leicestershire I19519
18 Read, Florence Jessie  Abt 1884Leicester, Leicestershire I29272
19 Read, Florence Alice  9 Feb 1891Leicester, Leicestershire I8215
20 Read, Ernest A  Abt Feb 1880Leicester, Leicestershire I17797
21 Read, Elizabeth Maud  Abt 1878Leicester, Leicestershire I2224
22 Read, Eliza  Abt 1866Leicester, Leicestershire I2086
23 Read, Edwin  1830Leicester, Leicestershire I10855
24 Read, Edwin  Abt 1829Leicester, Leicestershire I10855
25 Read, Edith Fanny  Abt 1882Leicester, Leicestershire I2792
26 Read, Cornelius MnNeal  Abt 1856Leicester, Leicestershire I16885
27 Read, Charlotte Sarah  Abt 1831Leicester, Leicestershire I11504
28 Read, Charlotte Ellen  Abt 1888Leicester, Leicestershire I1301
29 Read, Charles Snelgrove  Abt 1820Leicester, Leicestershire I27901
30 Read, Charles Snelgrove  Abt 1819Leicester, Leicestershire I27901
31 Read, Charles  Abt 1853Leicester, Leicestershire I18761
32 Read, Betsy  Abt 1847Leicester, Leicestershire I20018
33 Read, Betsy  Abt 1845Leicester, Leicestershire I20018
34 Read, Beatrice V  Abt 1889Leicester, Leicestershire I5459
35 Read, Arthur George  Abt 1850Leicester, Leicestershire I14716
36 Read, Arthur George  Abt 1849Leicester, Leicestershire I14716
37 Read, Arthur George  Abt 1820Leicester, Leicestershire I2548
38 Read, Archibald  Abt 1890Leicester, Leicestershire I335
39 Read, Annie Rebecca  Abt May 1886Leicester, Leicestershire I14762
40 Palmer, Thomas Edwin  Abt Aug 1870Leicester, Leicestershire I24814
41 Paling, Annie  Abt 1875Leicester, Leicestershire I62897
42 Paling, Annie  Abt 1873Leicester, Leicestershire I62897
43 Norton, Elizabeth  Abt 1874Leicester, Leicestershire I72124
44 Norton, Elizabeth  Abt 1873Leicester, Leicestershire I72124
45 North, Edith Isabel  Abt 1904Leicester, Leicestershire I72254
46 Nicol, Rosina Emma  Abt 1881Leicester, Leicestershire I79599
47 Lapworth, John Lee  Abt 1878Leicester, Leicestershire I72121
48 Kenney, Elizabeth  Abt 1871Leicester, Leicestershire I72253
49 Jarvis, Sarah A  Abt 1875Leicester, Leicestershire I24287
50 Hurd, Mary  Abt 1884Leicester, Leicestershire I72118

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Westley, Harold  21 Feb 1950Leicester, Leicestershire I46539
2 Trevor, George W  5 Jun 1956Leicester, Leicestershire I147650
3 Tedds, Joseph  15 Jan 1960Leicester, Leicestershire I92500
4 Howes, William Thomas  15 Jun 1956Leicester, Leicestershire I53584
5 Howes, Mary  10 Jan 1900Leicester, Leicestershire I82491
6 Howes, John Stanley  14 Aug 1944Leicester, Leicestershire I76121
7 Howes, Harry  16 Apr 1946Leicester, Leicestershire I72088
8 Howes, Frederick Rich  16 Feb 1910Leicester, Leicestershire I5516
9 Howes, Frank Albert  1 Feb 1966Leicester, Leicestershire I66684
10 Howes, Clara  13 Sep 1965Leicester, Leicestershire I72074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, William  1901Leicester, Leicestershire I72115
2 Howes, Arthur William  27 Sep 1943Leicester, Leicestershire I49390
3 Billington, Isabella  27 Sep 1943Leicester, Leicestershire I64861


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Read / Tyers  Abt Nov 1853Leicester, Leicestershire F6280
2 Read / Stone  Abt Nov 1843Leicester, Leicestershire F9615
3 Read / Glover  Abt Aug 1874Leicester, Leicestershire F1905
4 Read / Cooper  Abt Feb 1850Leicester, Leicestershire F7775
5 Read / Chesterton  Abt Nov 1874Leicester, Leicestershire F7700
6 Moore-Read / Browne  1941Leicester, Leicestershire F6147
7 Jarvis / Read  Abt Feb 1865Leicester, Leicestershire F5042
8 Howes / Kench  Abt Nov 1873Leicester, Leicestershire F20558
9 Colman / Marvin  Abt Aug 1884Leicester, Leicestershire F1780
10 Carvell / Parsons  Sep 1894Leicester, Leicestershire F8535
11 Birks / Carvell  Dec 1888Leicester, Leicestershire F8027


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Kenney  Abt Aug 1898Leicester, Leicestershire F20559