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Luton RD, Bedfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.055195, Longitude: -0.4093365


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buckingham, Florence M L  3 Jun 1910Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61059
2 Farnham, Ruth  Abt Feb 1908Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61073
3 Foxen, Harold Leslie  Abt Nov 1909Luton RD, Bedfordshire I36886
4 Haines, Laura  Abt Aug 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103059
5 House, Michael J  Abt Nov 1944Luton RD, Bedfordshire I77846
6 House, Thomas  30 Apr 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I41205
7 House, William Henry Purkis  Abt Feb 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire I117012
8 Howes, Albert  Abt Aug 1854Luton RD, Bedfordshire I123971
9 Howes, Aubrey William  9 Mar 1924Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103084
10 Howes, Bernard C A  Abt Feb 1922Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103181
11 Howes, Dorothy Ada S  14 Oct 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire I76119
12 Howes, Douglas  7 Mar 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103079
13 Howes, Douglas  5 Apr 1941Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103081
14 Howes, Freda E A  31 Dec 1922Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103083
15 Howes, Gladys  Abt Feb 1912Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66232
16 Howes, Gracie G  Abt May 1915Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66233
17 Howes, Handel Mozart  Abt Feb 1865Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72000
18 Howes, Hilda M  Abt Feb 1919Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66234
19 Howes, Leslie Arthur  23 Jul 1911Luton RD, Bedfordshire I76118
20 Howes, Mary Ann Foster  Abt Aug 1844Luton RD, Bedfordshire I93854
21 Howes, Michael Frederick  6 Apr 1934Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103182
22 Howes, Philip James  29 May 1939Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103074
23 Howes, Ralph Mendelssohn  Abt Nov 1862Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72001
24 Howes, Stuart Campbell  Abt Nov 1943Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103076
25 Howes, Vera G  Abt Nov 1919Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103180
26 Humphries, Bert  Abt Feb 1914Luton RD, Bedfordshire I75237
27 Hyatt, Patricia  11 Mar 1926Luton RD, Bedfordshire I116474
28 Mannings, Jack Stewart  24 Mar 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I79222
29 Randall, Lillie Lizzie  29 Aug 1899Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103082
30 Scales, Eleanor A  Abt Nov 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110115
31 Seaward, Muriel Lililan  Abt May 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I77844
32 Varnam, Frederick Leslie  Abt Nov 1923Luton RD, Bedfordshire I94850
33 Ward, Dorothy L K  Abt May 1911Luton RD, Bedfordshire I43581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barwick, Daisy  Abt Nov 1943Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110112
2 Bowser, Bertram John  Abt Feb 1967Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71007
3 Buckingham, Florence M L  Abt Aug 1983Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61059
4 Callow, Horace Frederick  Abt Nov 1984Luton RD, Bedfordshire I109557
5 Cartwright, Florence May  Abt Aug 1935Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72004
6 Clarke, Caroline  Abt May 1921Luton RD, Bedfordshire I64950
7 Coles, Doris Isabel  Abt Jun 2001Luton RD, Bedfordshire I130136
8 Conduit, Lilian Harriet  Abt Nov 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire I43395
9 Deeley, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Nov 1937Luton RD, Bedfordshire I83918
10 Fettes, May Olive A  Abt Nov 1942Luton RD, Bedfordshire I83940
11 Foll, Charlotte  Abt May 1862Luton RD, Bedfordshire I5710
12 Haines, Laura  Abt Nov 1951Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103059
13 Harris, Annie Mary  Abt Feb 1937Luton RD, Bedfordshire I1234
14 Hobbs, James Edward  Abt Feb 1953Luton RD, Bedfordshire I69857
15 House, Catherine May  Abt Jun 1986Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71040
16 House, Charles Leonard  Abt Nov 1964Luton RD, Bedfordshire I49496
17 House, Doanld Arthur Constantine Pannett  Abt Nov 2001Luton RD, Bedfordshire I59873
18 House, Francis Robert  Abt May 1951Luton RD, Bedfordshire I32136
19 House, Henry Horace  Abt Nov 1973Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72803
20 House, Herbert  Abt May 1956Luton RD, Bedfordshire I83923
21 House, Louise Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1985Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72813
22 House, Reginald Leonard  Abt Apr 1997Luton RD, Bedfordshire I116471
23 House, Thomas  Abt May 1935Luton RD, Bedfordshire I5972
24 House, Wilfred James  Abt May 1981Luton RD, Bedfordshire I79466
25 House, William  Abt Aug 1921Luton RD, Bedfordshire I34118
26 House, William Henry Purkis  Abt Feb 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire I117012
27 Howe, Eric William H  Abt Nov 1975Luton RD, Bedfordshire I59947
28 Howes, Albert Fred Morris  Abt Jun 1986Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61079
29 Howes, Arthur Frederick  Abt Nov 1971Luton RD, Bedfordshire I26094
30 Howes, Austin Hubert  Abt Feb 1945Luton RD, Bedfordshire I9417
31 Howes, Caroline  Abt Feb 1954Luton RD, Bedfordshire I28031
32 Howes, Charles Norman  Abt May 1930Luton RD, Bedfordshire I8931
33 Howes, Daisy  Abt Aug 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66236
34 Howes, Dorothy Georgina  Abt Mar 1988Luton RD, Bedfordshire I132114
35 Howes, Douglas  Abt Feb 1985Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103079
36 Howes, Ebenezer  Abt Nov 1853Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71995
37 Howes, Ernest Haydn  Abt Nov 1878Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71997
38 Howes, Frederick William  Abt Nov 1932Luton RD, Bedfordshire I13969
39 Howes, George Stanley Herbert  Abt Aug 1939Luton RD, Bedfordshire I102944
40 Howes, Gladys  Abt Feb 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66232
41 Howes, Gracie G  Abt Aug 1915Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66233
42 Howes, Handel Mozart  Abt May 1866Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72000
43 Howes, Henry  Abt Feb 1921Luton RD, Bedfordshire I25207
44 Howes, James  Abt May 1910Luton RD, Bedfordshire I64949
45 Howes, Kathleen May  Abt Aug 1991Luton RD, Bedfordshire I11817
46 Howes, Kenneth Vivian Morris  Abt Aug 1964Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61117
47 Howes, Louisa Eliza  Abt Nov 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110109
48 Howes, Mary Ann Foster  Abt Feb 1845Luton RD, Bedfordshire I93854
49 Howes, Philip James  Abt May 1997Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103074
50 Howes, Phyllis Hilda May  Abt May 1998Luton RD, Bedfordshire I37148

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blencowe, Arthur William  Abt May 1841Luton RD, Bedfordshire I89421
2 Buckingham, Florence M L  Abt Aug 1910Luton RD, Bedfordshire I61059
3 Cartwright, Clara Hilda Beatrice  Abt May 1884Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72005
4 Cartwright, Florence May  Abt Feb 1883Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72004
5 Cartwright, Ralph  Abt Feb 1890Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72007
6 Cartwright, Thomas Percy Hayden  Abt May 1889Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72006
7 Claridge, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1878Luton RD, Bedfordshire I50864
8 Cox, Sarah  Abt Nov 1857Luton RD, Bedfordshire I47745
9 Cutler, Emily  Abt Nov 1871Luton RD, Bedfordshire I37968
10 Hillsden, Alice Lillie  Abt Aug 1877Luton RD, Bedfordshire I42911
11 Hillsden, Rosa Violet  Abt Feb 1876Luton RD, Bedfordshire I42912
12 House, Lilian Elsie Mabel  Abt Nov 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire I39724
13 House, Thomas  Abt May 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I41205
14 House, Vernon Howard Purkis  Abt Feb 1907Luton RD, Bedfordshire I5884
15 House, William Edwin  Abt May 1907Luton RD, Bedfordshire I39727
16 House, William Raymond  Abt Feb 1900Luton RD, Bedfordshire I37935
17 How, Emma Jane  Abt Nov 1868Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110221
18 How, Mary  Abt Nov 1865Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110220
19 Howes, Alice Ann  Abt Aug 1865Luton RD, Bedfordshire I16925
20 Howes, Aubrey William  Abt May 1924Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103084
21 Howes, Caroline  Abt Nov 1873Luton RD, Bedfordshire I28031
22 Howes, Charles  Abt Nov 1859Luton RD, Bedfordshire I110216
23 Howes, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1849Luton RD, Bedfordshire I24184
24 Howes, Clara Laurie  Abt Nov 1856Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71998
25 Howes, Daisy  Abt May 1901Luton RD, Bedfordshire I66236
26 Howes, Doris May  Abt Nov 1900Luton RD, Bedfordshire I14422
27 Howes, Dorothy Ada S  Abt Nov 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire I76119
28 Howes, Douglas  Abt May 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103079
29 Howes, Douglas  Abt May 1941Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103081
30 Howes, Edith  Abt Feb 1888Luton RD, Bedfordshire I17464
31 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1837Luton RD, Bedfordshire I93850
32 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1851Luton RD, Bedfordshire I21766
33 Howes, Ernest Haydn  Abt Feb 1860Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71997
34 Howes, Fanny  Abt Aug 1853Luton RD, Bedfordshire I10134
35 Howes, Frances Gertrude Minnie  Abt Nov 1900Luton RD, Bedfordshire I28527
36 Howes, Freda E A  Abt Feb 1923Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103083
37 Howes, George  Abt Aug 1878Luton RD, Bedfordshire I13170
38 Howes, Henry  Abt Nov 1875Luton RD, Bedfordshire I25207
39 Howes, Henry  Abt Aug 1904Luton RD, Bedfordshire I28315
40 Howes, James William  Abt Aug 1865Luton RD, Bedfordshire I64951
41 Howes, Jane  Abt Aug 1840Luton RD, Bedfordshire I93851
42 Howes, Jane  Abt Nov 1859Luton RD, Bedfordshire I21436
43 Howes, John  Abt Aug 1868Luton RD, Bedfordshire I15007
44 Howes, Laurie Frederick John  Abt Feb 1896Luton RD, Bedfordshire I26223
45 Howes, Leslie Arthur  Abt Aug 1911Luton RD, Bedfordshire I76118
46 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1844Luton RD, Bedfordshire I19435
47 Howes, Michael Frederick  Abt May 1934Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103182
48 Howes, Millie  Abt Feb 1884Luton RD, Bedfordshire I75240
49 Howes, Philip James  Abt May 1939Luton RD, Bedfordshire I103074
50 Howes, Ralph Mendelssohn  Abt May 1867Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71999

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cartwright, Thomas  Abt Nov 1922Luton RD, Bedfordshire I72003
2 Heritage, Clara Gladys  Abt Oct 1990Luton RD, Bedfordshire I137706
3 Howes, Caleb  Abt May 1890Luton RD, Bedfordshire I31121
4 Howes, Clara Laurie  Abt Feb 1944Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71998
5 Howes, Hannah  Abt May 1960Luton RD, Bedfordshire I19782
6 Lloyd, Joyce Tydfil  Nov 2002Luton RD, Bedfordshire I147582
7 Mustill, Priscilla  Abt Feb 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire I71996


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cartwright / Howes  Abt Aug 1881Luton RD, Bedfordshire F20493
2 Cartwright / Lowe  Abt Feb 1913Luton RD, Bedfordshire F37495
3 Dyer / Chapman  Abt Nov 1921Luton RD, Bedfordshire F1986
4 Fortin / Howes  Abt Aug 1899Luton RD, Bedfordshire F28592
5 Hillsden / Howse  Abt Feb 1875Luton RD, Bedfordshire F14976
6 House / Cutler  Abt May 1899Luton RD, Bedfordshire F11777
7 House / Elliott  Abt Nov 1948Luton RD, Bedfordshire F31696
8 House / Fettes  Abt May 1934Luton RD, Bedfordshire F23983
9 House / Hyatt  Abt Nov 1947Luton RD, Bedfordshire F35059
10 House / Seaward  Abt Feb 1941Luton RD, Bedfordshire F22015
11 House / Stride  Abt Aug 1919Luton RD, Bedfordshire F27664
12 House / Watts  Abt Nov 1919Luton RD, Bedfordshire F23984
13 Howes / Baker  Abt Nov 1918Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30470
14 Howes / Buckingham  Abt Aug 1931Luton RD, Bedfordshire F17701
15 Howes / Carruthers  Abt Nov 1886Luton RD, Bedfordshire F3700
16 Howes / Clarke  Abt May 1865Luton RD, Bedfordshire F18775
17 Howes / Darnell  Abt May 1884Luton RD, Bedfordshire F28591
18 Howes / Day  Abt Feb 1904Luton RD, Bedfordshire F20494
19 Howes / Farnham  Abt Feb 1930Luton RD, Bedfordshire F17708
20 Howes / Haines  Abt Nov 1938Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30432
21 Howes / Higgs  Abt May 1936Luton RD, Bedfordshire F19968
22 Howes / Hunt  Abt Nov 1910Luton RD, Bedfordshire F7199
23 Howes / Knight  Abt May 1905Luton RD, Bedfordshire F22899
24 Howes / Pyper  Abt Aug 1934Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30436
25 Howes / Randall  Abt Aug 1921Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30440
26 Howes / Reeve  Abt May 1940Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30439
27 Howes / Tompkins  Abt May 1928Luton RD, Bedfordshire F17731
28 Jones / Howes  Abt Aug 1887Luton RD, Bedfordshire F5900
29 Kennett / Harrod  Abt Feb 1940Luton RD, Bedfordshire F36720
30 Lovell / Cartwright  Abt Nov 1910Luton RD, Bedfordshire F37493
31 Murray / Howes  Abt Nov 1944Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30471
32 Parsons / Unknown  Abt Feb 1851Luton RD, Bedfordshire F27319
33 Rees / Jenkins  Abt Aug 1941Luton RD, Bedfordshire F31330
34 Rennie / Howes  Abt Aug 1937Luton RD, Bedfordshire F30397
35 Robinson / Buckingham  Abt Feb 1976Luton RD, Bedfordshire F17702
36 Scales / Barwick  Abt Aug 1899Luton RD, Bedfordshire F32921
37 Scales / Howes  Abt Feb 1876Luton RD, Bedfordshire F32920
38 Tanner / Ward  Abt Aug 1935Luton RD, Bedfordshire F13248
39 Twidell / Howes  Abt Nov 1866Luton RD, Bedfordshire F6654
40 Wing / Howes  Abt Nov 1928Luton RD, Bedfordshire F17723