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Michigan, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 45.0029235, Longitude: -86.2793275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akin, Howard E  29 Aug 1897Michigan, USA I114215
2 Andrus, Blanche  Abt 1894Michigan, USA I73159
3 Apsey, Byrde Hazel  Abt 1900Michigan, USA I65113
4 Apsey, Edna Rose  Aug 1894Michigan, USA I65110
5 Apsey, Ernest George  Dec 1897Michigan, USA I65112
6 Apsey, Glenn I  Apr 1891Michigan, USA I65109
7 Apsey, Grace Mary  Abt 1903Michigan, USA I65114
8 Apsey, Isa Amber  Nov 1885Michigan, USA I65107
9 Apsey, James R  Oct 1887Michigan, USA I65108
10 Apsey, Lottie May  Jul 1883Michigan, USA I65106
11 Apsey, Milford McKinley  Jul 1896Michigan, USA I65111
12 Atyeo, Henry C  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I86521
13 Atyeo, Irvin H  Dec 1893Michigan, USA I86520
14 Atyeo, Oliver C  Mar 1857Michigan, USA I86517
15 Atyeo, Reginald  May 1891Michigan, USA I86519
16 Atyeo, William  Abt 1852Michigan, USA I86523
17 Batey, Irene  Aug 1893Michigan, USA I113374
18 Bennett, Guila M  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I120485
19 Bety, Philip  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I135012
20 Boucher, Hector  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I65278
21 Bradley, Grant W  24 Mar 1895Michigan, USA I115217
22 Brimmer, Estella E  18 Jul 1864Michigan, USA I120463
23 Brown, Flossie Mae  1 Nov 1884Michigan, USA I60586
24 Burnett, Anna M  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I89248
25 Burnett, Edgar H  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I89249
26 Burnett, Harold H  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I89244
27 Burnett, Hattie  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I89245
28 Burnett, Lloyd A  Abt 1900Michigan, USA I89246
29 Burnett, Mary N  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I89247
30 Corey, Gilbert H  1875Michigan, USA I115365
31 Courier, Peter  Abt 1899Michigan, USA I96601
32 Craft, Frank Marian  6 Apr 1870Michigan, USA I73225
33 Crawford, Rena Jane  Nov 1873Michigan, USA I134013
34 Downing, Jennie  Abt 1847Michigan, USA I120465
35 Emig, Irene  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I120480
36 Emig, Nadine  Apr 1895Michigan, USA I120481
37 Ervin, Agnes  Abt 1899Michigan, USA I115445
38 Fay, Stanley  Abt 1909Michigan, USA I89267
39 Flegel, Goldie  Abt Jul 1919Michigan, USA I74426
40 Fowler, Dorothy Geraldine  24 Oct 1905Michigan, USA I50411
41 Fry, Florence Elizabeth  13 Sep 1898Michigan, USA I26894
42 Gifford, Claude  Jan 1872Michigan, USA I120491
43 Gifford, William  Jul 1875Michigan, USA I120492
44 Gregory, Ross Stephen  2 Apr 1926Michigan, USA I65193
45 Haas, Anna Mae  Abt 1912Michigan, USA I156832
46 Haas, Benjamin Borton  17 Nov 1876Michigan, USA I156802
47 Haas, Vada L  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I156831
48 Haas, Velma Esther  Abt Oct 1908Michigan, USA I156803
49 Hafer, Milon L  Abt 1921Michigan, USA I115630
50 Hafer, Roy jr  27 Oct 1917Michigan, USA I115629

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Apsey, Delbert D  Dec 1964Michigan, USA I65105
2 Bechdolt, Ruth Ann  23 Jun 2015Michigan, USA I115596
3 Benedict, Sally  1841Michigan, USA I11799
4 Bennett, Jeannette  9 Apr 1886Michigan, USA I114922
5 Brown, Flossie Mae  12 Nov 1970Michigan, USA I60586
6 Holborn, James  Bef 1901Michigan, USA I65235
7 House, Dale  17 Jun 2008Michigan, USA I115521
8 House, Ernest  Michigan, USA I119691
9 House, George Jesse  15 Feb 1965Michigan, USA I58331
10 House, Hazel M  1986Michigan, USA I74436
11 House, Rebecca Jane  1933Michigan, USA I65290
12 Howard, Ida M  13 Jan 1927Michigan, USA I152998
13 Howes, Nina Renee  3 Jan 2010Michigan, USA I120411
14 Howes, Peter Bennett  4 May 1865Michigan, USA I120434
15 Howes, Robert  3 Nov 1887Michigan, USA I47409
16 Howes, Thomas  13 Jun 1916Michigan, USA I152988
17 Howse, James Lloyd  Abt 1916Michigan, USA I65253
18 Johnson, Bruce  Bef 2014Michigan, USA I115575
19 Johnson, Carrie A  4 Sep 1960Michigan, USA I115184
20 Lince, Frederick James  Michigan, USA I15594
21 Lumley, Elmer Albert  27 Jun 1959Michigan, USA I60585
22 Potter, Kenneth Monroe  19 Aug 1962Michigan, USA I156806
23 Ruben, Paul Stanley  7 Dec 1999Michigan, USA I127628
24 Uff, Avice  1888Michigan, USA I152989
25 Unknown, Nancy  1880Michigan, USA I65091
26 Whitney, Nellie Jane  27 Nov 1964Michigan, USA I148478
27 Woodard, Gerald Frederick  29 Apr 1989Michigan, USA I115388


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howes, Flora E  Abt Jan 1873Michigan, USA I27972


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akin, Howard E  Abt 1896Michigan, USA I114215
2 Apsey, Delbert D  Jun 1881Michigan, USA I65105
3 Apsey, Edna Rose  Abt 1894Michigan, USA I65110
4 Apsey, Ernest George  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I65112
5 Apsey, Isa Amber  1885Michigan, USA I65107
6 Apsey, Milford McKinley  Abt 1896Michigan, USA I65111
7 Atyeo, Irvin H  Abt 1893Michigan, USA I86520
8 Atyeo, Oliver C  Abt 1856Michigan, USA I86517
9 Atyeo, Oliver C  Abt 1857Michigan, USA I86517
10 Atyeo, Reginald  Abt 1891Michigan, USA I86519
11 Batey, Irene  Abt 1893Michigan, USA I113374
12 Bechdolt, Ruth Ann  Abt 1937Michigan, USA I115596
13 Bellinger, Lena Mae  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I115448
14 Bellinger, Lena Mae  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I115448
15 Belz, Carl  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I89253
16 Beracy, Celia  Abt 1919Michigan, USA I152948
17 Bowling, Jerrold  Abt 1908Michigan, USA I120404
18 Brimmer, Estella E  Abt 1864Michigan, USA I120463
19 Brimmer, Estella E  Jul 1864Michigan, USA I120463
20 Brown, Flossie Mae  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I60586
21 Burnett, Anna M  1906Michigan, USA I89248
22 Burnett, Edgar H  1906Michigan, USA I89249
23 Burnett, Edgar H  1909Michigan, USA I89249
24 Burnett, Harold H  1898Michigan, USA I89244
25 Burnett, Hattie  1899Michigan, USA I89245
26 Burnett, Henry Edgar  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I89243
27 Burnett, Lloyd A  1901Michigan, USA I89246
28 Burnett, Mary N  1903Michigan, USA I89247
29 Campbell, Winifred F  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I134018
30 Campbell, Winifred F  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I134018
31 Carlson, Erma Yvonne  Abt 1918Michigan, USA I74409
32 Catob, Gertrude Caroline  Abt 1916Michigan, USA I65227
33 Cloud, Clara A  Abt 1878Michigan, USA I113366
34 Cloud, Clara A  Oct 1878Michigan, USA I113366
35 Craft, Frank Marian  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I73225
36 Craft, Frank Marian  Abt 1870Michigan, USA I73225
37 Crawford, Rena Jane  Abt 1873Michigan, USA I134013
38 Crawford, Rena Jane  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I134013
39 Crawford, Rena Jane  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I134013
40 Cunningham, Norma C  Abt 1904Michigan, USA I89261
41 Downing, Jennie  Michigan, USA I120465
42 Emig, Gillmore  Abt 1869Michigan, USA I120478
43 Emig, Gillmore  Abt 1870Michigan, USA I120478
44 Emig, Gillmore  Mar 1870Michigan, USA I120478
45 Emig, Nadine  Abt 1894Michigan, USA I120481
46 Endrick, Matilda  15 Apr 1870Michigan, USA I152979
47 Flegel, Zella Berdella  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I152967
48 Flegel, Zella Berdella  Abt 1914Michigan, USA I152967
49 Gunn, Glenora I  Abt 1916Michigan, USA I73160
50 Haas, Anna Mae  Abt 1913Michigan, USA I156832

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hamilton, Hazel Gail  1939Michigan, USA I73141
2 House, Mary E  Aug 1987Michigan, USA I74446
3 Howes, Robert Walter  Oct 1983Michigan, USA I120376
4 Howes, Russell B  2 Nov 2011Michigan, USA I73139
5 Howse, Martha M  9 Dec 1929Michigan, USA I128922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Apsey, Ernest George  1 Jun 1900Michigan, USA I65112
2 House, Sarah  Michigan, USA I73734
3 Howes, Leonard Reuben  Abt 1957Michigan, USA I72438


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fink / Haas  Jun 1940Michigan, USA F47704
2 Howes / Studt  18 Feb 1978Michigan, USA F47693
3 Marble / Howse  Bef 1947Michigan, USA F18841