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New Jersey, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.1403655, Longitude: -74.7325665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blaicher, Herbert Edward  27 Nov 1898New Jersey, USA I23769
2 Callahan, Lucy  Abt 1878New Jersey, USA I95819
3 Cantrill, Susan  1814New Jersey, USA I121963
4 Chamberlain, Charles  Jun 1903New Jersey, USA I21762
5 Chamberlain, Emily  Jul 1905New Jersey, USA I7748
6 Chamberlain, Eva  1902New Jersey, USA I8939
7 Cox, Charlotte M  Abt 1901New Jersey, USA I108774
8 Cox, Delmar Bert  21 Feb 1912New Jersey, USA I108770
9 Crowell, Elizabeth C  May 1856New Jersey, USA I90038
10 Fromm, Anna  Abt 1884New Jersey, USA I167103
11 Hager, Hazel  Abt 1918New Jersey, USA I108773
12 Harvey, Martha E  Abt 1911New Jersey, USA I97981
13 House, Jennie Lynn  18 Oct 1850New Jersey, USA I59556
14 House, Mary Winefred  10 Apr 1848New Jersey, USA I59555
15 House, Rose E  May 1865New Jersey, USA I63648
16 House, Teresa L  Abt 1851New Jersey, USA I63790
17 Howes, Annie  Abt 1898New Jersey, USA I164017
18 Howes, Emma  Abt 1902New Jersey, USA I164019
19 Howes, Evelyn  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA I101431
20 Howes, Florence L  Abt 1913New Jersey, USA I101430
21 Howes, Gordon T  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA I98944
22 Howes, John C  Abt 1876New Jersey, USA I95818
23 Howes, Maize  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA I164018
24 Howes, Marcus J  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I10351
25 Howes, Marjorie J  Abt May 1925New Jersey, USA I124964
26 Howes, May Katrina  25 May 1907New Jersey, USA I28911
27 Howes, Richard  Mar 1872New Jersey, USA I164012
28 Howes, Thomas  Dec 1874New Jersey, USA I164016
29 Kessler, John  Between 1928 and 1935New Jersey, USA I2706
30 Kessler, Russell  8 Feb 1935New Jersey, USA I4288
31 Kessler, Sandra Mae  8 Feb 1935New Jersey, USA I2521
32 Lutier, Sarah Jane  Abt 1844New Jersey, USA I95776
33 Milligan, Elsie  Abt 1877New Jersey, USA I90666
34 Oram, Florence J  Abt 1886New Jersey, USA I101429
35 Slater, Joseph  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA I97268
36 Struyk, Cornelius  29 May 1899New Jersey, USA I156959
37 Unknown, Amy L  Abt 1882New Jersey, USA I57698
38 Unknown, Beatrice M  11 Jul 1901New Jersey, USA I158915
39 Unknown, Ellen A  May 1880New Jersey, USA I167169
40 Unknown, Helen  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I102311
41 Unknown, Margaret  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I102408
42 Unknown, May  Abt 1913New Jersey, USA I102407
43 Weesh, May E  Abt 1893New Jersey, USA I72727


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bacon, Nathaniel  1750New Jersey, USA I63926
2 Howes, Alfred Timothy  4 May 1923New Jersey, USA I16052
3 Howes, Charles Henry  26 Aug 2013New Jersey, USA I124962
4 Howes, Douglas Edward  31 Mar 2016New Jersey, USA I165437
5 Howes, Emily Jane  Aft 1951New Jersey, USA I24791
6 Kessler, John  Between 1928 and 1935New Jersey, USA I2706
7 Kessler, Russell  Bef 1938New Jersey, USA I4288
8 Kessler, Sandra Mae  Bef 1938New Jersey, USA I2521
9 Royce, Harriet May  1 Nov 1911New Jersey, USA I167821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asenjo, Paul Anthony Joseph  Abt 1914New Jersey, USA I127428
2 Chamberlain, Jessie Elizabeth  Abt 1887New Jersey, USA I26500
3 Collings, Eva Winifred  Abt 1881New Jersey, USA I103896
4 Cox, Delmar Bert  Abt 1911New Jersey, USA I108770
5 Cox, Kenneth Ferris  Abt 1916New Jersey, USA I108772
6 Cox, Minnie Lavina  Abt 1909New Jersey, USA I108488
7 Cox, Minnie Lavina  Abt May 1909New Jersey, USA I108488
8 Cox, Minnie Lavina  12 May 1909New Jersey, USA I108488
9 Crowell, Elizabeth C  Abt 1855New Jersey, USA I90038
10 Crowell, Elizabeth C  Abt 1856New Jersey, USA I90038
11 Dukes, Alice  Abt 1867New Jersey, USA I97263
12 Fromm, Anna  Abt 1883New Jersey, USA I167103
13 Fromm, Anna  Abt 1885New Jersey, USA I167103
14 Harvey, Martha E  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I97981
15 House, Rose E  Abt 1865New Jersey, USA I63648
16 House, Teresa L  Abt 1852New Jersey, USA I63790
17 Howes, Charles H  Abt 1917New Jersey, USA I72723
18 Howes, Charles H  Jun 1917New Jersey, USA I72723
19 Howes, Daisy F  Abt 1918New Jersey, USA I101411
20 Howes, Florence L  Abt 1912New Jersey, USA I101430
21 Howes, Herbert Edwin  Abt 1917New Jersey, USA I167104
22 Howes, Herbert Edwin  Abt 1918New Jersey, USA I167104
23 Howes, Herbert Edwin  Abt Dec 1918New Jersey, USA I167104
24 Howes, John Edward  Abt 1905New Jersey, USA I95817
25 Howes, Marjorie J  Abt 1925New Jersey, USA I124964
26 Howes, Mary  Abt 1894New Jersey, USA I164020
27 Howes, May Katrina  Abt 1906New Jersey, USA I28911
28 Howes, May Katrina  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA I28911
29 Howes, Minnie L  Abt 1862New Jersey, USA I108465
30 Howes, Richard  May 1872New Jersey, USA I164012
31 Howes, Ruth Evelyn  Abt 1915New Jersey, USA I156947
32 Howes, Ruth Evelyn  Nov 1915New Jersey, USA I156947
33 Howes, Thomas  Abt 1872New Jersey, USA I164016
34 Howes, Thomas  Apr 1874New Jersey, USA I164016
35 Howes, Thomas Aloysius  Abt 1892New Jersey, USA I164011
36 Howes, Thomas Aloysius  Aug 1892New Jersey, USA I164011
37 Howes, Thomas Aloysius  Jan 1893New Jersey, USA I164011
38 Lutier, Sarah Jane  Abt 1843New Jersey, USA I95776
39 Milligan, Elsie  Abt 1876New Jersey, USA I90666
40 Oram, Florence J  Abt 1887New Jersey, USA I101429
41 Probst, Mary L  Abt 1889New Jersey, USA I80335
42 Root, Augusta Bell  Abt 1887New Jersey, USA I90865
43 Sansom, Alice E  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I164035
44 Sansom, Alice E  Abt 1907New Jersey, USA I164035
45 Slater, Harry H  Apr 1874New Jersey, USA I97267
46 Struyk, Cornelius  Abt 1898New Jersey, USA I156959
47 Unknown, Beatrice M  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA I158915
48 Weesh, May E  Abt 1891New Jersey, USA I72727
49 Weesh, May E  Abt 1894New Jersey, USA I72727
50 Youmans, Nettie  Abt 1867New Jersey, USA I107523

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chamberlain / Howes  Abt 1900New Jersey, USA F8175
2 Howes / Fromm  1915New Jersey, USA F50960
3 Kessler / Howes  5 Nov 1927New Jersey, USA F9362