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Newton Abbot RD, Devon



City/Town : Latitude: 50.7299785, Longitude: -3.715181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brimblecombe, Frederick Edwin H  6 Oct 1915Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86860
2 Brown, Monica Constance E  19 Sep 1921Newton Abbot RD, Devon I129824
3 Cocks, Winifred Glynn  29 Dec 1909Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147315
4 Cox, Amy Gertrude Knapp  Abt May 1890Newton Abbot RD, Devon I163068
5 Doble, Dorothy K M  Abt Aug 1920Newton Abbot RD, Devon I53373
6 Gribble, Barbara Frances R  31 Jan 1928Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56437
7 Harwood, Ernest John Henry Godfrey  Abt Aug 1907Newton Abbot RD, Devon I32063
8 House, Barbara Mary  31 Jan 1935Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147316
9 House, Ernest George Edmond  Abt Nov 1918Newton Abbot RD, Devon I53372
10 House, George D T  Abt Feb 1922Newton Abbot RD, Devon I53375
11 House, Hazel Margaret  24 Oct 1937Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147317
12 House, Unnamed  Abt May 1880Newton Abbot RD, Devon I131533
13 Howes, Christopher John  Abt May 1956Newton Abbot RD, Devon I87838
14 Howes, Edward Norman  Abt Aug 1902Newton Abbot RD, Devon I131534
15 Howes, Edwin John  4 Aug 1932Newton Abbot RD, Devon I690
16 Howes, Gerald William  Abt Aug 1928Newton Abbot RD, Devon I4625
17 Howes, Gwendoline Ethel  Abt Nov 1926Newton Abbot RD, Devon I19871
18 Howes, Mervyn S  Abt Aug 1942Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56436
19 Howes, Nancy Marina Joyce  Abt Nov 1934Newton Abbot RD, Devon I24174
20 Howes, Sheila Maureen Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1933Newton Abbot RD, Devon I19068
21 Howse, Alice Lilian  Abt May 1902Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58292
22 Kenny, Deryck John  30 Nov 1933Newton Abbot RD, Devon I93549
23 Pittam, Brenda Naomi  22 May 1915Newton Abbot RD, Devon I61041
24 Pittam, Kathleen Clara  Abt Aug 1920Newton Abbot RD, Devon I81985
25 Pittam, Nora Bertha  27 Jul 1917Newton Abbot RD, Devon I81984
26 Pugh, Reginald John  Abt May 1919Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86871
27 Southcott, May Alexandra  17 May 1914Newton Abbot RD, Devon I150759
28 Treise, Madge  14 May 1920Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56866
29 Walling, Thomas E  Abt Feb 1902Newton Abbot RD, Devon I109586
30 Wotton, Maria Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1871Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86025


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Abbott William  Abt Nov 1957Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58234
2 Carhart, Elias John  Abt Nov 1961Newton Abbot RD, Devon I98825
3 Chugg, Joyce  Abt Feb 1966Newton Abbot RD, Devon I112781
4 Coombes, Elizabeth  Abt May 1910Newton Abbot RD, Devon I22669
5 Easton, Martha  Abt Aug 1917Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58246
6 Edwards, William Henry  Abt May 1942Newton Abbot RD, Devon I109583
7 Griggs, Lilian Beatrice  Abt May 1953Newton Abbot RD, Devon I100045
8 Halfacree, Lilian Iris Rosalie  May 1984Newton Abbot RD, Devon I143700
9 Heawood, Ethel Florence Logan  Abt Feb 1960Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58255
10 House, Amelia Florence  Abt Feb 1970Newton Abbot RD, Devon I48453
11 House, Arthur Edmund  Abt May 1958Newton Abbot RD, Devon I44130
12 House, David  Abt Feb 1940Newton Abbot RD, Devon I3935
13 House, Denis Roy  11 Dec 1954Newton Abbot RD, Devon I77403
14 House, Dennis Allen  Abt Aug 1950Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86864
15 House, Edward Rutter  Abt Feb 1975Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39150
16 House, Robert  Abt May 1955Newton Abbot RD, Devon I44156
17 Howes, Albert Alfred  Abt Aug 1957Newton Abbot RD, Devon I24926
18 Howes, Christopher John  Abt Aug 1956Newton Abbot RD, Devon I87838
19 Howes, Edward Norman  Abt Feb 1903Newton Abbot RD, Devon I131534
20 Howes, Harriet Maria  Abt Jan 1986Newton Abbot RD, Devon I5991
21 Howes, Mervyn S  Abt Nov 1966Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56436
22 Howes, Miriam  Abt Feb 1955Newton Abbot RD, Devon I28987
23 Howes, Oliver Leonard  Abt Nov 1918Newton Abbot RD, Devon I46526
24 Howes, Thomas Joseph  Abt Aug 1974Newton Abbot RD, Devon I10697
25 Howse, Alice Lilian  Abt May 1902Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58292
26 Howse, Arthur Edward  Abt Nov 1959Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58293
27 Howse, Edith Laura  Abt Nov 1944Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58294
28 Howse, Frederick  Abt Feb 1906Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58296
29 Howse, Gertrude Alice  Abt May 1948Newton Abbot RD, Devon I58298
30 Howse, Lennox  Abt Feb 1954Newton Abbot RD, Devon I108743
31 Kendall, Evelyn Gertrude  Abt May 1968Newton Abbot RD, Devon I44164
32 Lowe, Stanley Horace Edward  Abt Feb 1975Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147585
33 Moorman, James John  Abt May 1907Newton Abbot RD, Devon I31949
34 Newton-Howes, Robert William  Abt Nov 1960Newton Abbot RD, Devon I91625
35 Rutter, Frank Howard  Abt Feb 1972Newton Abbot RD, Devon I100052
36 Shearmur, Charles Edgar  Abt Aug 1941Newton Abbot RD, Devon I53730
37 Smith, Francis Charles  4 Oct 1960Newton Abbot RD, Devon I163067
38 Smith, Georgina  Abt Nov 1977Newton Abbot RD, Devon I105070
39 Wadsworth, Sydney William  Abt Feb 1971Newton Abbot RD, Devon I100060
40 Walling, Thomas E  Abt Nov 1949Newton Abbot RD, Devon I109586
41 Wellman, Dorothy Jane  Abt Aug 1978Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86859


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Florence Beatrice P  Abt Feb 1885Newton Abbot RD, Devon I87932
2 Brimblecombe, Frederick Edwin H  Abt Nov 1915Newton Abbot RD, Devon I86860
3 Brown, Monica Constance E  Abt Nov 1921Newton Abbot RD, Devon I129824
4 Cocks, Winifred Glynn  Abt Feb 1910Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147315
5 Easterbrook, Nancy Northcott  Abt Nov 1911Newton Abbot RD, Devon I13613
6 Gribble, Barbara Frances R  Abt Feb 1928Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56437
7 Hambly, Winifred  Abt Nov 1897Newton Abbot RD, Devon I53374
8 Harper, Edward  Abt May 1872Newton Abbot RD, Devon I164408
9 Hawkins, Edith Lilian  Abt Aug 1876Newton Abbot RD, Devon I6226
10 House, Barbara Mary  Abt Feb 1935Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147316
11 House, Charles  Abt Aug 1911Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39148
12 House, Charles Henry Major  Abt Aug 1882Newton Abbot RD, Devon I30616
13 House, Edward Rutter  Abt Nov 1908Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39150
14 House, Ernest William  Abt Feb 1884Newton Abbot RD, Devon I30642
15 House, Hazel Margaret  Abt Nov 1937Newton Abbot RD, Devon I147317
16 House, Leonard Augustus  Abt Nov 1917Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39155
17 House, Phyllis Edith  Abt Aug 1907Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39158
18 House, William Henry  Abt May 1910Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39164
19 Howes, Arthur Frederick  Abt Nov 1925Newton Abbot RD, Devon I18866
20 Howes, Arthur Stanley  Abt Nov 1899Newton Abbot RD, Devon I6174
21 Howes, Edwin John  Abt Aug 1932Newton Abbot RD, Devon I690
22 Howes, Elizabeth Howard  Abt Feb 1906Newton Abbot RD, Devon I12174
23 Howes, Gwendoline Ethel  10 Oct 1926Newton Abbot RD, Devon I19871
24 Howes, Lilian Maud  Abt Nov 1899Newton Abbot RD, Devon I21970
25 Howes, Margaret Patricia Rose  Abt May 1936Newton Abbot RD, Devon I17476
26 Howse, Arthur Vincent  Abt Aug 1898Newton Abbot RD, Devon I48687
27 Howse, Maria  Abt Feb 1850Newton Abbot RD, Devon I170003
28 Howse, Selina  Abt Aug 1841Newton Abbot RD, Devon I170001
29 Kenny, Deryck John  Abt Nov 1933Newton Abbot RD, Devon I93549
30 Leaman, Charlotte  Abt May 1857Newton Abbot RD, Devon I48351
31 Lear, Sarah Jane  Abt Feb 1848Newton Abbot RD, Devon I49396
32 Palk, Leonard  Abt May 1887Newton Abbot RD, Devon I42830
33 Pittam, Brenda Naomi  Abt Aug 1915Newton Abbot RD, Devon I61041
34 Pittwood, Mabel Katherine  Abt Feb 1901Newton Abbot RD, Devon I112015
35 Rockett, Norah  Abt Nov 1871Newton Abbot RD, Devon I34183
36 Southcott, May Alexandra  Abt May 1914Newton Abbot RD, Devon I150759
37 Treise, Madge  Abt May 1920Newton Abbot RD, Devon I56866
38 Tucker, Mary Ellen  Abt Feb 1887Newton Abbot RD, Devon I99543
39 Weatherdon, Ellen Amelia  Abt Aug 1898Newton Abbot RD, Devon I75389
40 Webb, Marian  Abt Aug 1841Newton Abbot RD, Devon I139743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Griggs, Florence Ellen  Abt Nov 1959Newton Abbot RD, Devon I100044
2 House, Charles  Abt Aug 1911Newton Abbot RD, Devon I39148
3 House, Denis Roy  Abt Dec 1954Newton Abbot RD, Devon I77403
4 Smith, Francis Charles  Abt Nov 1960Newton Abbot RD, Devon I163067
5 Wadsworth, Thomas Bernard  Abt May 1954Newton Abbot RD, Devon I100061


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Howes  Abt Nov 1948Newton Abbot RD, Devon F33597
2 Barnes / Howse  Abt Aug 1912Newton Abbot RD, Devon F16926
3 Barrington / Maher-Loughnan  Abt Feb 1941Newton Abbot RD, Devon F11682
4 Barton / House  Abt May 1913Newton Abbot RD, Devon F25373
5 Bigwood / Webb  Abt Aug 1862Newton Abbot RD, Devon F42546
6 Blackmore / Gilpin  Abt Aug 1926Newton Abbot RD, Devon F52017
7 Brimblecombe / Wellman  Abt Aug 1951Newton Abbot RD, Devon F24949
8 Dyke / House  Abt Aug 1862Newton Abbot RD, Devon F12843
9 Holmes / Symonds  Abt May 1891Newton Abbot RD, Devon F4404
10 House / Cocks  Abt Feb 1934Newton Abbot RD, Devon F45089
11 House / Doble  Abt Nov 1940Newton Abbot RD, Devon F15666
12 House / Fraser  Abt Nov 1936Newton Abbot RD, Devon F11739
13 House / Hambly  Abt Feb 1917Newton Abbot RD, Devon F15667
14 House / Heathcote  Abt Nov 1873Newton Abbot RD, Devon F10374
15 House / Highmore  Abt Nov 1946Newton Abbot RD, Devon F25372
16 House / Rutter  Abt Aug 1906Newton Abbot RD, Devon F12091
17 Howes / Goode  Abt Feb 1951Newton Abbot RD, Devon F25279
18 Howes / Gribble  Abt Nov 1950Newton Abbot RD, Devon F16487
19 Howes / Pittwood  Abt Nov 1928Newton Abbot RD, Devon F33604
20 Howes / Short  Abt May 1925Newton Abbot RD, Devon F4058
21 Howse / Heawood  Abt Aug 1900Newton Abbot RD, Devon F16915
22 Walling / Edwards  Abt Nov 1926Newton Abbot RD, Devon F32756
23 Whattam / Hoyle  Abt Nov 1945Newton Abbot RD, Devon F15028


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Derrick / Howse  Abt Nov 1851Newton Abbot RD, Devon F52067
2 Howes / Coombes  Abt Nov 1896Newton Abbot RD, Devon F7571
3 Howes / Easterbrook  Abt Feb 1929Newton Abbot RD, Devon F4967
4 Howes / Hawkins  Abt Aug 1901Newton Abbot RD, Devon F2855
5 Hows / Rockett  Abt Aug 1897Newton Abbot RD, Devon F10789