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North Dorset RD, Dorset



City/Town : Latitude: 50.8054655, Longitude: -2.311029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnwell, Ralph Ernest  Abt Nov 1984North Dorset RD, Dorset I28955
2 Bradburne, Lilian Katharine Oliphant  Jul 1990North Dorset RD, Dorset I21540
3 Burt, Ambrose George  Abt Feb 1979North Dorset RD, Dorset I91263
4 Burt, Gerald Stafford  Abt Nov 1980North Dorset RD, Dorset I159610
5 Burt, Reginald Charles  Abt Sep 1986North Dorset RD, Dorset I91264
6 Cardy, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1985North Dorset RD, Dorset I38871
7 Cheffey, Charles Frederick  Abt Nov 2002North Dorset RD, Dorset I159566
8 Douch, Hilda Lottie  Abt Jan 1987North Dorset RD, Dorset I171039
9 Downes, Francis Theophilus  Abt Aug 1991North Dorset RD, Dorset I144104
10 Elsworth, Violet Lily  Abt Aug 1981North Dorset RD, Dorset I23013
11 Fowler, Amelia Sarah Jane  Abt Jun 1994North Dorset RD, Dorset I120109
12 Fox, Dorothy May  Abt May 2005North Dorset RD, Dorset I156864
13 Fripp, Leslie Charles  Abt May 1989North Dorset RD, Dorset I85041
14 Fry, Robert Charles  Abt Mar 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I159264
15 Fudge, James Francis  13 Dec 1987North Dorset RD, Dorset I85319
16 Gough, Valentine E  Abt Aug 1980North Dorset RD, Dorset I31758
17 Grant, Margaret Ethel  Abt Jan 1996North Dorset RD, Dorset I106519
18 Gumbleton, Harry Charles  24 Nov 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I86203
19 Hamblin, Gilbert Ralph  Abt Feb 1982North Dorset RD, Dorset I154995
20 Hawke, Aubrey Henry  Abt Nov 1991North Dorset RD, Dorset I162083
21 Hodder, Margaret Ethel  Abt Jan 1996North Dorset RD, Dorset I153235
22 Holmes, Phyllis Isabel Stewart  Abt Oct 2000North Dorset RD, Dorset I159659
23 House, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Jul 2004North Dorset RD, Dorset I37465
24 House, Beryl Alberta  8 Oct 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I38880
25 House, Brian Rex  31 Dec 2003North Dorset RD, Dorset I66168
26 House, Charles Frederick  11 Sep 1979North Dorset RD, Dorset I37899
27 House, Donald Robert Thomas  Abt Jul 1995North Dorset RD, Dorset I159658
28 House, Dorothy Eliza  Abt Aug 1999North Dorset RD, Dorset I19530
29 House, Dorothy Mabel  Abt Feb 1983North Dorset RD, Dorset I50844
30 House, Edna Grace  Abt Sep 1988North Dorset RD, Dorset I142553
31 House, Ernest Edward  Abt Jul 1998North Dorset RD, Dorset I116158
32 House, Francis Reginald  Abt Dec 1989North Dorset RD, Dorset I106518
33 House, Frank Percival  Abt Apr 1994North Dorset RD, Dorset I84901
34 House, Geoffrey Gordon  Abt Jan 1996North Dorset RD, Dorset I174068
35 House, Gilbert James  Abt Apr 1994North Dorset RD, Dorset I20507
36 House, Gwendoline Helen  Abt Aug 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I20790
37 House, Henry Thomas  Abt May 1977North Dorset RD, Dorset I116151
38 House, Herbert Charles  Abt May 1976North Dorset RD, Dorset I32743
39 House, Joan Mary  Abt Dec 1997North Dorset RD, Dorset I43676
40 House, John William James  Abt Jul 1995North Dorset RD, Dorset I22000
41 House, Mildred  Abt Jun 1995North Dorset RD, Dorset I85612
42 House, Nita Elizabeth  Abt May 2002North Dorset RD, Dorset I38884
43 House, Reginald Percival R  Abt Nov 2001North Dorset RD, Dorset I138661
44 House, Wilfred Thomas Reeve  Abt May 1983North Dorset RD, Dorset I19520
45 House, William John  Abt Aug 1989North Dorset RD, Dorset I86362
46 House, William Robert  Abt May 1992North Dorset RD, Dorset I85627
47 House, Winifred Rose  Abt Feb 1997North Dorset RD, Dorset I84921
48 Howes, Doris Elizabeth Mary  Abt Nov 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I94748
49 Howes, George Percival  Abt Feb 1982North Dorset RD, Dorset I99082
50 Howes, Muriel Gertrude  Abt Nov 1982North Dorset RD, Dorset I2115

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Fudge, James Francis  Abt Dec 1987North Dorset RD, Dorset I85319
2 Gumbleton, Harry Charles  Abt Nov 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I86203
3 House, Beryl Alberta  Abt Nov 1993North Dorset RD, Dorset I38880
4 House, Brian Rex  Abt Jan 2004North Dorset RD, Dorset I66168
5 House, Charles Frederick  Abt Aug 1979North Dorset RD, Dorset I37899
6 House, Cyril Nigel Vernon  Abt Jul 2004North Dorset RD, Dorset I85381
7 House, Olive Pearl  Abt Jun 2004North Dorset RD, Dorset I50846
8 Kimber, Alfred Lawrence  Abt Jun 1985North Dorset RD, Dorset I43705


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Downes / House  Abt Nov 1983North Dorset RD, Dorset F44024