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Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire



Location : Latitude: 52.3159025, Longitude: -1.5548735


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alton, George William  Abt Nov 2000Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I49590
2 Cheneler, Edward  Abt Nov 1989Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I97541
3 Coleman, Denis  Abt Oct 2000Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82932
4 Fernie, Lelsie Frank  Abt Jun 1987Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I110659
5 Freer, John Arthur  Abt Dec 1998Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82995
6 French, Albert Edward  Abt Oct 1999Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82968
7 French, Thomas Sidney  Abt Jan 2000Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82965
8 French, William Henry  Abt Jun 1985Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82967
9 Green, Emily  Abt Mar 1989Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82912
10 Hallam, Ivy May  Abt Nov 1991Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82987
11 House, Alice Cecilia  Abt May 1987Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I32537
12 House, Charles  Abt Jan 2000Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82916
13 House, Elsie Doreen  Abt Apr 1995Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82982
14 House, George Charles  Abt Jan 1993Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82913
15 House, Gordon  Abt May 1988Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82897
16 House, Iris  Abt Sep 1995Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I59693
17 House, Ivy May  Abt Nov 1991Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I116599
18 House, Kenneth Milton  Abt Sep 1986Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82918
19 House, Robert Andrew  Abt Jan 1986Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82983
20 House, Roland  Abt Oct 2000Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82898
21 House, William Ivor  Abt Mar 1998Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I79107
22 House, William James  Abt Sep 2001Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82979
23 Howes, Frederick William  Abt May 1990Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I103238
24 Howes, Thomas Donald  Abt Jan 1985Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I66372
25 Howse, Annie Beatrice  Feb 1985Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I78492
26 Menzfeld, Franciszak  Abt Jan 2003Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I74062
27 Needham, Mary  Abt Dec 1988Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82890
28 Pickard, George Oliver  Abt Jan 1988Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I20799
29 Richards, Barbara  Abt Nov 1995Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I79124
30 Rolph, William Henry  Abt Nov 1985Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I78509
31 Smart, Minnie  Abt Oct 1992Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82956
32 Smout, Charles Bernard  Abt May 2004Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82971
33 Thould, Ronald William  Abt Apr 1995Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I82957
34 Tsoukala, Anna  Abt May 1995Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I99327
35 White, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1985Nuneaton & Bedworth RD, Warwickshire I108006