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Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire



Latitude: 51.8073045, Longitude: -1.2912335


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beard, Daphne I A  Abt Feb 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I100750
2 Beckett, Kathleen L  Jan 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136372
3 Beesley, Josephine  Jun 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136378
4 Bowles, Marjorie S S  Abt Mar 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I139018
5 Burke, Roderick Randall  Abt Nov 2001Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I123883
6 Carvell, Donald Albert  2 Nov 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I125543
7 Cleaver, Anthony George J  Mar 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I144907
8 Collett, Joan Eileen  Abt Nov 2001Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I94090
9 Collins, Evelyn Elizabeth  Jan 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I144673
10 Field, Lucy  Abt Jun 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I79877
11 Giddens, Kay Jean  Dec 2001Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I142291
12 Gregory, Douglas E  Jun 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I134784
13 Gregory, Molly  Jul 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I134785
14 Halfacree, John Basil C  Feb 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I49176
15 Holt, Phyllis E  May 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136405
16 House, Albert Henry  Abt Jul 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I78077
17 House, David Walter  Abt Dec 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I51359
18 House, Dorothy Ada  Apr 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I51177
19 House, Violet Maud  Abt Jan 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I51206
20 Howes, Arthur Leonard  Abt Nov 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I71982
21 Howes, Arthur Richard  Abt Sep 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I83213
22 Howes, Daisy  Jan 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I17356
23 Howes, Doreen  Jun 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I81942
24 Howes, Elsie Emily  Abt May 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I51077
25 Howes, Frank James  Abt Oct 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I78374
26 Howes, Helen Mary  Abt Dec 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I62822
27 Howes, Nellie Emily M  Abt Nov 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I65922
28 Howse, Alice Gertrude Maud  Dec 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I53267
29 Howse, Ann Margaret  Jun 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I142292
30 Howse, Geraldine Mary  Abt Jul 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I125542
31 Howse, Gladys Maud Rose  Jun 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I142301
32 Howse, John Prince  Abt Feb 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I87235
33 Howse, Margaret Mary  Abt Jul 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I65618
34 Howse, Marion Kathleen  Abt Oct 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I49242
35 Howse, Paul Samuel  Abt Aug 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I125421
36 Hughes, Freda Joan  Abt May 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I94847
37 Jones, Frederick  May 2000Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136409
38 Jones, Kathleen Violet  Abt Jan 2006Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I108218
39 Kingston, Arthur Leslie L  Jul 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I146293
40 Kingston, Barbara Violet  Jul 2005Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I146295
41 Nowell, Miriam  Sep 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136412
42 Nurden, Florence  Abt Apr 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I49420
43 Robins, Evelyn Jane  Abt Jan 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I77962
44 Samways, Cecil James  Abt Aug 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I159481
45 Stevenson, Alice Philp  Abt Nov 2001Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I161388
46 Sulik, Zbigniew  Abt Apr 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I113333
47 Taaffe, Elizabeth Ethel  Sep 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I136417
48 Weatherley, Mabel Hilda  Abt Nov 2001Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I137707


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Callingham, John Henry  Jul 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I66805
2 Carvell, Donald Albert  Abt Nov 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I125543
3 Cooper, Sydney  Jan 2007Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I143685
4 Howes, Frederick William  Abt Feb 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I61262
5 Jeffs, Daphne Patricia  Sep 2004Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I77513
6 Rawlings, Frederick Walter Mark  Dec 2003Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I145539
7 Smith, Jessie Ethel  Abt Dec 2002Oxfordshire RD, Oxfordshire I115622