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Penzance RD, Cornwall



City/Town : Latitude: 50.1410855, Longitude: -5.5381823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angove, Jack  23 Jun 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I132075
2 Barker, Arthur M  Abt Aug 1911Penzance RD, Cornwall I25272
3 Blewett, Irene  29 Aug 1897Penzance RD, Cornwall I146484
4 Brown, Thomas Scott  9 Nov 1913Penzance RD, Cornwall I34663
5 Cock, Betty Barbara  1 Jan 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I34669
6 Dawe, Kathleen Adela Helen  Abt Nov 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I131265
7 Harvey, Elizabeth Grace  27 Jan 1916Penzance RD, Cornwall I34711
8 Hawes, George Henry  Abt Nov 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I146781
9 Hawes, Stella  Abt Nov 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I146783
10 House, Clifford John  10 May 1917Penzance RD, Cornwall I34772
11 House, Edward Ernest  25 Dec 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I34781
12 House, Richard Barrington Roy  21 Apr 1914Penzance RD, Cornwall I34856
13 House, Sarah Emily Stella  24 Nov 1912Penzance RD, Cornwall I34865
14 Howes, Christopher Raymond  9 Dec 1948Penzance RD, Cornwall I132072
15 Howes, Freda Eliza  Abt May 1914Penzance RD, Cornwall I133564
16 Howes, Joseph A  Abt Feb 1932Penzance RD, Cornwall I131935
17 Howes, Lilian Eileen  3 Jul 1920Penzance RD, Cornwall I146782
18 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1895Penzance RD, Cornwall I131536
19 Howes, Sylvia Mary  5 May 1928Penzance RD, Cornwall I131933
20 Howes, William Alexander  15 Mar 1967Penzance RD, Cornwall I131975
21 Howes, William Frederick  3 Mar 1930Penzance RD, Cornwall I131934
22 Howis, Avril  Abt May 1955Penzance RD, Cornwall I146189
23 Howis, Barbara Irene  Abt May 1928Penzance RD, Cornwall I146173
24 Howis, Frederick Paul D  23 Nov 1935Penzance RD, Cornwall I146171
25 Howis, Samuel  29 Dec 1921Penzance RD, Cornwall I146170
26 Keen, Kathleen Mary  11 Aug 1903Penzance RD, Cornwall I131932
27 Nicholls, Thelma May  7 May 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I132071
28 Pooley, William John  7 Jun 1898Penzance RD, Cornwall I25562
29 Prowse, Norman Tregoning  2 Mar 1908Penzance RD, Cornwall I26216
30 Sowden, Frederick James  28 Feb 1899Penzance RD, Cornwall I132067
31 Sowden, Frederick Joseph C  3 Nov 1925Penzance RD, Cornwall I132069
32 Stevens, Edwin James K  9 Jul 1930Penzance RD, Cornwall I131937
33 Warren, Olive  1 Oct 1900Penzance RD, Cornwall I132065
34 Waters, Joseph K  11 Dec 1913Penzance RD, Cornwall I3863
35 Williams, Bessie Couch  Abt Aug 1898Penzance RD, Cornwall I65463
36 Williams, Reginald Eric  Abt Aug 1920Penzance RD, Cornwall I146784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angove, Jack  Abt Apr 1999Penzance RD, Cornwall I132075
2 Ash, Lucy  Abt Jun 1999Penzance RD, Cornwall I146188
3 Barnes, Edgar Nicholas L  Abt Dec 1998Penzance RD, Cornwall I131896
4 Blewett, Irene  Abt Aug 1964Penzance RD, Cornwall I146484
5 Colenso, Annie Evelyn  Abt Nov 1974Penzance RD, Cornwall I34670
6 Cutler, Ralph T  Abt May 1958Penzance RD, Cornwall I51120
7 Furse, Richard Henry  Abt Jun 2001Penzance RD, Cornwall I131530
8 Hall, June  Aug 2006Penzance RD, Cornwall I134787
9 Hawes, Samuel  Abt Nov 1901Penzance RD, Cornwall I16773
10 Hawes, Stella  Abt Nov 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I146783
11 Hodge, Samuel  Abt Feb 1886Penzance RD, Cornwall I24391
12 House, Beatrice Iris  Abt Oct 1990Penzance RD, Cornwall I131528
13 House, Clifford John  Abt Feb 2003Penzance RD, Cornwall I34772
14 House, Clifford Roy  Abt May 1969Penzance RD, Cornwall I34774
15 House, John Walter  Abt Sep 2000Penzance RD, Cornwall I122616
16 House, Richard Francis A  Abt Nov 1996Penzance RD, Cornwall I97935
17 House, Sarah Emily Stella  Abt Nov 1997Penzance RD, Cornwall I34865
18 Howes, Eliza Jane  Abt Feb 1950Penzance RD, Cornwall I1533
19 Howes, Freda Eliza  Abt Aug 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I133564
20 Howes, Frederick George  Abt Aug 1956Penzance RD, Cornwall I20644
21 Howes, Harold  Abt Dec 1995Penzance RD, Cornwall I72037
22 Howes, Herbert Albion  Abt May 1964Penzance RD, Cornwall I16077
23 Howes, James Samuel  Abt Nov 1976Penzance RD, Cornwall I23431
24 Howes, Joseph A  Abt May 1932Penzance RD, Cornwall I131935
25 Howes, Joseph Blee  Abt May 1940Penzance RD, Cornwall I3771
26 Howes, Joseph William  Abt Feb 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I22458
27 Howes, Laura Victoria  Abt Feb 1898Penzance RD, Cornwall I131535
28 Howes, Lily Bertha Mabel  Abt May 1964Penzance RD, Cornwall I19531
29 Howes, Nicholas James  Abt Feb 1958Penzance RD, Cornwall I24025
30 Howes, Richard Oates  Abt Nov 1897Penzance RD, Cornwall I25111
31 Howes, Richard Oates  Abt Aug 1899Penzance RD, Cornwall I20508
32 Howes, William Frederick  Abt Jan 2005Penzance RD, Cornwall I131934
33 Howis, Avril  Abt May 1955Penzance RD, Cornwall I146189
34 Howis, Barbara Irene  Abt Nov 2006Penzance RD, Cornwall I146173
35 Howis, Samuel  Abt Mar 2006Penzance RD, Cornwall I146170
36 Howse, Susan J  Abt Nov 1949Penzance RD, Cornwall I105378
37 Keen, Kathleen Mary  Abt Nov 1981Penzance RD, Cornwall I131932
38 Kilmister, Donald Thomas  Jul 1995Penzance RD, Cornwall I114051
39 Lawry, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Nov 1905Penzance RD, Cornwall I28343
40 Leiworthy, Charles Barnes  Abt Aug 1970Penzance RD, Cornwall I10081
41 Martin, Eliza Jane  Abt May 1931Penzance RD, Cornwall I1139
42 McGunigle, John  Abt May 1972Penzance RD, Cornwall I132062
43 Nutchey, Joe James  Abt May 1997Penzance RD, Cornwall I66449
44 Rowley, Ethel Emma  Abt Nov 1969Penzance RD, Cornwall I51115
45 Scoltock, Valenteen Irene  Abt Aug 1965Penzance RD, Cornwall I40459
46 Seviour, Kathleen Augusta  Abt Oct 2000Penzance RD, Cornwall I75317
47 Steele, William Leslie  May 1984Penzance RD, Cornwall I103776
48 Treneary, Frederick James  Abt Aug 1951Penzance RD, Cornwall I132066
49 Warren, Olive  Abt May 1970Penzance RD, Cornwall I132065
50 Williams, Reginald Eric  Abt Feb 1979Penzance RD, Cornwall I146784


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alleary, Annie  Abt Feb 1883Penzance RD, Cornwall I135892
2 Alleary, Flora  Abt May 1884Penzance RD, Cornwall I135893
3 Angove, Jack  Abt Aug 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I132075
4 Blewett, Irene  Abt Nov 1897Penzance RD, Cornwall I146484
5 Brown, Thomas Scott  Abt Nov 1913Penzance RD, Cornwall I34663
6 Cock, Betty Barbara  Abt Feb 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall I34669
7 Harvey, Elizabeth Grace  Abt Feb 1916Penzance RD, Cornwall I34711
8 Hawes, Catharine  Abt Feb 1845Penzance RD, Cornwall I131875
9 Hawes, Eliza Jane  Abt Feb 1867Penzance RD, Cornwall I27613
10 Hawes, George  Abt Nov 1873Penzance RD, Cornwall I4581
11 Hawes, Lily  Abt Nov 1877Penzance RD, Cornwall I27103
12 Hawes, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1861Penzance RD, Cornwall I27843
13 Hawes, William Coulson  Abt Feb 1871Penzance RD, Cornwall I19044
14 Hooper, Clara  Abt Aug 1873Penzance RD, Cornwall I11128
15 House, Annie Jane  Abt Aug 1869Penzance RD, Cornwall I5334
16 House, Clifford John  Abt May 1917Penzance RD, Cornwall I34772
17 House, Edward Ernest  Abt Feb 1916Penzance RD, Cornwall I34781
18 House, Richard Barrington Roy  Abt May 1914Penzance RD, Cornwall I34856
19 House, Sarah Emily Stella  Abt Nov 1912Penzance RD, Cornwall I34865
20 House, William Henry  Abt Feb 1868Penzance RD, Cornwall I16810
21 Howes, Bertha Winifred  Abt Nov 1890Penzance RD, Cornwall I12659
22 Howes, Christopher Raymond  Abt Nov 1948Penzance RD, Cornwall I132072
23 Howes, Doricee Ernestine  Abt May 1899Penzance RD, Cornwall I22940
24 Howes, Edmund Blewitt  Abt Nov 1907Penzance RD, Cornwall I77617
25 Howes, Eliza Jane  Abt Nov 1896Penzance RD, Cornwall I1533
26 Howes, Frederick George  Abt Aug 1900Penzance RD, Cornwall I20644
27 Howes, Gertrude May  Abt May 1892Penzance RD, Cornwall I22179
28 Howes, James Samuel  Abt May 1894Penzance RD, Cornwall I23431
29 Howes, Joseph Blee  Abt May 1864Penzance RD, Cornwall I3771
30 Howes, Joseph Henry  Abt Aug 1889Penzance RD, Cornwall I20140
31 Howes, Joseph William  Abt May 1893Penzance RD, Cornwall I22458
32 Howes, Kathleen Agnes  Abt Feb 1912Penzance RD, Cornwall I104680
33 Howes, Lilian Eileen  Abt Aug 1920Penzance RD, Cornwall I146782
34 Howes, Lily Bertha Mabel  Abt Feb 1892Penzance RD, Cornwall I19531
35 Howes, Richard Henry  Abt May 1868Penzance RD, Cornwall I5765
36 Howes, Richard Henry  Abt Aug 1895Penzance RD, Cornwall I2786
37 Howes, Sylvia Mary  Abt May 1928Penzance RD, Cornwall I131933
38 Howes, Thomas  Abt Feb 1849Penzance RD, Cornwall I21159
39 Howes, William Alexander  Abt May 1967Penzance RD, Cornwall I131975
40 Howes, William Frederick  Abt May 1930Penzance RD, Cornwall I131934
41 Howis, Frederick Paul D  Abt Feb 1936Penzance RD, Cornwall I146171
42 Howis, Samuel  Abt Feb 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I146170
43 Keen, Kathleen Mary  Abt Aug 1903Penzance RD, Cornwall I131932
44 Mitchell, Archibald Douglas  Abt Feb 1905Penzance RD, Cornwall I53050
45 Nicholls, Thelma May  Abt May 1922Penzance RD, Cornwall I132071
46 Oates, Jane Gilbert  Abt Aug 1867Penzance RD, Cornwall I16240
47 Pooley, William John  Abt Aug 1898Penzance RD, Cornwall I25562
48 Prowse, Norman Tregoning  Abt May 1908Penzance RD, Cornwall I26216
49 Sampson, Alice Jessie Matthews  Abt Nov 1901Penzance RD, Cornwall I144153
50 Sowden, Frederick James  Abt Feb 1899Penzance RD, Cornwall I132067

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Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Howes  Abt Feb 1855Penzance RD, Cornwall F40035
2 Barker / Howes  Abt Aug 1910Penzance RD, Cornwall F4697
3 Brown / House  Abt Aug 1937Penzance RD, Cornwall F10975
4 Gray / Howes  Abt Nov 1913Penzance RD, Cornwall F7423
5 Hawes / Lawry  Abt May 1861Penzance RD, Cornwall F9197
6 House / Cock  Abt Aug 1936Penzance RD, Cornwall F10930
7 House / Colenso  Abt Aug 1911Penzance RD, Cornwall F10931
8 House / Harvey  Abt Aug 1942Penzance RD, Cornwall F10942
9 House / Woolcock  Abt Aug 1955Penzance RD, Cornwall F40040
10 Howes / Bennetts  Abt May 1915Penzance RD, Cornwall F44815
11 Howes / Blewett  Abt Nov 1920Penzance RD, Cornwall F44659
12 Howes / Keen  Abt Feb 1927Penzance RD, Cornwall F40058
13 Howes / Oates  Abt Feb 1889Penzance RD, Cornwall F5724
14 Howes / Warren  Abt May 1921Penzance RD, Cornwall F40082
15 McGunigle / Howes  Abt Nov 1916Penzance RD, Cornwall F40081
16 Sowden / Howes  Abt May 1923Penzance RD, Cornwall F40084
17 Stevens / Howes  Abt Feb 1952Penzance RD, Cornwall F40059
18 Treneary / Warren  Abt Feb 1923Penzance RD, Cornwall F40083
19 Williams / Howes  Abt Nov 1954Penzance RD, Cornwall F44878


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alleary / Hawes  Abt May 1882Penzance RD, Cornwall F41282
2 House / Pearce  Abt Nov 1867Penzance RD, Cornwall F4722