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Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire



Address : Latitude: 51.7497, Longitude: -0.984813


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Daniel  20 Oct 1860Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I19058
2 Howes, Frederick John Walter  Abt May 1859Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I17682
3 Howes, Philip  Abt Nov 1857Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Frederick John Walter  Abt 1858Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I17682
2 Howes, Philip  Abt 1857Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chownes, George  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I10320
2 Chownes, Sarah Ann  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I9300
3 Chownes, Susan  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14854
4 Chownes, Thomas  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I25146
5 Hattwell, Mary  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I25166
6 Hattwell, Mary  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I25166
7 Hattwell, Mary  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I25166
8 Higginson, Florence Ellen  16 Aug 1916Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I135828
9 Howes, Albert  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I8052
10 Howes, Albert  16 Aug 1916Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I8052
11 Howes, Alice Emma  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I1620
12 Howes, Alice Emma  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I1620
13 Howes, Bessie  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I12850
14 Howes, Bessie  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I12850
15 Howes, Bessie  27 Jun 1908Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I12850
16 Howes, Daniel  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I19058
17 Howes, Ernest Thomas  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I15701
18 Howes, Ernest Thomas  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I15701
19 Howes, Ernest Thomas  27 Aug 1910Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I15701
20 Howes, Fred  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I18118
21 Howes, Fred  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I18118
22 Howes, Fred  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I18118
23 Howes, Fred  2 Apr 1923Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I18118
24 Howes, Frederick John Walter  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I17682
25 Howes, George  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I21304
26 Howes, Harry  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14047
27 Howes, Harry  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14047
28 Howes, Herbert  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I13048
29 Howes, Herbert  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I13048
30 Howes, Kate  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I9801
31 Howes, Mabel Wall  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I78165
32 Howes, Philip  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773
33 Howes, Philip  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I27674
34 Howes, Philip  1891Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773
35 Howes, Philip  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I27674
36 Howes, Philip  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773
37 Howes, Philip  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I14773
38 Howes, Samuel  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I11808
39 Howes, Samuel  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I3701
40 Howes, William  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I26906
41 Howes, William  1901Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I8133
42 Howes, William  2 Apr 1911Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I8133
43 Stopps, Hannah  1861Priestend, Thame, Oxfordshire I8187