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Puddletown, Dorset



Location : Latitude: 50.7480947, Longitude: -2.404076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burt, James  Abt Aug 1858Puddletown, Dorset I29924
2 Bush, Evelyn Mary  Abt Jan 1901Puddletown, Dorset I32823
3 Caundle, Ada Benita  Abt Nov 1897Puddletown, Dorset I29931
4 Caundle, Robert George J  Abt 1875Puddletown, Dorset I29932
5 Caundle, Sarah Rose C  Abt May 1896Puddletown, Dorset I29933
6 Chipp, Clarissa Augusta Olga Mary  Abt Nov 1884Puddletown, Dorset I37408
7 Chipp, Emma Priscilla V  Abt Feb 1889Puddletown, Dorset I37411
8 Chipp, Percy Henry Tom  Abt Feb 1886Puddletown, Dorset I37414
9 Clark, Ann  26 Dec 1793Puddletown, Dorset I21492
10 Clark, Elizabeth  Abt 1792Puddletown, Dorset I28362
11 Clark, James  3 Feb 1795Puddletown, Dorset I375
12 Clark, Mary House  Abt 1792Puddletown, Dorset I12
13 Dunman, Emma  Abt 1856Puddletown, Dorset I71020
14 Hand, Mary  Abt Aug 1846Puddletown, Dorset I157003
15 Hardy, Ada Christina  Abt Nov 1879Puddletown, Dorset I29950
16 Hardy, Eliza  Abt 1835Puddletown, Dorset I29952
17 Hardy, George  Abt Aug 1838Puddletown, Dorset I29953
18 Hardy, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1861Puddletown, Dorset I29955
19 Hardy, Mary Anne  Abt 1828Puddletown, Dorset I29957
20 Hardy, Mary Anne  Abt 1842Puddletown, Dorset I29956
21 Hardy, Walter John  Abt Aug 1876Puddletown, Dorset I29960
22 Hardy, William  Abt 1830Puddletown, Dorset I29962
23 Hardy, William James  Abt May 1862Puddletown, Dorset I29963
24 Harvey, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1860Puddletown, Dorset I29965
25 Harvey, Emma  Abt May 1855Puddletown, Dorset I29966
26 Harvey, Fanny  Abt Aug 1857Puddletown, Dorset I29967
27 Harvey, Henry  Abt 1826Puddletown, Dorset I29968
28 Harvey, Henry James  Abt Feb 1863Puddletown, Dorset I29969
29 Harvey, Maria  Abt Jul 1851Puddletown, Dorset I29970
30 Hoare, Jane  Abt 1832Puddletown, Dorset I29972
31 House, Alfred Henry  26 Jun 1872Puddletown, Dorset I2061
32 House, Alice Kate  Abt Aug 1871Puddletown, Dorset I29975
33 House, Ann  Abt Sep 1740Puddletown, Dorset I118952
34 House, Ann  Abt Mar 1746Puddletown, Dorset I118855
35 House, Ann  4 Nov 1776Puddletown, Dorset I15777
36 House, Bessie  Abt Nov 1869Puddletown, Dorset I29983
37 House, Betty  18 May 1784Puddletown, Dorset I5176
38 House, Betty  19 Dec 1794Puddletown, Dorset I29984
39 House, Caroline  Abt Feb 1837Puddletown, Dorset I29985
40 House, Caroline  Abt Apr 1839Puddletown, Dorset I29986
41 House, Charles  1744Puddletown, Dorset I1418
42 House, Charles  Abt Feb 1830Puddletown, Dorset I29987
43 House, Christian  Abt Apr 1750Puddletown, Dorset I118856
44 House, Eliza  Abt Nov 1818Puddletown, Dorset I18746
45 House, Elizabeth  Abt Dec 1733Puddletown, Dorset I118851
46 House, Elizabeth  Abt May 1819Puddletown, Dorset I21471
47 House, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt Feb 1845Puddletown, Dorset I29991
48 House, Ellen  Abt May 1865Puddletown, Dorset I29994
49 House, Ellen Jane  Abt Jul 1842Puddletown, Dorset I29995
50 House, Elsie  Abt Aug 1906Puddletown, Dorset I28869

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary  Abt Sep 1740Puddletown, Dorset I2620
2 Cullover, Lucy  Abt 5 Jan 1759Puddletown, Dorset I118955
3 Drake, Mary  12 Oct 1726Puddletown, Dorset I118850
4 Genge, Tabitha  13 Sep 1839Puddletown, Dorset I20856
5 Hardy, Mary Anne  Bef 1841Puddletown, Dorset I29957
6 House, George  Abt Jan 1757Puddletown, Dorset I19122
7 House, John  21 May 1783Puddletown, Dorset I14128
8 House, John  20 Jul 1817Puddletown, Dorset I1858
9 House, John  Abt 20 May 1821Puddletown, Dorset I118957
10 House, John  18 Jan 1878Puddletown, Dorset I7097
11 House, Mary  11 Mar 1786Puddletown, Dorset I28638
12 House, Robert  Abt 20 May 1740Puddletown, Dorset I5403
13 House, Robert  Abt 20 Nov 1782Puddletown, Dorset I8652
14 House, Unnamed  Abt 1 Sep 1759Puddletown, Dorset I118956
15 House, William  Abt 20 Feb 1785Puddletown, Dorset I118843
16 Johnson, Elizabeth  Abt 1 Jul 1773Puddletown, Dorset I118844
17 Kelloway, Mary  1786Puddletown, Dorset I6820
18 Mudford, Mary  Abt 20 Jun 1781Puddletown, Dorset I14340
19 Palmer, Melior  Abt 25 Aug 1730Puddletown, Dorset I21911
20 Stickland, George  Abt Apr 1804Puddletown, Dorset I5603
21 Stickland, Jane Knight  Abt May 1804Puddletown, Dorset I25328
22 Unknown, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1782Puddletown, Dorset I29490
23 Wellstream, Mary  Dec 1764Puddletown, Dorset I6202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary  16 Sep 1740Puddletown, Dorset I2620
2 Cullover, Lucy  10 Jan 1759Puddletown, Dorset I118955
3 House, George  18 Jan 1757Puddletown, Dorset I19122
4 House, John  20 Jul 1817Puddletown, Dorset I1858
5 House, Mary  Between 1725 and 1729Puddletown, Dorset I15286
6 House, Robert  25 May 1740Puddletown, Dorset I5403
7 House, Robert  24 Nov 1782Puddletown, Dorset I8652
8 House, Unnamed  Abt 6 Sep 1759Puddletown, Dorset I118956
9 House, William  24 Feb 1785Puddletown, Dorset I118843
10 Howes, Frances Hilda  13 Sep 1985Puddletown, Dorset I91280
11 Johnson, Elizabeth  6 Jul 1773Puddletown, Dorset I118844
12 Kelloway, Mary  11 Mar 1786Puddletown, Dorset I6820
13 Mudford, Mary  24 Jun 1781Puddletown, Dorset I14340
14 Palmer, Melior  27 Aug 1730Puddletown, Dorset I21911
15 Stickland, George  24 Apr 1804Puddletown, Dorset I5603
16 Stickland, Jane Knight  6 May 1804Puddletown, Dorset I25328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Clark, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1792Puddletown, Dorset I28362
2 Clark, Mary House  8 Jan 1792Puddletown, Dorset I12
3 House, Ann  21 Sep 1740Puddletown, Dorset I118952
4 House, Ann  13 Apr 1746Puddletown, Dorset I118855
5 House, Ann  22 Nov 1776Puddletown, Dorset I15777
6 House, Betty  15 Aug 1784Puddletown, Dorset I5176
7 House, Charles  1 Apr 1744Puddletown, Dorset I1418
8 House, Christian  2 May 1750Puddletown, Dorset I118856
9 House, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1733/34Puddletown, Dorset I118851
10 House, George  2 Jan 1708/09Puddletown, Dorset I19122
11 House, George  10 Mar 1738Puddletown, Dorset I6426
12 House, George  15 May 1763Puddletown, Dorset I6852
13 House, Henry  23 Jan 1746Puddletown, Dorset I28579
14 House, John  5 Feb 1705/06Puddletown, Dorset I14128
15 House, John  20 Nov 1731Puddletown, Dorset I1858
16 House, John  19 May 1752Puddletown, Dorset I118957
17 House, John  22 Apr 1825Puddletown, Dorset I16664
18 House, Joseph  26 May 1754Puddletown, Dorset I118958
19 House, Kitty  23 Sep 1778Puddletown, Dorset I10450
20 House, Mary  4 Mar 1702/03Puddletown, Dorset I15286
21 House, Mary  27 Sep 1730Puddletown, Dorset I28638
22 House, Mary  6 Aug 1735Puddletown, Dorset I15804
23 House, Robert  Abt Jun 1700Puddletown, Dorset I8652
24 House, Robert  26 Feb 1735/36Puddletown, Dorset I118852
25 House, Robert  21 Dec 1740Puddletown, Dorset I21642
26 House, Susanna  11 Oct 1702Puddletown, Dorset I18000
27 House, Susannah  9 Jul 1738Puddletown, Dorset I118853
28 House, Thomas  2 Jan 1714/15Puddletown, Dorset I118847
29 House, William  7 Jan 1711/12Puddletown, Dorset I118843
30 House, William  15 Aug 1733Puddletown, Dorset I118842
31 House, William  30 Apr 1758Puddletown, Dorset I118959
32 Knight, Ann  26 Jun 1789Puddletown, Dorset I22491
33 Knight, George  2 Jan 1791Puddletown, Dorset I11459
34 Knight, James  30 Jan 1785Puddletown, Dorset I7860
35 Knight, James  3 Dec 1791Puddletown, Dorset I15910
36 Knight, John  22 Jul 1787Puddletown, Dorset I4099
37 Knight, Shunamite  2 Jul 1786Puddletown, Dorset I9888
38 Stickland, Dinah  26 Sep 1784Puddletown, Dorset I26657
39 Stickland, Elijah  12 Apr 1789Puddletown, Dorset I1519
40 Stickland, Elizabeth  16 May 1790Puddletown, Dorset I8238
41 Stickland, Elizabeth  6 Nov 1803Puddletown, Dorset I1459
42 Stickland, George  12 Apr 1797Puddletown, Dorset I5603
43 Stickland, Jane Knight  7 Aug 1801Puddletown, Dorset I25328
44 Stickland, John  4 Aug 1799Puddletown, Dorset I28150
45 Stickland, Lizzie  29 Sep 1786Puddletown, Dorset I7701
46 Stickland, Priscilla  5 May 1795Puddletown, Dorset I7138
47 Stickland, Robert  3 Apr 1793Puddletown, Dorset I9413
48 Wellstream, Mary  11 Jun 1710Puddletown, Dorset I6202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Evelyn Mary  Abt 1900Puddletown, Dorset I32823
2 Caundle, Ada Benita  Abt 1897Puddletown, Dorset I29931
3 Caundle, Sarah Rose C  Abt 1895Puddletown, Dorset I29933
4 Chipp, Clarissa Augusta Olga Mary  Abt 1884Puddletown, Dorset I37408
5 Chipp, Emma Priscilla V  Abt 1887Puddletown, Dorset I37411
6 Chipp, Percy Henry Tom  Abt 1885Puddletown, Dorset I37414
7 Hand, Mary  Abt 1846Puddletown, Dorset I157003
8 Hand, Mary  Abt 1847Puddletown, Dorset I157003
9 Hand, Mary  Abt 1851Puddletown, Dorset I157003
10 Hardy, Ada Christina  Abt 1879Puddletown, Dorset I29950
11 Hardy, Mary Ann  Abt 1860Puddletown, Dorset I29955
12 Hardy, Mary Anne  Abt 1841Puddletown, Dorset I29956
13 Hardy, Walter John  Abt 1876Puddletown, Dorset I29960
14 Hardy, William  Abt 1802Puddletown, Dorset I29961
15 Hardy, William  Abt 1832Puddletown, Dorset I29962
16 Hardy, William James  Abt 1861Puddletown, Dorset I29963
17 Harvey, Henry  Abt 1827Puddletown, Dorset I29968
18 Harvey, Maria  Abt 1855Puddletown, Dorset I29970
19 House, Alice Kate  Abt 1871Puddletown, Dorset I29975
20 House, Beatrice  Abt 1882Puddletown, Dorset I21635
21 House, Bessie  Abt 1868Puddletown, Dorset I29983
22 House, Bessie  Abt 1869Puddletown, Dorset I29983
23 House, Charles  Abt 1830Puddletown, Dorset I29987
24 House, Eliza  Abt 1817Puddletown, Dorset I18746
25 House, Eliza  Abt 1818Puddletown, Dorset I18746
26 House, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt 1844Puddletown, Dorset I29991
27 House, Ellen  Abt 1864Puddletown, Dorset I29994
28 House, Ellen  Abt 1865Puddletown, Dorset I29994
29 House, Ellen  Abt 1866Puddletown, Dorset I29994
30 House, Ellen Jane  Abt 1841Puddletown, Dorset I29995
31 House, Emily  Abt 1826Puddletown, Dorset I29997
32 House, Emily Louisa  Abt 1869Puddletown, Dorset I15883
33 House, Emma  Abt 1862Puddletown, Dorset I29998
34 House, Emma Tabitha  Abt 1839Puddletown, Dorset I29999
35 House, Emma Tabitha  Abt 1840Puddletown, Dorset I29999
36 House, Frances Vera  Abt 1891Puddletown, Dorset I85689
37 House, Fred  Abt 1867Puddletown, Dorset I30009
38 House, George  Abt 1786Puddletown, Dorset I14645
39 House, George  Abt 1817Puddletown, Dorset I10751
40 House, George  Abt 1827Puddletown, Dorset I30012
41 House, George  Abt 1828Puddletown, Dorset I30012
42 House, George  Abt 1829Puddletown, Dorset I30012
43 House, George  Abt 1832Puddletown, Dorset I30010
44 House, George  Abt 1858Puddletown, Dorset I30011
45 House, Hamutal Tabitha  Abt 1802Puddletown, Dorset I30020
46 House, Hamutal Tabitha  Abt 1803Puddletown, Dorset I30020
47 House, Harold Wifred F  22 Jan 1905Puddletown, Dorset I15621
48 House, Henry  Abt 1860Puddletown, Dorset I32878
49 House, Henry Dyer  Abt 1875Puddletown, Dorset I26271
50 House, Isabella  Abt 1837Puddletown, Dorset I30026

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cullover, Lucy  4 Jun 1751Puddletown, Dorset I118955
2 Drake, Minnie Gertrude  27 Mar 1902Puddletown, Dorset I43082
3 Hardy, Eliza  1841Puddletown, Dorset I29952
4 Hardy, George  1841Puddletown, Dorset I29953
5 Hardy, George  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29953
6 Hardy, Mary Anne  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29956
7 Hardy, William  1841Puddletown, Dorset I29962
8 Hardy, William  1841Puddletown, Dorset I29961
9 Hardy, William  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29962
10 Hardy, William  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29961
11 Harvey, Henry  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29968
12 Harvey, Henry  27 Jul 1851Puddletown, Dorset I29968
13 Hoare, Jane  1871Puddletown, Dorset I29972
14 House, Ann  1 Jul 1783Puddletown, Dorset I22314
15 House, Bessie  1871Puddletown, Dorset I29983
16 House, Caroline  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29986
17 House, Charles  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29987
18 House, Charles Andrew  18 Dec 1895Puddletown, Dorset I15587
19 House, Eliza  30 Nov 1818Puddletown, Dorset I18746
20 House, Elizabeth  9 May 1819Puddletown, Dorset I21471
21 House, Elizabeth  1851Puddletown, Dorset I33548
22 House, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1894Puddletown, Dorset I32859
23 House, Elizabeth Hannah  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29991
24 House, Ellen  1871Puddletown, Dorset I29994
25 House, Ellen Jane  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29995
26 House, Emily  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29997
27 House, Emily  27 Jul 1851Puddletown, Dorset I29997
28 House, Emma Tabitha  1851Puddletown, Dorset I29999
29 House, Esther  1851Puddletown, Dorset I30002
30 House, Fred  1871Puddletown, Dorset I30009
31 House, George  1851Puddletown, Dorset I30012
32 House, George  1851Puddletown, Dorset I30010
33 House, George  1851Puddletown, Dorset I14645
34 House, George  1871Puddletown, Dorset I30011
35 House, Hamutal Tabitha  1841Puddletown, Dorset I30020
36 House, Hamutal Tabitha  1851Puddletown, Dorset I30020
37 House, Henry Charles  20 Mar 1894Puddletown, Dorset I8738
38 House, Isabella  1851Puddletown, Dorset I30026
39 House, James  30 Mar 1851Puddletown, Dorset I30027
40 House, Jane  17 Apr 1845Puddletown, Dorset I33550
41 House, John  14 Nov 1728Puddletown, Dorset I14128
42 House, John  10 Jan 1730/31Puddletown, Dorset I14128
43 House, John  4 Jun 1751Puddletown, Dorset I1858
44 House, John  18 Nov 1782Puddletown, Dorset I118957
45 House, John  1 Oct 1783Puddletown, Dorset I1858
46 House, John  16 Jun 1817Puddletown, Dorset I5438
47 House, John  May 1821Puddletown, Dorset I118957
48 House, John  28 Aug 1842Puddletown, Dorset I7097
49 House, John  2 Mar 1845Puddletown, Dorset I7097
50 House, John  12 Mar 1848Puddletown, Dorset I7097

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clarke / House  29 Dec 1790Puddletown, Dorset F5590
2 House / Cullover  4 Jun 1751Puddletown, Dorset F35899
3 House / Johnson  14 May 1732Puddletown, Dorset F35866
4 House / Kelloway  10 Jan 1730/31Puddletown, Dorset F3022
5 House / Meech  1 Mar 1810Puddletown, Dorset F5378
6 House / Palmer  14 Nov 1728Puddletown, Dorset F7343
7 House / Wellstream  24 Apr 1733Puddletown, Dorset F2848
8 House / Wellstream  27 Dec 1783Puddletown, Dorset F4466
9 Lush / Slade  26 Sep 1785Puddletown, Dorset F35868
10 Stickland / House  2 Oct 1783Puddletown, Dorset F4431