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Quebec, Canada



City/Town : Latitude: 60.9396014, Longitude: -140.7027469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Downes, Julia Matilda Alice  5 Sep 1894Quebec, Canada I81014
2 Downes, Nora Louella  2 Feb 1876Quebec, Canada I80779
3 Foreman, James  Abt 1907Quebec, Canada I102686
4 Foreman, William  Abt 1906Quebec, Canada I102693
5 Halfyard, Edith  19 Mar 1911Quebec, Canada I78783
6 Halfyard, Fredericka May  11 May 1908Quebec, Canada I78780
7 Halfyard, Kate  19 Mar 1911Quebec, Canada I78782
8 Hawkins, Edwin Ethelred Louis  30 Nov 1845Quebec, Canada I101310
9 Hobbs, Catherine  Abt 1855Quebec, Canada I34300
10 House, Ada  1 Nov 1869Quebec, Canada I87220
11 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1873Quebec, Canada I87216
12 House, Charles  Abt 1822Quebec, Canada I44957
13 House, Minnie  Abt 1877Quebec, Canada I87217
14 House, William  19 Feb 1824Quebec, Canada I44993
15 Howes, Anna  6 Jan 1901Quebec, Canada I159032
16 Howes, Dorothy I  Oct 1903Quebec, Canada I159030
17 Howes, Douglas Osborne  Abt 1917Quebec, Canada I81015
18 Howes, Eliza Henrietta  Abt 1861Quebec, Canada I34281
19 Howes, Elizabeth Sarah Kate  21 Oct 1883Quebec, Canada I78761
20 Howes, Fredericka Emily  Abt 1887Quebec, Canada I78762
21 Howes, Hannah Jemima  Abt 1856Quebec, Canada I34280
22 Howes, Harry  Abt 1886Quebec, Canada I34303
23 Howes, Ida L  Abt 1877Quebec, Canada I34301
24 Howes, Louvia Eliza Mildred  Abt Dec 1890Quebec, Canada I81011
25 Howes, Mary Louisa E  Abt 1852Quebec, Canada I34278
26 Howes, Matilda  5 Jul 1898Quebec, Canada I159031
27 Howes, Maude H  11 Sep 1884Quebec, Canada I81022
28 Howes, Wilfred  Abt 1880Quebec, Canada I34302
29 Hudson, Elizabeth  Abt 1875Quebec, Canada I118589
30 Motherwell, Alice Matilda  10 Aug 1892Quebec, Canada I78796
31 Murray, Amelia  15 Mar 1874Quebec, Canada I78764
32 Ogden, Sarah Jane  Abt 1837Quebec, Canada I123746
33 Spence, David Alexander  1920Quebec, Canada I116792
34 Stinson, Hugh Henry  Abt 1900Quebec, Canada I148917
35 Vicaire, Catherine  Jun 1881Quebec, Canada I87227
36 Young, Wallace Dermot  Mar 1881Quebec, Canada I78786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Halfyard, Edith  Apr 1911Quebec, Canada I78783
2 Halfyard, Kate  Apr 1911Quebec, Canada I78782
3 Kyle, Albert Douglass  29 May 1956Quebec, Canada I101307


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Abery, Geoffrey William Joseph  27 Apr 1913Quebec, Canada I133171
2 Buer, Dorothy Elizabeth  Oct 1913Quebec, Canada I87532
3 Cutler, Beatrice Jessie  Abt 31 Aug 1913Quebec, Canada I15167
4 Davies, Anna Louisa  Jul 1903Quebec, Canada I98286
5 Howes, Catherine  May 1913Quebec, Canada I21469
6 Howes, Edward  Jul 1920Quebec, Canada I18775
7 Howes, Gilbert  Abt 17 Sep 1912Quebec, Canada I10102
8 Howes, Herbert James  14 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I35440
9 Howes, Irene Doris  Abt 17 May 1906Quebec, Canada I120854
10 Howes, Ivan Briant  Abt 17 May 1906Quebec, Canada I70638
11 Howes, John Briant  Abt 17 May 1906Quebec, Canada I70640
12 Howes, John Briant  Sep 1919Quebec, Canada I70640
13 Howes, John Lewis Hignall  14 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I35439
14 Howes, Julia  Abt 16 Aug 1924Quebec, Canada I12486
15 Howes, Lorna Elizabeth  Abt 31 Aug 1913Quebec, Canada I100070
16 Howes, Percy  Abt 31 Aug 1913Quebec, Canada I24908
17 Howse, Emily Olive  11 Jun 1919Quebec, Canada I47617
18 Howse, George Evan  Jul 1903Quebec, Canada I98287
19 Howse, Mary Anna  Jul 1903Quebec, Canada I103575
20 Howse, Thomas Henry  Abt 28 May 1913Quebec, Canada I55158
21 Mould, Florence Emily  Abt 17 May 1906Quebec, Canada I70650
22 Phipps, Henry Thomas  May 1907Quebec, Canada I146492
23 Reynolds, Harold Brown  11 Jun 1919Quebec, Canada I47625
24 Thom, Arthur Ernest  Abt 16 Aug 1924Quebec, Canada I106756


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Downes, Julia Matilda Alice  Abt 1894Quebec, Canada I81014
2 Foreman, James  Abt Dec 1903Quebec, Canada I102686
3 Foreman, Philip  Apr 1901Quebec, Canada I102689
4 Foreman, William  Dec 1903Quebec, Canada I102693
5 Halfyard, Fredericka May  May 1908Quebec, Canada I78780
6 Halfyard, Marion Winifred  Mar 1910Quebec, Canada I78781
7 House, Ada  Abt 1867Quebec, Canada I87220
8 House, Ada  Abt 1869Quebec, Canada I87220
9 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1874Quebec, Canada I87216
10 House, Albert Henry  Dec 1875Quebec, Canada I87216
11 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1878Quebec, Canada I87216
12 House, Charles  Abt 1821Quebec, Canada I44957
13 House, Charles  Abt 1825Quebec, Canada I44957
14 House, Edgar  Abt 1885Quebec, Canada I87219
15 House, William  Abt 1820Quebec, Canada I44993
16 House, William  Abt 1823Quebec, Canada I44993
17 House, William  Abt 1825Quebec, Canada I44993
18 House, William  Abt 1827Quebec, Canada I44993
19 House, William  Abt 1828Quebec, Canada I44993
20 House, William  Abt 1883Quebec, Canada I87218
21 Howes, Charles  Abt Sep 1894Quebec, Canada I78689
22 Howes, Dorothy I  Abt 1903Quebec, Canada I159030
23 Howes, Elizabeth Sarah Kate  Abt 1883Quebec, Canada I78761
24 Howes, Elizabeth Sarah Kate  Oct 1884Quebec, Canada I78761
25 Howes, Fredericka Emily  30 Aug 1888Quebec, Canada I78762
26 Howes, George Markham  Apr 1897Quebec, Canada I78690
27 Howes, George Markham  28 Apr 1897Quebec, Canada I78690
28 Howes, George William  Feb 1892Quebec, Canada I81013
29 Howes, George William  11 Feb 1892Quebec, Canada I81013
30 Howes, Louvia Eliza Mildred  Jan 1891Quebec, Canada I81011
31 Howes, Louvia Eliza Mildred  6 Jan 1891Quebec, Canada I81011
32 Howes, Margaret Warnock  Abt 1901Quebec, Canada I159028
33 Howes, Margaret Warnock  Jan 1903Quebec, Canada I159028
34 Howes, Mary Louisa E  Abt 1853Quebec, Canada I34278
35 Howes, Mary Louisa E  Abt 1859Quebec, Canada I34278
36 Howes, Matilda  Jul 1898Quebec, Canada I159031
37 Howes, Maude H  Abt 1884Quebec, Canada I81022
38 Howes, Milley Ann  Abt 1855Quebec, Canada I34279
39 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1850Quebec, Canada I34277
40 Newman, John Noke  Abt 1833Quebec, Canada I123743
41 Thomas, Elizabeth  Abt 1863Quebec, Canada I81883
42 Thomas, Elizabeth  Abt 1866Quebec, Canada I81883
43 Vicaire, Catherine  Abt 1880Quebec, Canada I87227
44 Watman, Jessie Amelia  4 Oct 1878Quebec, Canada I61828
45 Young, Ruth Elizabeth  May 1910Quebec, Canada I78787
46 Young, Wallace Dermot  3 Mar 1881Quebec, Canada I78786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Howes, Catherine  2 May 1913Quebec, Canada I21469
2 Howes, Charles Frederick  4 Nov 1921Quebec, Canada I20194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Ambrose, Alice Audrey  25 May 1887Quebec, Canada I110908
2 Baker, Mary Ann  4 Aug 1929Quebec, Canada I32772
3 Bangay, Ethel  30 Sep 1909Quebec, Canada I18164
4 Bargewell, Benjamin Arthur  5 Aug 1889Quebec, Canada I123556
5 Bargewell, Ellen  5 Aug 1889Quebec, Canada I123557
6 Bargewell, Ezra  5 Aug 1889Quebec, Canada I123553
7 Bargewell, Sarah Elizabeth  5 Aug 1889Quebec, Canada I88376
8 Bennet, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I70109
9 Chalk, Rebecca C  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I48022
10 Davis, Jubilee Nellie  30 Aug 1923Quebec, Canada I109266
11 Emmett, Daisy  16 Jul 1919Quebec, Canada I693
12 Hembrow, Albert Sidney  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37433
13 Hembrow, Gertrude Bessie  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37439
14 Hembrow, Guy George Reginald  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37440
15 Hembrow, Harold Henry House  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37441
16 Hembrow, Lilian Mary Margaret  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37443
17 Hembrow, Olive Nancy Rebecca  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37445
18 Hembrow, Richard Joseph John  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37446
19 Hillier, Frances Hebe  9 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I39950
20 Hillier, Lorna  9 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I39951
21 Hillier, Rose Margaret  9 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I39952
22 Hillier, William Frank Hughes  9 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I39953
23 Horder, Mary Rosina  5 May 1887Quebec, Canada I43948
24 House, Ada  5 May 1887Quebec, Canada I87220
25 House, Albert  3 May 1889Quebec, Canada I48932
26 House, Albert Henry  5 May 1887Quebec, Canada I87216
27 House, Albert William  9 May 1911Quebec, Canada I47044
28 House, Amelia  7 May 1905Quebec, Canada I37454
29 House, Charles Frederick  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I48000
30 House, Daisy Jane  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I60397
31 House, Edgar  5 May 1887Quebec, Canada I87219
32 House, Edward  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I48001
33 House, Eileen Mary Kirkwood  8 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I70133
34 House, Ernest Kirkwood  8 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I70139
35 House, Farnham  5 May 1887Quebec, Canada I43915
36 House, Frederick Thomas  24 Mar 1919Quebec, Canada I48233
37 House, Frederick Thomas  21 Apr 1923Quebec, Canada I48233
38 House, George  3 Aug 1896Quebec, Canada I48952
39 House, Gladys May  4 Aug 1929Quebec, Canada I43093
40 House, James H  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I48008
41 House, Jesse  3 Aug 1896Quebec, Canada I48971
42 House, John Reginald  4 Aug 1929Quebec, Canada I43094
43 House, Joseph  9 Jul 1886Quebec, Canada I48010
44 House, Joseph William  May 1884Quebec, Canada I48009
45 House, Kate  3 Aug 1896Quebec, Canada I48974
46 House, Leslie Angela  9 Jun 1912Quebec, Canada I39998
47 House, Lily  25 Aug 1874Quebec, Canada I142899
48 House, Lily Lavinia  4 Aug 1929Quebec, Canada I74769
49 House, Louisa  May 1884Quebec, Canada I60396
50 House, Mary  25 Aug 1874Quebec, Canada I142898

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Halfyard, Marion Winifred  1 Jun 1911Quebec, Canada I78781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Service    Person ID 
1 Reynolds, Harold Brown  17 Jun 1919Quebec, Canada I47625