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Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire



Location : Latitude: 51.447338, Longitude: -1.0486645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Derek Stephen  11 Feb 1949Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I80015


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Bertram David  Abt May 1974Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113110
2 Baber, Ethel Annie  Abt Feb 1983Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48529
3 Barefoot, George William  Abt Feb 1994Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I70625
4 Bennett, Dorothy  Abt Aug 1996Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113954
5 Biggs, William Joseph  Abt Nov 1977Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I131361
6 Bowden, Muriel M  Abt May 1978Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113056
7 Boyling, Nellie Beatrice E  Abt May 1975Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I47372
8 Chapman, Lilian Pretoria  Abt Feb 1981Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I31679
9 Clark, Stanley Albert William  Abt May 1981Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113059
10 Collis, George William  Abt Feb 1982Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48362
11 Colton, Gladys Emily I  Abt May 1979Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113902
12 Cook, Derek Stephen  Abt Aug 1988Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I80015
13 Cook, Harry Edward  Abt Feb 1978Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I160179
14 Croasdale, Clifford  22 Jan 1983Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I9618
15 Dunbar, Maud  Abt Nov 1976Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I127305
16 Eaton, Ronald Dennis  Abt Jun 1990Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I51348
17 Fear, Edith Blanche  Abt Nov 1983Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I45902
18 Franklin, Ivy Doris Madeline  Abt Aug 1982Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I50615
19 Garratt, Doris May  Abt Oct 1990Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113637
20 Hawkins, Eva Kate  Abt Nov 1975Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I87325
21 House, Ada Louise  Abt Nov 1976Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48199
22 House, Albert Edward  Abt Jul 1985Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48365
23 House, Bernard Sinclair  24 Oct 1992Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I58449
24 House, Clifford Herbert  Abt May 1979Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48536
25 House, Cyril Ernest  Abt Nov 1989Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I46344
26 House, Cyril Ernest  Abt Feb 1995Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I94799
27 House, Cyril Kenneth  Abt Feb 1996Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113054
28 House, Emma Anna  Abt Aug 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I7438
29 House, Eric George  Abt Nov 1992Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113692
30 House, Florence Elizabeth Amelia Rosina  Abt Feb 1989Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I81991
31 House, Florence Gladys  Abt Nov 1989Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48749
32 House, Frances Elizabeth Ellen  Abt Feb 1983Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48750
33 House, Frederick Arthur James  Abt Apr 1986Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48751
34 House, George Henry James  Abt May 1977Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48237
35 House, George Redvers Baden  Abt Feb 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48752
36 House, Gilbert Laurence  Abt Aug 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I37910
37 House, Gwendoline Cynthia  Abt Sep 1987Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I129847
38 House, Gwenllian  Abt Feb 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I81997
39 House, Herbert Stanley  Abt May 1976Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48549
40 House, Louisa Evelyn A  Abt Aug 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I51369
41 House, Margery Edith M  Abt Jul 1998Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113051
42 House, Phyllis Marion  Abt Nov 1992Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I51377
43 House, Sidney Greenfield  Abt Aug 1982Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48728
44 House, Violet Evelyn May  Abt Jun 1984Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48757
45 House, Violet Nellie E  Abt Dec 1990Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I113050
46 House, William Henry Charles  Abt Feb 1976Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48760
47 House, William Thomas  Abt Jul 1986Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48391
48 Howes, Albert Joseph  Abt Feb 1977Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48656
49 Howes, Alice Muriel  Apr 1995Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I26720
50 Howes, Florence Blanch  Abt May 1978Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I15360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Croasdale, Clifford  Abt Feb 1983Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I9618
2 Ellis, Leonard Herbert  Abt Feb 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I114138
3 Hobbins, Nellie Kathleen Jane  Abt Feb 1990Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I16726
4 House, Bernard Sinclair  Abt Oct 1992Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I58449
5 House, Kenneth Raymond  Feb 1998Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I31680
6 House, Percival John  Abt Nov 1977Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I3358
7 House, Walter George  Abt Feb 1980Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I43833
8 Howes, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1976Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I48638
9 Roads, William John  Apr 1985Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I11296
10 Thornitt, Gladys Mary  Abt Aug 1988Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I20004
11 Walker, Edith May  Abt May 1985Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire I111677


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Warrant / Howse  Abt Feb 1990Reading & Wokingham RD, Berkshire F38005