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Rugby, Warwickshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.3719965, Longitude: -1.2508038


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnwell, Ernest Frederick  Abt Nov 1861Rugby, Warwickshire I22078
2 Barnwell, Gladys Mary  25 Jan 1892Rugby, Warwickshire I20664
3 Barnwell, Ralph Ernest  20 Jan 1895Rugby, Warwickshire I28955
4 Bird, Lawrence Victor  12 Mar 1905Rugby, Warwickshire I66639
5 Bruce, Lilian Marjorie  15 Jan 1920Rugby, Warwickshire I3785
6 Bruce, Walter  Mar 1894Rugby, Warwickshire I22908
7 Crane, Doris Gwendoline  26 Apr 1908Rugby, Warwickshire I51563
8 Edmonds, Anne E  Mar 1921Rugby, Warwickshire I26549
9 Gibbs, Lillian Ann  Abt 1877Rugby, Warwickshire I716
10 Goode, Annie Mabel  3 Apr 1889Rugby, Warwickshire I109121
11 Hawkes, Herbert J  Sep 1921Rugby, Warwickshire I1535
12 Hawkes, Winifred M  Mar 1920Rugby, Warwickshire I2213
13 House, Annie Olivia  19 Jul 1909Rugby, Warwickshire I66498
14 House, Frank  Abt Nov 1906Rugby, Warwickshire I66506
15 House, John Alfred  27 Oct 1908Rugby, Warwickshire I66513
16 House, Kathleen Eva  18 May 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I66517
17 Howes, Florence Edith  9 Feb 1900Rugby, Warwickshire I6469
18 Howes, Frank  1 Oct 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I51564
19 Howes, George Robert  20 Feb 1904Rugby, Warwickshire I66819
20 Howes, Gladys Elsie  21 Oct 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I19522
21 Howes, Herbert Joseph  1 Dec 1910Rugby, Warwickshire I66820
22 Howes, John William  23 Aug 1903Rugby, Warwickshire I51567
23 Howes, Joseph  Abt Feb 1949Rugby, Warwickshire I8382
24 Howes, Julie Mary  10 Aug 1973Rugby, Warwickshire I16636
25 Howes, Lilian Ada  Abt Apr 1896Rugby, Warwickshire I66591
26 Howes, William Thomas  24 Mar 1905Rugby, Warwickshire I66838
27 Howse, Beatrice Mary Ann  4 Jun 1881Rugby, Warwickshire I55216
28 Howse, Beatrice Mary Anne  23 Apr 1883Rugby, Warwickshire I55231
29 Howse, Charles Bertie Scotton  26 Dec 1885Rugby, Warwickshire I55217
30 Howse, Dorothy  18 Sep 1894Rugby, Warwickshire I55219
31 Howse, George Walton  20 Oct 1911Rugby, Warwickshire I55221
32 Howse, Margaret Emma  13 Aug 1896Rugby, Warwickshire I55230
33 Howse, Matthew Henry Scott  May 1872Rugby, Warwickshire I55233
34 Howse, Penelope Norah  17 Sep 1891Rugby, Warwickshire I55234
35 Howse, Richard Cox  30 Jun 1879Rugby, Warwickshire I55238
36 Howse, Susannah Sarah  Abt May 1876Rugby, Warwickshire I55243
37 Howse, Winifred Ann  30 Sep 1889Rugby, Warwickshire I55246
38 Johnson, Lucy Ann  Abt 1849Rugby, Warwickshire I125704
39 Jones, Ivor Ernest  16 Jan 1958Rugby, Warwickshire I25953
40 Lane, Lawrence Frederick  31 Jul 1917Rugby, Warwickshire I7604
41 Lee, Marjorie  3 Sep 1921Rugby, Warwickshire I24047
42 Linnett, Edith Elizabeth  7 Dec 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I66750
43 Lister, Katherine M  12 Sep 1929Rugby, Warwickshire I170930
44 Lister, Louisa Lister  6 Oct 1883Rugby, Warwickshire I170917
45 Love, Alfred John  Abt 1839Rugby, Warwickshire I69711
46 Middleton, Emma Dorothy  15 Mar 1908Rugby, Warwickshire I51579
47 Mills, Florence Ellen  Abt Feb 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I66757
48 Mills, George Albert  Abt Aug 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I66758
49 Mills, Harry  Abt Sep 1900Rugby, Warwickshire I66759
50 Mills, Jessie  Abt May 1903Rugby, Warwickshire I66760

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Walter  Mar 1923Rugby, Warwickshire I22908
2 Carey, Frederick George  19 Mar 1941Rugby, Warwickshire I17628
3 Clarke, Kathleen Mary  4 Dec 1984Rugby, Warwickshire I24913
4 Clarke, Mary  14 Dec 1970Rugby, Warwickshire I170929
5 Grant, Sidney Arthur  Dec 1964Rugby, Warwickshire I19886
6 Greenacre, Florence Betty  14 Jan 2011Rugby, Warwickshire I108208
7 Hawkes, Emily May  Jan 1984Rugby, Warwickshire I8447
8 Horrex, Philip Geoffrey  15 Jul 1978Rugby, Warwickshire I21432
9 Howes, Edwin Samuel  1 Jul 1914Rugby, Warwickshire I666
10 Howes, Emily Bertha  Jun 1936Rugby, Warwickshire I20708
11 Howes, Ernest Norman  Oct 1985Rugby, Warwickshire I13465
12 Howes, Florence Edith  Mar 1968Rugby, Warwickshire I6469
13 Howes, Frances Lily  26 Oct 1968Rugby, Warwickshire I5958
14 Howes, John Edward  Abt Feb 1960Rugby, Warwickshire I51477
15 Howes, John Samuel  Dec 1896Rugby, Warwickshire I19026
16 Howes, Joseph  Abt 21 Sep 1893Rugby, Warwickshire I66706
17 Howes, Sarah  Abt 1 Jan 1868Rugby, Warwickshire I21188
18 Howes, Thomas  Abt 6 Dec 1865Rugby, Warwickshire I25469
19 Howes, William James  26 Jul 2000Rugby, Warwickshire I16662
20 Howse, Beatrice Mary Ann  4 Jun 1881Rugby, Warwickshire I55216
21 Jones, Ivor Ernest  May 1994Rugby, Warwickshire I25953
22 Jones, Thomas Charles George  15 Sep 1991Rugby, Warwickshire I8448
23 Knibbs, George  27 Jul 1935Rugby, Warwickshire I130719
24 Lee, Marjorie  14 Aug 2008Rugby, Warwickshire I24047
25 Montgomery, Hiram James  Sep 1979Rugby, Warwickshire I6234
26 Newcomb, Robert Edwin  Mar 1964Rugby, Warwickshire I7132
27 Pearson, Dorothy Violet  11 May 1964Rugby, Warwickshire I2284
28 Phillimore, Dorothy Eliza  Aug 1987Rugby, Warwickshire I27130
29 Russell, Terence Lawrence Ernest Bernard  28 Jan 1999Rugby, Warwickshire I27977
30 Savage, Alice Maud  25 Apr 1972Rugby, Warwickshire I79747
31 Taylor, Annie Elizabeth  Sep 1983Rugby, Warwickshire I4565
32 Weaver, Alice Maud  25 Apr 1972Rugby, Warwickshire I94698
33 Welch, Stanley  8 Mar 1968Rugby, Warwickshire I24744
34 Windsor, William John  9 Mar 1962Rugby, Warwickshire I61024
35 Wooding, Elizabeth Cecilia  4 Jun 1881Rugby, Warwickshire I55270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howes, Joseph  18 Mar 1849Rugby, Warwickshire I8382


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnwell, Ernest Frederick  Abt 1861Rugby, Warwickshire I22078
2 Barnwell, Gladys Mary  Abt 1891Rugby, Warwickshire I20664
3 Barnwell, Ralph Ernest  Abt 1894Rugby, Warwickshire I28955
4 Barnwell, Ralph Ernest  Abt Apr 1895Rugby, Warwickshire I28955
5 Bird, Lawrence Victor  Abt 1904Rugby, Warwickshire I66639
6 Goode, Annie Mabel  Abt 1889Rugby, Warwickshire I109121
7 House, Annie Olivia  Abt 1909Rugby, Warwickshire I66498
8 House, Francis Owen  Abt 1881Rugby, Warwickshire I66505
9 House, Frank  Abt 1906Rugby, Warwickshire I66506
10 House, John Alfred  Rugby, Warwickshire I66512
11 House, John Alfred  Abt 1908Rugby, Warwickshire I66513
12 House, Kathleen Eva  Abt 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I66517
13 House, William James  Abt 1841Rugby, Warwickshire I66526
14 Howes, Ellen Jane  Abt 1868Rugby, Warwickshire I66678
15 Howes, Florence Edith  Abt 1899Rugby, Warwickshire I6469
16 Howes, Frank  Abt 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I51564
17 Howes, George Robert  Abt 1903Rugby, Warwickshire I66819
18 Howes, Gladys Elsie  Abt 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I19522
19 Howes, Gladys Elsie  21 Oct 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I19522
20 Howes, Herbert Joseph  Abt Dec 1910Rugby, Warwickshire I66820
21 Howes, John William  Abt 1903Rugby, Warwickshire I51567
22 Howes, Joseph  Abt 1848Rugby, Warwickshire I8382
23 Howes, William Thomas  Abt 1904Rugby, Warwickshire I66838
24 Howse, Charles Bertie Scotton  Abt 1885Rugby, Warwickshire I55217
25 Howse, Charles Bertie Scotton  Abt 1886Rugby, Warwickshire I55217
26 Howse, Dorothy  Abt 1894Rugby, Warwickshire I55219
27 Howse, Joseph Williams  Abt 1884Rugby, Warwickshire I55228
28 Howse, Margaret Emma  Abt 1896Rugby, Warwickshire I55230
29 Howse, Matthew Henry Scott  Abt 1871Rugby, Warwickshire I55233
30 Howse, Matthew Henry Scott  Abt 1872Rugby, Warwickshire I55233
31 Howse, Matthew Henry Scott  16 Dec 1876Rugby, Warwickshire I55233
32 Howse, Penelope Norah  Abt 1891Rugby, Warwickshire I55234
33 Howse, Richard Cox  Abt 1879Rugby, Warwickshire I55238
34 Howse, Susannah Sarah  Abt 1876Rugby, Warwickshire I55243
35 Howse, Winifred Ann  Abt 1889Rugby, Warwickshire I55246
36 Johnson, Lucy Ann  Abt 1848Rugby, Warwickshire I125704
37 Linnett, Edith Elizabeth  Abt 1897Rugby, Warwickshire I66750
38 Lister, Charles William  Abt 1857Rugby, Warwickshire I170892
39 Mills, Florence Ellen  Abt 1896Rugby, Warwickshire I66757
40 Mills, George Albert  Abt 1907Rugby, Warwickshire I66758
41 Mills, Harry  Abt 1900Rugby, Warwickshire I66759
42 Mills, Jessie  Abt 1902Rugby, Warwickshire I66760
43 Palmer, Benjamin  Abt 1899Rugby, Warwickshire I66985
44 Palmer, Flora  Abt 1901Rugby, Warwickshire I66986
45 Rathbone, Emma Caroline  Abt 1859Rugby, Warwickshire I69827
46 Smith, Margaret Mary  Abt 1894Rugby, Warwickshire I109026
47 Tidmarsh, Hilda Doris  Abt May 1910Rugby, Warwickshire I66989
48 Withers, Kenneth Bernard  Abt 1900Rugby, Warwickshire I109975
49 Woodroffe, Annie  Abt 1863Rugby, Warwickshire I18867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Anna Maria  Abt 10 Mar 1856Rugby, Warwickshire I67129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnwell, Ernest Frederick  1 Sep 1887Rugby, Warwickshire I22078
2 Fiddler, Mary Ann  1940Rugby, Warwickshire I66490
3 House, John Alfred  1940Rugby, Warwickshire I66512
4 Howes, Emily Bertha  18 Oct 1886Rugby, Warwickshire I20708
5 Howes, Mary Jane  1 Sep 1887Rugby, Warwickshire I9892
6 Howes, Thomas  18 Mar 1849Rugby, Warwickshire I25469
7 Howse, Richard Cox  30 Jun 1872Rugby, Warwickshire I55237
8 Howse, Richard Cox  16 Jul 1882Rugby, Warwickshire I55237
9 Iliff, William  26 Dec 1871Rugby, Warwickshire I26411
10 Newcomb, Thomas Brown  18 Oct 1886Rugby, Warwickshire I19801
11 Phipps, Matthew Wise  22 Jun 1852Rugby, Warwickshire I12136
12 Wooding, Elizabeth Cecilia  30 Jun 1872Rugby, Warwickshire I55270


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Howes  Dec 1889Rugby, Warwickshire F5331
2 Grant / Howes  Dec 1924Rugby, Warwickshire F2930
3 Hawkes / Newcomb  21 Dec 1917Rugby, Warwickshire F6623
4 Howes / Lee  20 Apr 1987Rugby, Warwickshire F7953
5 Howes / Phillimore  Jun 1939Rugby, Warwickshire F8827
6 Jones / Dumbleton  Jun 1955Rugby, Warwickshire F3199
7 Jones / Edmonds  Jun 1944Rugby, Warwickshire F8657
8 Montgomery / Hawkes  13 Apr 1936Rugby, Warwickshire F3474
9 Newcomb / Howes  Abt Nov 1886Rugby, Warwickshire F7026
10 Newcomb / Taylor  10 Jul 1920Rugby, Warwickshire F2377


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Young  17 Feb 1896Rugby, Warwickshire F4181