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SE Surrey RD, Surrey



County/Shire : Latitude: 51.2742865, Longitude: -0.3880845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Sylvia D  Abt Aug 1952SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123478
2 House, David J  Abt Nov 1944SE Surrey RD, Surrey I116566
3 House, Nicholas Holman  6 Feb 1972SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123620
4 House, Philip D  Abt May 1963SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123638
5 Howes, Anthony Francis J  30 Apr 1954SE Surrey RD, Surrey I118541
6 Howes, Kathleen  Abt May 1936SE Surrey RD, Surrey I98463
7 Jewsbury, Claire Elaine  19 Jun 1962SE Surrey RD, Surrey I89472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abel, Joseph Laurence  Abt Nov 1975SE Surrey RD, Surrey I46777
2 Agate, Elizabeth Ellen  Abt Aug 1935SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77956
3 Balcombe, Frederick George  Abt Nov 1958SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77951
4 Blackburn, Kathleen Joan  Abt Jan 1998SE Surrey RD, Surrey I118194
5 Child, Dorothy Gertrude  Abt Aug 1978SE Surrey RD, Surrey I28625
6 Clarke, Arthur Henry  Abt Nov 1978SE Surrey RD, Surrey I119062
7 Collins, Winifred E  Abt Nov 1967SE Surrey RD, Surrey I98460
8 Cooke, William Henry  Abt Aug 1952SE Surrey RD, Surrey I64461
9 Coomber, Jocelyn Olive Hartie  Abt Aug 1975SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123468
10 Coppard, Charles David E  Abt Nov 1980SE Surrey RD, Surrey I113120
11 Crossley, Rose Annie  Abt Nov 1958SE Surrey RD, Surrey I81692
12 Cunningham, Wilfred John  Abt Feb 1974SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77214
13 Curl, Charles James  Abt Feb 1947SE Surrey RD, Surrey I62781
14 Dale, Harold Churchill  Abt Feb 1987SE Surrey RD, Surrey I27881
15 Denyer, Harold George  Abt Aug 1980SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123485
16 Dix, Olive Eileen  Abt Feb 1964SE Surrey RD, Surrey I163480
17 Foote, Florence Mabel  Abt Aug 1984SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123495
18 Forss, Richard John  Abt Nov 1969SE Surrey RD, Surrey I110729
19 Fuller, John Stanley  Abt Nov 1992SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123475
20 Fuller, Sylvia D  Abt Aug 1952SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123478
21 Funnell, Richard Conrad  Abt Dec 1996SE Surrey RD, Surrey I113670
22 Gallard, Agnes Matilda  Abt Aug 1949SE Surrey RD, Surrey I11242
23 Gowland, Martha Ann  Abt Nov 1947SE Surrey RD, Surrey I4651
24 Gurney, Reginald Brodie  Abt Feb 1940SE Surrey RD, Surrey I64592
25 Hollins, George Herbert  Abt Nov 1940SE Surrey RD, Surrey I117527
26 Hood, Ivy Dorothy  Abt May 1968SE Surrey RD, Surrey I52168
27 House, Amy Alice  Abt Oct 1993SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77176
28 House, Annie Julia  Abt Mar 1985SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123474
29 House, Brian John Lee  3 Jan 1996SE Surrey RD, Surrey I33639
30 House, Charles Herbert W  Abt May 1986SE Surrey RD, Surrey I26988
31 House, Charles William  Abt Aug 1942SE Surrey RD, Surrey I50873
32 House, Charlotte Louise  Abt May 1978SE Surrey RD, Surrey I55184
33 House, Dora Eva  Abt Nov 1986SE Surrey RD, Surrey I23155
34 House, Edith Mary Amey  Abt Feb 1949SE Surrey RD, Surrey I27040
35 House, Edward William  Abt Aug 1980SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123494
36 House, Ernest  Abt May 1947SE Surrey RD, Surrey I15694
37 House, Ernest John  Abt Nov 1962SE Surrey RD, Surrey I36622
38 House, Ernest John Philip  Abt Sep 1986SE Surrey RD, Surrey I15891
39 House, Evelyn Florence  Abt Nov 1992SE Surrey RD, Surrey I31711
40 House, Florence Ellen  Abt Feb 1964SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77957
41 House, Frances Mary  Abt Feb 1978SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77958
42 House, Frederick Charles  Abt May 1976SE Surrey RD, Surrey I33994
43 House, George  Abt Aug 1968SE Surrey RD, Surrey I55186
44 House, Grace Stevenson  Abt Feb 1956SE Surrey RD, Surrey I37084
45 House, Harold James  Abt May 1956SE Surrey RD, Surrey I3744
46 House, Henry James  Abt Feb 1958SE Surrey RD, Surrey I35054
47 House, Herbert  Abt Nov 1939SE Surrey RD, Surrey I27908
48 House, Herbert John  Abt Nov 1944SE Surrey RD, Surrey I15290
49 House, Hilda May  Abt Nov 1982SE Surrey RD, Surrey I18661
50 House, John  Abt Feb 1942SE Surrey RD, Surrey I77150

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 House, Nicholas Holman  Abt Feb 1972SE Surrey RD, Surrey I123620
2 Howes, Anthony Francis J  Abt May 1954SE Surrey RD, Surrey I118541
3 Jewsbury, Claire Elaine  Abt May 1962SE Surrey RD, Surrey I89472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Brian John Lee  Jan 1996SE Surrey RD, Surrey I33639
2 Howes, Cecil Stanley  Abt May 1942SE Surrey RD, Surrey I2751
3 Howes, Ronald Eric  Abt Feb 1964SE Surrey RD, Surrey I54563
4 Willbourn, Arthur John Norman  Apr 1988SE Surrey RD, Surrey I148039
5 Willbourn, Arthur John Norman  Abt May 1988SE Surrey RD, Surrey I148039


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Wootton  Abt Nov 1942SE Surrey RD, Surrey F33159
2 Denyer / House  Abt May 1939SE Surrey RD, Surrey F37331
3 Gornall / Mills  Abt May 1959SE Surrey RD, Surrey F43302
4 Hoare / House  Abt Feb 1947SE Surrey RD, Surrey F33968
5 House / Capon  Abt May 1935SE Surrey RD, Surrey F52176
6 House / Coomber  Abt Feb 1936SE Surrey RD, Surrey F37327
7 House / Dean  Abt Feb 1947SE Surrey RD, Surrey F13456
8 House / Foote  Abt May 1939SE Surrey RD, Surrey F37337
9 House / Worth  Abt Aug 1936SE Surrey RD, Surrey F35064
10 Howes / Blackburn  Abt Nov 1949SE Surrey RD, Surrey F35626
11 Howes / Hodgson  Abt Aug 1942SE Surrey RD, Surrey F35483
12 Howes / Lindfield  Abt Aug 1945SE Surrey RD, Surrey F35758
13 Howes / Norris  Abt Nov 1934SE Surrey RD, Surrey F12567
14 Ridley / Louis  Abt Aug 1935SE Surrey RD, Surrey F38248
15 Wallis / Cross  Abt Nov 1943SE Surrey RD, Surrey F49645
16 Wickens / House  Abt Nov 1935SE Surrey RD, Surrey F35063
17 Woodward / Kemp  Abt Feb 1937SE Surrey RD, Surrey F23843


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Freeman  Abt May 1948SE Surrey RD, Surrey F39958