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Country : Latitude: 55.8579, Longitude: -4.25304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ruth  Abt 1895Scotland I95830
2 Broatch, Elspeth  Abt 1906Scotland I96495
3 Buddie, Thomas  Abt 1840Scotland I87174
4 Burnett, Georgina Evelyn  Abt 1894Scotland I10234
5 Bute, James  3 Sep 1838Scotland I86618
6 Calder, Lewis William  1839Scotland I14421
7 Campbell, Colin Stewart  Abt 1836Scotland I37396
8 Clarke, Catherine Elizabeth  Abt 1856Scotland I72837
9 Davidson, John  Abt 1875Scotland I92016
10 Drake, Walter Morris  28 Jun 1929Scotland I107839
11 Goodfellow, Christeen Isabel Boston  2 Apr 1900Scotland I108903
12 Gray, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Scotland I26036
13 Greig, Bella Jane Cantley  Abt 1888Scotland I125241
14 Hall, Robina Elizabeth  Abt 1843Scotland I129765
15 Halliday, John  Abt 1869Scotland I107993
16 Hamilton, Andrew  1860Scotland I51862
17 Hay, Robert Patterson  Abt 1878Scotland I116123
18 Hopkin, Walter  Abt 1842Scotland I107533
19 House, Eleanor H P  Abt 1909Scotland I87375
20 Houze, Delia  Abt 1878Scotland I107308
21 Howse, Ellen  Abt 1898Scotland I87277
22 Howse, John  Abt 1904Scotland I87275
23 Howse, Kathleen  Abt 1906Scotland I87276
24 Joss, John Farguhar Lunsden  Abt 1857Scotland I55033
25 Kay, Jane  Abt 1827Scotland I22150
26 Lightbody, William Paterson Hay  1893Scotland I10895
27 Lindsay, Margaret Love  Abt 1881Scotland I87373
28 MacLachlen, Marion  Abt 1890Scotland I17788
29 MacPherson, Gordon Grant  Abt 1887Scotland I40313
30 Matheson, Adam  Abt 1827Scotland I128107
31 McArthur, Margaret Robertson Walker  1904Scotland I75076
32 McEwen, Ellen  Abt 1825Scotland I118512
33 McLachlan, Agnes  25 Apr 1845Scotland I93695
34 McLachlan, Catherine  17 Nov 1853Scotland I93688
35 McMorland, Mary Nicol  9 Jul 1897Scotland I64630
36 McQuat, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Scotland I94362
37 Mountain, Edward  Abt 1893Scotland I31085
38 Park, Mary  Abt 1842Scotland I69431
39 Scott, Jessie  16 Feb 1884Scotland I40301
40 Topping, Williamina Simson  Abt 1866Scotland I30849
41 Tully, Thomas  Abt 1823Scotland I41058
42 Walker, Lily  16 May 1922Scotland I40461


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Watson, Henry Jones  1912Scotland I104485
2 Watson, Isabella Mary Amelia  1904Scotland I104486


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, William  Abt 1839Scotland I30498
2 Atkin, Kenneth MacKenzie  Abt 1818Scotland I19661
3 Bevis, Margaret  Abt 1853Scotland I69258
4 Bevis, Margaret  Abt 1854Scotland I69258
5 Bruce, Alexander Rae  Abt 1885Scotland I146485
6 Bruce, Alexander Rae  Apr 1885Scotland I146485
7 Bute, James  Sep 1841Scotland I86618
8 Bute, James  Abt 1843Scotland I86618
9 Bute, James  Abt 1844Scotland I86618
10 Carroll, Catherine  Abt 1849Scotland I148896
11 Chambers, Arthur Hyde  26 Mar 1892Scotland I102995
12 Chambers, Jessie May  Abt 1881Scotland I67669
13 Chambers, Jessie May  28 May 1882Scotland I67669
14 Chambers, Phoebe Rosalee  15 Oct 1899Scotland I102997
15 Chambers, Winifred Dorothy  4 Feb 1896Scotland I102996
16 Clark, John Hennessey  1835Scotland I135910
17 Clarke, Jessie  Abt 1857Scotland I67668
18 Clarke, Jessie  18 Aug 1857Scotland I67668
19 Dunn, William  Abt 1833Scotland I136075
20 Gordon, William Charles  Abt 1858Scotland I71633
21 Greig, Bella Jane Cantley  Abt 1889Scotland I125241
22 Grieve, George MacNab  Abt 1856Scotland I92826
23 Hamilton, Maggie H  Abt 1854Scotland I40778
24 Hamilton, Maggie H  Abt 1857Scotland I40778
25 Hardie, Esther Squires  Abt 1875Scotland I43438
26 House, Charles  Abt 1880Scotland I40794
27 House, Charles  Abt 1881Scotland I40794
28 House, Frederick Edinburgh  Abt 1867Scotland I99397
29 House, Herbert G  Abt 1883Scotland I70870
30 House, Margaret  Abt 1863Scotland I41156
31 House, Sarah  Abt 1869Scotland I37790
32 House, William Smith  Abt 1888Scotland I70170
33 Howes, Alice Georgina  Abt 1897Scotland I57796
34 Howes, Eleanor  Abt 1882Scotland I11669
35 Howes, Herbert Edward  Abt 1878Scotland I24987
36 Howes, Isabella  Abt 1894Scotland I57789
37 Howes, Leonard  Abt 1880Scotland I14706
38 Howes, Rebecca  Abt 1862Scotland I45357
39 Howes, Thomas  Abt 1891Scotland I57811
40 MacPherson, Gordon Grant  Abt 1885Scotland I40313
41 Main, Robert  Abt 1860Scotland I104480
42 Matheson, Adam  Abt 1826Scotland I128107
43 McArthur, Margaret Robertson Walker  28 Oct 1905Scotland I75076
44 McDonald, Donald  Abt 1855Scotland I80329
45 McEwen, Ellen  Abt 1835Scotland I118512
46 McGee, Caroline Ellen  Scotland I149340
47 McKenzie, Donald McKay  4 May 1891Scotland I17333
48 McLachlan, Agnes  Abt 1844Scotland I93695
49 McLachlan, Agnes  Abt 1845Scotland I93695
50 McLachlan, Catherine  Abt 1852Scotland I93688

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