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Sedgemoor RD, Somerset



Latitude: 51.074972, Longitude: -3.0317215


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Frances Lorraine  May 1992Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I159148
2 Bagg, Winifred Amelia  Abt Feb 1988Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30517
3 Baker, Marjorie Elizabeth  10 Sep 1990Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I135283
4 Boone, Doris Nellie  Abt Mar 1984Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I33881
5 Bowerman, Raymond  Abt May 1999Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I72906
6 Cook, John Colborne  Abt Nov 1977Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I105997
7 Cook, Raymond Albert  Abt Jan 1988Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I116704
8 Creswick, Edward Thomas  8 Jan 2003Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I116729
9 Darter, Olive Florence May  Abt Feb 1980Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I117797
10 Emery, David Woodward  Abt Nov 1976Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I116726
11 Evans, Queenie  Abt Dec 1989Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I139919
12 Fox, Daisy Anna May  Abt Feb 1983Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I131261
13 Gleadall, Stanley Nelson  Jan 1997Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I159172
14 Harris, Annie Margaret S  Abt May 1985Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I101670
15 Harris, Gertrude Winifred J  Abt Feb 1979Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I101671
16 House, Alfred Graham H  Abt Dec 1998Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I131234
17 House, Clifford James  Abt Mar 1991Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I37475
18 House, Cyril Lee  Abt Feb 1981Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I33646
19 House, Dorothy Victoria  Abt Nov 1989Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I33979
20 House, Douglas David  Abt Nov 1978Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30625
21 House, Eileen Beryl  Abt Jan 1999Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30630
22 House, Ernest William  Abt Nov 1974Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30642
23 House, Gordon Vaughan  Abt Nov 1980Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I101081
24 House, Olive Mary  Abt Jan 1991Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I34095
25 House, Roland William  Abt Jun 1987Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I33774
26 House, Ronald J  17 Sep 1985Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I34858
27 House, Victor Michael  Abt Nov 2001Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I80465
28 Howes, Evelyn Mary  Abt Aug 1999Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I93939
29 Howes, Raymond D  Abt Jul 2006Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I34337
30 Jones, Enid Dorothy  Abt May 1974Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I80811
31 Love, Edgar Raymond  Abt May 2006Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I139504
32 Lowry, Patrick James  Abt Sep 1995Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I130448
33 Mitchell, Lionel John  Abt Feb 1976Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I113139
34 Morris, Lilian Mary  29 Dec 1995Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30811
35 Norris, Margaret Mary  Abt May 1979Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I139550
36 Over, Charles Wilfred  Abt Nov 1977Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I143214
37 Perris, Leonard William  Abt Jul 2000Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I80813
38 Riley, Anna Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1978Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I134924
39 Selley, William Alfred  Abt Jul 1987Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I110293
40 Turner, Lottie Margaret  Abt Sep 1989Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I34332
41 Underwood, Florence Mabel  Abt Aug 1974Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I33861
42 Widgery, Gordon  Abt Nov 1981Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I142504
43 Williams, Dorothy Mary  Abt Jan 1984Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I116707
44 Withey, Percy R  Abt Aug 1980Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30873


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baker, Marjorie Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1990Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I135283
2 Connibeer, Walter Philip  Abt Aug 1982Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I120342
3 Creswick, Edward Thomas  Abt Jan 2003Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I116729
4 House, Geoffrey William Boone  Abt Nov 1981Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I101223
5 House, Ronald J  Abt Aug 1985Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I34858
6 Morris, Lilian Mary  Abt Jan 1996Sedgemoor RD, Somerset I30811


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gutteridge / Parsons  Abt Feb 1978Sedgemoor RD, Somerset F43520