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Sheffield, Yorkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 53.3761857, Longitude: -1.4491769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alflat, Amelia  Abt Nov 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire I137005
2 Alflat, Elizabeth C  Abt 1858Sheffield, Yorkshire I137004
3 Alflat, John R  Abt 1865Sheffield, Yorkshire I137007
4 Alflat, Keziah J  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire I137008
5 Alflat, Martha Ann  Abt 1862Sheffield, Yorkshire I137006
6 Atkinson, Emily  21 Jun 1875Sheffield, Yorkshire I45959
7 Baldwin, Henry Rupert  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire I21519
8 Blyth, Florence  Abt 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I36451
9 Bown, Clifford Samuel  11 Aug 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire I73358
10 Bramwell, Beatrice Annie  18 May 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I146878
11 Clarke, George Edman  Abt May 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire I83146
12 Clarke, Gershom  Abt 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I83143
13 Clarke, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1881Sheffield, Yorkshire I83144
14 Cox, Ethel  Abt May 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire I71815
15 Cox, Francis Taylor  Abt Nov 1874Sheffield, Yorkshire I71816
16 Critchell, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I159475
17 Critchell, Joseph  Abt 1890Sheffield, Yorkshire I159474
18 Dixon, Ivy Annie Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire I71820
19 Dunmere, Henzell Howard  Abt Nov 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire I3076
20 Farrer, John Arthur  29 Sep 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I83117
21 Ford, John William  Abt May 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire I44532
22 Godbehere, Benjamin  Abt May 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire I159464
23 Godbehere, Florence  25 Apr 1910Sheffield, Yorkshire I159467
24 Godbehere, George Harry  15 Sep 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I159465
25 Goff, Beatrice Alexandra  24 May 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire I83111
26 Hall, Mary  Abt 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire I159473
27 Hallatt, Percy  Abt Nov 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I83121
28 Higgins, Elsie May  21 Jan 1909Sheffield, Yorkshire I60906
29 House, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1887Sheffield, Yorkshire I71832
30 House, Alfred  24 Dec 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire I83222
31 House, Alfred John W  Abt May 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I41138
32 House, Arthur  Abt 1879Sheffield, Yorkshire I83103
33 House, Caroline  Abt Oct 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I83036
34 House, Carrie  4 Dec 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I83096
35 House, Charles Ferrier Garbutt  10 Jun 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I71835
36 House, Christiana Eleanor  Abt 1856Sheffield, Yorkshire I41139
37 House, Connie  Abt 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire I138342
38 House, Cyril  24 Dec 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire I83220
39 House, Douglas Frederick  Abt Jun 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I71838
40 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1854Sheffield, Yorkshire I83050
41 House, Emily E  Abt 1888Sheffield, Yorkshire I71842
42 House, Emily Eva  Abt Aug 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire I71843
43 House, George William  Abt Feb 1886Sheffield, Yorkshire I83093
44 House, Harry  Abt Aug 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I41146
45 House, James Alfred  Abt 1856Sheffield, Yorkshire I41151
46 House, Jane  Abt May 1852Sheffield, Yorkshire I83049
47 House, John Henry  Abt Feb 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I71858
48 House, Kate  Abt 1863Sheffield, Yorkshire I41155
49 House, Lilian  Abt Aug 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I83095
50 House, William  9 Jul 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire I71884

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Brian  15 Feb 2008Sheffield, Yorkshire I43995
2 Jarvis, William  Abt May 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I12331


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alflat, Amelia  Abt 1860Sheffield, Yorkshire I137005
2 Atkinson, Emily  Abt 1875Sheffield, Yorkshire I45959
3 Bown, Clifford Samuel  Abt 1902Sheffield, Yorkshire I73358
4 Bramwell, Beatrice Annie  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I146878
5 Clarke, George Edman  Abt 1897Sheffield, Yorkshire I83146
6 Clarke, George Henry  Abt 1847Sheffield, Yorkshire I83045
7 Clarke, Gershom  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I83143
8 Clarke, Hannah Elizabeth  Abt 1880Sheffield, Yorkshire I83144
9 Cox, Ethel  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I71815
10 Cox, Francis Taylor  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire I71816
11 Cox, Francis Taylor  Abt 1874Sheffield, Yorkshire I71816
12 Critchell, Albert Edward  Abt 1898Sheffield, Yorkshire I159475
13 Critchell, Albert Edward  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I159475
14 Critchell, Mary Jane  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire I159456
15 Critchell, Mary Jane  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire I159456
16 Critchell, Robert Joseph  Abt 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I159457
17 Critchell, Robert Joseph  Abt 1871Sheffield, Yorkshire I159457
18 Dixon, Ivy Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I71820
19 Dummere, Dizie Helen  Abt 1887Sheffield, Yorkshire I25269
20 Dunmere, Henzell Howard  Abt 1885Sheffield, Yorkshire I3076
21 Farrer, John Arthur  Abt 1891Sheffield, Yorkshire I83117
22 Ford, John William  Abt 1873Sheffield, Yorkshire I44532
23 Ford, John William  Abt 1874Sheffield, Yorkshire I44532
24 Godbehere, Benjamin  Abt 1872Sheffield, Yorkshire I159464
25 Godbehere, Florence  Abt 1909Sheffield, Yorkshire I159467
26 Godbehere, George Harry  Abt 1899Sheffield, Yorkshire I159465
27 Goff, Beatrice Alexandra  Abt 1901Sheffield, Yorkshire I83111
28 Grayson, Mary  Abt 1868Sheffield, Yorkshire I83105
29 Grayson, Mary  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire I83105
30 Hallatt, Percy  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I83121
31 Hazlehurst, Charlotte  Abt 1880Sheffield, Yorkshire I71830
32 House, Albert Edward  Abt 1887Sheffield, Yorkshire I71832
33 House, Alfred  Abt 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire I83222
34 House, Alfred John W  Abt 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I41138
35 House, Caroline  Abt 1869Sheffield, Yorkshire I83036
36 House, Caroline  Abt 1870Sheffield, Yorkshire I83036
37 House, Carrie  Abt 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I83096
38 House, Carrie  Abt Dec 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I83096
39 House, Charles Ferrier Garbutt  Abt 1893Sheffield, Yorkshire I71835
40 House, Christiana Eleanor  Abt 1850Sheffield, Yorkshire I41139
41 House, Christiana Eleanor  Abt 1858Sheffield, Yorkshire I41139
42 House, Cyril  Abt 1907Sheffield, Yorkshire I83220
43 House, Douglas Frederick  Abt 1900Sheffield, Yorkshire I71838
44 House, Edith  Abt 1908Sheffield, Yorkshire I44000
45 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1853Sheffield, Yorkshire I83050
46 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1854Sheffield, Yorkshire I83050
47 House, Elsie  Abt 1894Sheffield, Yorkshire I83109
48 House, Emily  Abt 1846Sheffield, Yorkshire I83039
49 House, Emily Eva  Abt 1882Sheffield, Yorkshire I71843
50 House, Emily Eva  Abt 1883Sheffield, Yorkshire I71843

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Howes, Edith Helen  7 Jun 1973Sheffield, Yorkshire I35441
2 Howes, Kenneth Galley  21 Jan 1980Sheffield, Yorkshire I41550
3 Howes, Reginald John  21 Jan 1977Sheffield, Yorkshire I4001


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Skelton  Abt Nov 1838Sheffield, Yorkshire F9994