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Shepton Mallet, Somerset



City/Town : Latitude: 51.1882671, Longitude: -2.5414843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Albert  Abt 1868Shepton Mallet, Somerset I1720
2 Ladd, William Arthur  Abt Nov 1891Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80402
3 House, Hilda May  7 Nov 1901Shepton Mallet, Somerset I33999
4 Higgins, Martha  1825Shepton Mallet, Somerset I26151
5 Hayes, Reginald Stuart  21 Oct 1900Shepton Mallet, Somerset I144699
6 Hayes, Clarence Metford  24 May 1902Shepton Mallet, Somerset I144700
7 Dix, William  Abt 1820Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80942
8 Dix, Thomas  Abt Feb 1860Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80958
9 Dix, Mary  Abt 1849Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80953
10 Dix, Martha  Abt Feb 1862Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80959
11 Dix, Joseph  Abt Feb 1853Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80955
12 Dix, Henry  Abt Nov 1845Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80951
13 Dix, Charles  Abt Aug 1847Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80952
14 Dix, Benjamin  Abt Nov 1851Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80954
15 Dix, Alfred  Abt Nov 1855Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80956
16 Dix, Albert  Abt Feb 1858Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80957
17 Day, Henry  Abt 1865Shepton Mallet, Somerset I44249
18 Conyard, Alfred Clark  Abt 1832Shepton Mallet, Somerset I116941
19 Bryant, Eleanor  Abt 1792Shepton Mallet, Somerset I41170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ladd, William Arthur  Abt 1891Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80402
2 House, Hilda May  Abt 1901Shepton Mallet, Somerset I33999
3 Hayes, Reginald Stuart  Abt Oct 1900Shepton Mallet, Somerset I144699
4 Hayes, Reginald Stuart  Abt 1900Shepton Mallet, Somerset I144699
5 Hayes, Clarence Metford  Abt 1902Shepton Mallet, Somerset I144700
6 Hatcher, Gertrude Annie  Abt 1879Shepton Mallet, Somerset I116266
7 Dix, William  Abt 1819Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80942
8 Dix, Thomas  Abt 1860Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80958
9 Dix, Thomas  Abt 1859Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80958
10 Dix, Martha  Abt 1861Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80959
11 Dix, Joseph  Abt 1854Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80955
12 Dix, Joseph  Abt 1853Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80955
13 Dix, Joseph  Abt 1852Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80955
14 Dix, Henry  Abt 1845Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80951
15 Dix, Charles  Abt 1847Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80952
16 Dix, Benjamin  Abt 1852Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80954
17 Dix, Benjamin  Abt 1851Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80954
18 Dix, Alfred  Abt 1855Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80956
19 Dix, Albert  Abt 1857Shepton Mallet, Somerset I80957
20 Conyard, Alfred Clark  Abt 1830Shepton Mallet, Somerset I116941


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Higgins / Dredge  19 Apr 1823Shepton Mallet, Somerset F8707