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South Shields, Durham



City/Town : Latitude: 54.7681725, Longitude: -1.8056911


Ethel Howes
Ethel Howes
Aug 1890 Suuth Shields

Howes/Davison MC
Howes/Davison MC
7 Oct 1878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aynsley, Henry  20 Jan 1933South Shields, Durham I56966
2 Bainbridge, Margaret  1901South Shields, Durham I25567
3 Bamborough, Laura Alice  Abt Aug 1898South Shields, Durham I58601
4 Barron, Thomasina  Abt Feb 1870South Shields, Durham I59624
5 Baser, Alice Jane  Abt Nov 1887South Shields, Durham I56971
6 Baser, Annie Lizzie  12 Feb 1892South Shields, Durham I56972
7 Baser, Dorothy  18 Aug 1931South Shields, Durham I62335
8 Baser, Florance  6 Apr 1894South Shields, Durham I56973
9 Baser, Henry Edwin  Abt Jul 1890South Shields, Durham I56974
10 Baser, Verena  18 Aug 1931South Shields, Durham I62334
11 Baser, William James  Abt Aug 1885South Shields, Durham I56976
12 Bowsfield, Ralph  11 Mar 1908South Shields, Durham I27907
13 Bradford, Mary Jameson  6 Sep 1907South Shields, Durham I56978
14 Brown, Burton  Abt Feb 1874South Shields, Durham I59627
15 Bulmer, Sarah Jane  23 Feb 1903South Shields, Durham I31184
16 Burgher, John Ritson R  3 Jun 1936South Shields, Durham I124683
17 Cameron, Jane Bradley  30 Nov 1882South Shields, Durham I57088
18 Craig, Minnie  7 Jan 1887South Shields, Durham I146508
19 Doneathy, Lilian Mary  Abt Nov 1898South Shields, Durham I111804
20 Doneathy, Thomas James  Abt Jun 1900South Shields, Durham I111809
21 Galt, Jane  Abt 1833South Shields, Durham I56980
22 Gibson, Stanley  3 Aug 1930South Shields, Durham I31192
23 Goode, Elizabeth Munro  13 May 1918South Shields, Durham I57096
24 Greenwell, Annie  Abt May 1861South Shields, Durham I56981
25 Hancock, Ann Forster  28 Oct 1904South Shields, Durham I56982
26 Hancock, Joseph  Abt 1884South Shields, Durham I56984
27 Hancock, Joseph  Abt Nov 1907South Shields, Durham I56985
28 Hancock, Lilian  24 Jun 1909South Shields, Durham I56986
29 Hanson, Malcolm  Abt Aug 1940South Shields, Durham I74877
30 Hornby, Mary Isabelle  23 Jan 1924South Shields, Durham I56992
31 House, Albert Addison  24 Jul 1912South Shields, Durham I59660
32 House, Benjamin Hall Peel  6 Apr 1901South Shields, Durham I59666
33 House, Eleanor Jane  21 Dec 1902South Shields, Durham I59674
34 House, Ernest Eglintine  Abt Nov 1894South Shields, Durham I37784
35 House, John Evans Peel  Abt Aug 1896South Shields, Durham I59711
36 House, John Henry  Abt Nov 1885South Shields, Durham I37788
37 House, Louisa  Abt Nov 1881South Shields, Durham I37789
38 House, Mary Ann  3 Mar 1911South Shields, Durham I59729
39 House, Robert Duncan  27 Jul 1904South Shields, Durham I59747
40 House, Stephen  24 Jun 1888South Shields, Durham I59760
41 House, Thomas  9 Jul 1887South Shields, Durham I37792
42 House, Walter Chantler Warnes  24 Jan 1906South Shields, Durham I59768
43 Howes, Albert  Abt Aug 1899South Shields, Durham I56993
44 Howes, Alice  17 Sep 1910South Shields, Durham I31179
45 Howes, Alice Greenwell  29 Jul 1886South Shields, Durham I56994
46 Howes, Ann Elizabeth  8 Feb 1864South Shields, Durham I56996
47 Howes, Annie  Abt Feb 1885South Shields, Durham I31164
48 Howes, Derek  2 Jun 1954South Shields, Durham I56998
49 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1895South Shields, Durham I56999
50 Howes, Ethel  20 Jul 1890South Shields, Durham I57000

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baser, Annie Lizzie  1976South Shields, Durham I56972
2 Baser, Henry Edwin  1961South Shields, Durham I56974
3 Gibson, Stanley  9 Oct 2002South Shields, Durham I31192
4 Hornby, Mary Isabelle  25 Jan 1985South Shields, Durham I56992
5 House, Elizabeth  8 Feb 2008South Shields, Durham I160873
6 Howes, Derek  26 Mar 1984South Shields, Durham I56998
7 Howes, Elizabeth Doris  2002South Shields, Durham I31185
8 Howes, James  6 Aug 1977South Shields, Durham I31176
9 Howes, Sarah Jane  28 Mar 1932South Shields, Durham I31189
10 Howse, Esther  Abt Feb 1895South Shields, Durham I56142
11 Jackson, Hannah  1929South Shields, Durham I62332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bamborough, Laura Alice  Abt 1897South Shields, Durham I58601
2 Barron, Thomasina  Abt 1871South Shields, Durham I59624
3 Baser, Alice Jane  Abt 1887South Shields, Durham I56971
4 Baser, Annie Lizzie  Abt 1891South Shields, Durham I56972
5 Baser, Dorothy  1931South Shields, Durham I62335
6 Baser, Florance  Abt 1894South Shields, Durham I56973
7 Baser, Henry Edwin  Abt 1890South Shields, Durham I56974
8 Baser, Verena  1931South Shields, Durham I62334
9 Baser, William James  Abt 1885South Shields, Durham I56976
10 Brown, Burton  Abt 1873South Shields, Durham I59627
11 Cameron, Jane Bradley  Abt 1882South Shields, Durham I57088
12 Craig, Minnie  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham I146508
13 Doneathy, Lilian Mary  Abt 1898South Shields, Durham I111804
14 Galt, Jane  Abt 1834South Shields, Durham I56980
15 Greenwell, Annie  Abt 1860South Shields, Durham I56981
16 Hancock, Ann Forster  Abt 1904South Shields, Durham I56982
17 Hancock, Joseph  Abt 1907South Shields, Durham I56985
18 Hancock, Lilian  Abt 1909South Shields, Durham I56986
19 Hanson, Malcolm  Abt 1940South Shields, Durham I74877
20 Harman, Thomas Robert  1886South Shields, Durham I62336
21 House, Benjamin Hall Peel  Abt 1901South Shields, Durham I59666
22 House, Eleanor Jane  Abt 1903South Shields, Durham I59674
23 House, Ernest Eglintine  Abt 1894South Shields, Durham I37784
24 House, Harriet  1 Sep 1833South Shields, Durham I34568
25 House, John Evans Peel  Abt 1896South Shields, Durham I59711
26 House, John Henry  Abt 1885South Shields, Durham I37788
27 House, Louisa  Abt 1881South Shields, Durham I37789
28 House, Louisa  Abt 1882South Shields, Durham I37789
29 House, Mary Ann  Abt Mar 1911South Shields, Durham I59729
30 House, Robert Duncan  Abt 1904South Shields, Durham I59747
31 House, Stephen  Abt 1887South Shields, Durham I59760
32 House, Stephen  Abt 1888South Shields, Durham I59760
33 House, Thomas  Abt 1887South Shields, Durham I37792
34 House, Thomas  Abt 1888South Shields, Durham I37792
35 House, Walter Chantler Warnes  Abt 1905South Shields, Durham I59768
36 Howes, Albert  Abt 1899South Shields, Durham I56993
37 Howes, Alice  Abt Sep 1910South Shields, Durham I31179
38 Howes, Alice Greenwell  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham I56994
39 Howes, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1863South Shields, Durham I56996
40 Howes, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1864South Shields, Durham I56996
41 Howes, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1866South Shields, Durham I56996
42 Howes, Annie  Abt 1884South Shields, Durham I31164
43 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1894South Shields, Durham I56999
44 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1895South Shields, Durham I56999
45 Howes, Elizabeth Doris  3 Aug 1924South Shields, Durham I31185
46 Howes, Ethel  Abt 1890South Shields, Durham I57000
47 Howes, Frederick  Abt Sep 1910South Shields, Durham I31180
48 Howes, Grace Greenwell  Abt 1891South Shields, Durham I57005
49 Howes, Henry  Abt 1904South Shields, Durham I57006
50 Howes, Hilda  Abt 1908South Shields, Durham I31173

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Winter, Margaret Jane  1 Aug 1909South Shields, Durham I118352


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doyle / Howes  26 May 1928South Shields, Durham F48949
2 Gibson / Howes  28 Nov 1959South Shields, Durham F9986
3 Hancock / Howes  11 Jun 1904South Shields, Durham F16628
4 Howes / Smith  2 Nov 1846South Shields, Durham F49012
5 Howes / Winter  1 Aug 1909South Shields, Durham F35687