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St Albans RD, Hertfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.7473, Longitude: -0.3494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Joyce H  Abt May 1918St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I48178
2 Bennett, Denis Roy  10 Nov 1921St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37380
3 Bennett, Marie Therese  5 Feb 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37381
4 Bennett, Peter Norman G  23 Sep 1924St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37382
5 Chappell, Jean D  Abt Aug 1917St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I48188
6 Chipp, Barbara  16 Dec 1918St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37406
7 Chipp, Betty  14 Mar 1917St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37407
8 Hardwick, Louisa Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1868St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I17623
9 House, Francis Thomas  Abt Aug 1838St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78735
10 Howes, Marion Dorothy  Abt Nov 1905St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I80423
11 Howes, Rosamund Dorothy  Abt Feb 1913St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I7805
12 Humbles, Marguerite  Abt Feb 1928St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I146034
13 Jennings, Brian  22 Jul 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I178587
14 Oakley, Daisy May  Abt Nov 1913St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I134457
15 Pollard, Peggy Isabel  Abt Feb 1927St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103277
16 Skeggs, William G  Abt Feb 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I134468
17 Sutherland, Diana Sadie  7 Mar 1915St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I123369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt Aug 1898St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78737
2 Allis, William Henry  Abt Aug 1950St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I48416
3 Atkins, Frederick George  Abt May 1912St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103735
4 Baker, Emily  Abt Nov 1980St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I49140
5 Beach, Frederick Walter  Abt Jun 1991St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I137387
6 Bennett, Denis Roy  Abt May 2001St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37380
7 Bennett, Peter Norman G  Abt Feb 1990St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37382
8 Bennett, Richard Ivan  Sep 1985St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37383
9 Bennett, Ronald Tom  Abt Feb 1968St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37384
10 Bennett, William Arthur  Abt Nov 1940St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37385
11 Budd, Maria  Abt Aug 1872St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78734
12 Burls, Emily Green  Abt Nov 1912St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I88749
13 Bysouth, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1941St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I1589
14 Chamberlain, William Frederick  Abt Feb 1958St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I99695
15 Chipp, Clarissa Augusta Olga Mary  Abt Nov 1939St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37408
16 Clements, Maud Mary  Abt Nov 1911St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I68920
17 Collins, Geoffrey W  Abt Apr 1991St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I125652
18 Coombs, Agnes Harriet  Abt Aug 1966St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I91180
19 Currey, Henry Walter  Abt Feb 1932St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I178994
20 Duke, Ethel Jeanette  Abt Feb 1999St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I61938
21 Ewer, George  Abt Aug 1951St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60872
22 Ewer, Robert  Abt Nov 1891St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60875
23 Farrier, Dorothy Beatrice  Abt Feb 1969St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I119810
24 Faulder, Horace Walter  Abt Aug 1973St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I92557
25 Haward, George Frederick  Abt Aug 1966St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I88750
26 Haward, George William  Abt Nov 1927St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I88744
27 Hillsden, James  Abt Nov 1883St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I50528
28 House, Elizabeth  Abt May 1843St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138829
29 House, Francis  Abt May 1841St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78736
30 House, John  Abt Aug 1952St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I46612
31 House, John Frederick  Abt Aug 1953St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I67347
32 House, John Isaac  Abt Aug 1849St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138825
33 House, Leonard William  Abt Nov 1996St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I48484
34 House, Margaret Annie  Abt Mar 1994St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I76551
35 House, Norma M  Abt May 1974St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I117710
36 House, Thomas  Abt Nov 1990St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I41205
37 House, Thomas George  Abt May 1847St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78732
38 Howes, Albert Edward George  Abt May 1976St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I527
39 Howes, Arthur Philip  Abt Aug 1970St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I117537
40 Howes, Cecilia Rose  Abt Nov 1989St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I22654
41 Howes, Charlotte Frances  Abt Nov 1873St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60880
42 Howes, Eliza Agnes  Abt Feb 1928St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I9755
43 Howes, Ernest Charles  Abt Jan 1987St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I54857
44 Howes, Gladys Mabel  Abt Feb 1933St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I38348
45 Howes, Henry Herbert  Abt Feb 1981St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I40672
46 Howes, Horace Leonard  Abt Feb 1967St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I56356
47 Howes, Leonard William  Abt Feb 1953St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I52678
48 Howes, Mary  Abt Aug 1956St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I4312
49 Howes, Olive Mary  Abt Feb 1958St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I17393
50 Howes, Peter  Abt Aug 1990St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I118193

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt May 1844St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78738
2 Agutter, Eliza Maria  Abt Aug 1848St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78739
3 Agutter, Henry Odell  Abt Feb 1851St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I78740
4 Atkins, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1903St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103743
5 Atkins, Eliza Agnes  Abt May 1889St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103739
6 Atkins, Florence  Abt Feb 1894St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103741
7 Atkins, Frederick George  Abt Nov 1850St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103735
8 Atkins, Frederick William  Abt Feb 1887St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103738
9 Atkins, Henry  Abt Aug 1898St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103742
10 Atkins, Lilian Amy  Abt May 1883St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103736
11 Atkins, Mabel  Abt Nov 1884St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103737
12 Atkins, Thomas Shadrach  Abt Nov 1891St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I103740
13 Bennett, Denis Roy  Abt Nov 1921St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37380
14 Bennett, Marie Therese  Abt Feb 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37381
15 Bennett, Peter Norman G  Abt Nov 1924St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37382
16 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1848St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I8095
17 Chipp, Barbara  Abt Nov 1918St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37406
18 Chipp, Betty  Abt Feb 1917St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37407
19 Chipp, Dorothy Edith Adelaide Alexandra  Abt Feb 1903St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I37409
20 Clements, Albert  Abt Aug 1905St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I68916
21 Clements, Maud Mary  Abt Aug 1908St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I68920
22 Ewer, Ellen  Abt Nov 1871St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60871
23 Ewer, George  Abt Aug 1869St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60872
24 Ewer, Henry  Abt Feb 1874St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60873
25 Ewer, Louisa  Abt May 1867St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60874
26 Ewer, Robert  Abt Feb 1844St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60875
27 Faulder, Horace Walter  Abt Nov 1904St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I92557
28 Graves, Ethel Doris  Abt Feb 1918St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I120652
29 Hall, George William  Abt Feb 1863St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I36305
30 Halsey, Eliza  Abt Feb 1841St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I60876
31 Howes, John Richard Cresswell  Abt Nov 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I8703
32 Howes, William Arthur  Abt Nov 1900St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I49987
33 Jennings, Brian  Abt Aug 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I178587
34 Mason, Emma  Abt Feb 1872St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I81465
35 Sutherland, Diana Sadie  Abt May 1915St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I123369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Ann  Abt May 1874St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138826
2 House, James  Abt Nov 1850St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138828
3 House, John Isaac  Abt Feb 1870St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138824
4 House, Sarah  Abt Feb 1865St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138841
5 House, Thomas  Abt May 1906St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138844
6 House, William Samuel  Abt Feb 1920St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I75939
7 Howes, Ernest James  Abt Feb 1956St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I10444
8 Kidman, Ann  Abt Aug 1859St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138830
9 Millar, Janet Catharine Maxwell  Abt Feb 1936St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I75941
10 Rowe, Herbert Edwin Henry  Abt Nov 1953St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I67392
11 Rowed, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1907St Albans RD, Hertfordshire I138827


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Agutter / Budd  Abt Nov 1842St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F22349
2 Aldridge / Bennett  Abt Aug 1936St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F55159
3 Allen / House  Abt May 1918St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F21523
4 Collins / Howes  Abt Feb 1945St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F38040
5 Ewer / Halsey  Abt May 1876St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F17654
6 House / Howard  Abt Nov 1937St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F37369
7 House / Lewis  Abt Nov 1944St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F37861
8 House / Mason  Abt May 1892St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F23214
9 House / Payne  Abt Feb 1891St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F22189
10 Howes / Carman  Abt May 1905St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F3780
11 Howes / Henman  Abt Feb 1937St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F27350
12 Howes / Humbles  Abt Aug 1946St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F44652
13 Howes / Sutherland  Abt Aug 1948St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F39450
14 Jennings / Chipp  Abt Aug 1942St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F55161
15 Johnston / Chipp  Abt Feb 1947St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F55162
16 Jubb / Oakley  Abt May 1933St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F40814
17 Rowe / Larg  Abt Aug 1939St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F38398
18 Shannon / Bennett  Abt Nov 1941St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F55158


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Rowed  Abt Aug 1866St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F42237
2 Howse / Saunders  Abt Nov 1837St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F19060
3 Howse / Saunders  Abt May 1842St Albans RD, Hertfordshire F19059