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St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire



Latitude: 51.7472601, Longitude: -1.2101033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beesley, Doris  9 Apr 1908St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I78938
2 Beesley, Violet  18 Jul 1910St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I78939
3 Clifford, James Charles  2 Oct 1901St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I86114
4 Howse, Arthur  Abt 1829St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I4314
5 Howse, Arthur  Abt Feb 1858St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I17246
6 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1861St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I147081


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cox, Susannah  17 Feb 1890St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55211
2 Enoch, Harriet  22 Oct 1880St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I10215
3 Holt, Fanny Maria  16 Oct 1879St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I137809
4 Holt, Henry  9 Jan 1885St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I137810
5 Howse, Annie  30 Jun 1880St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I139673
6 Howse, Arthur  29 Mar 1898St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I4314
7 Howse, David  23 Oct 1853St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I147080
8 Howse, Eliza Elizabeth  2 Mar 1847St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I140974
9 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  2 Nov 1862St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I147081
10 Howse, Henry  2 Mar 1829St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I140976
11 Howse, Isaac  2 Nov 1851St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55226
12 Howse, James Percy  23 Dec 1940St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I14923
13 Howse, Matthew  13 Apr 1898St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55232
14 Howse, Richard Samuel  10 Aug 1845St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I140977
15 Izzard, Emma  8 Feb 1922St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I48400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Baskerville, Edith Eliza  30 May 1878St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I65846
2 Howes, Ernest Henry  7 Nov 1901St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I65854
3 Howes, Florence Louisa  17 Jun 1903St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I65855
4 Howes, Frances  22 Nov 1905St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I65856
5 Howes, Kate  7 Nov 1901St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I65862
6 Howse, Ann  5 Mar 1848St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55214
7 Howse, Arthur  2 Aug 1829St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I4314
8 Howse, Arthur  28 Mar 1858St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I17246
9 Howse, David  28 Sep 1851St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I147080
10 Howse, Eliza  9 Apr 1854St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I23741
11 Howse, Eliza Elizabeth  5 Apr 1846St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I140974
12 Howse, Ellen  11 Nov 1855St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I23030
13 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  8 Sep 1861St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I147081
14 Howse, Harriet Emily  4 Jun 1865St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I12994
15 Howse, Isaac  25 May 1851St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55226
16 Howse, Richard Samuel  24 Apr 1844St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I140977
17 Howse, Samuel Stephen  27 Aug 1848St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55240
18 Howse, Selina  13 May 1868St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I26529
19 Howse, Thomas William Ernest  18 Feb 1903St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I142140
20 Howse, William  2 Sep 1849St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55245
21 Howse, William Arthur  8 Feb 1880St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I3213
22 Howse, William Izzard  29 May 1884St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I48401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beesley, Doris  Abt 1907St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I78938
2 Beesley, Violet  Abt Jul 1910St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I78939
3 Clifford, James Charles  Abt 1900St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I86114
4 Howse, Arthur  Abt 1857St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I17246
5 Howse, Eliza  Abt 1852St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I23741
6 Howse, Eliza  Abt 1853St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I23741
7 Howse, Harriet Emily  Abt 1865St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I12994
8 Howse, Henry William  Abt 1845St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55224
9 Howse, Henry William  Abt 1846St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55224
10 Howse, Selina  Abt 1867St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I26529
11 Howse, Selina  Abt 1868St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I26529
12 Howse, William Izzard  Abt 1884St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I48401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howse, John Prince  7 Mar 1835St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I49232
2 Howse, Matthew  4 Oct 1843St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55232
3 Howse, Matthew  Apr 1898St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55232
4 Howse, Richard  2 Aug 1829St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55244
5 Unknown, Sarah  1851St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I55265

Witness at Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness at Marriage    Person ID 
1 Howse, Eliza  4 Dec 1871St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I23741
2 Howse, Harriet Emily  25 Apr 1879St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I12994
3 Howse, Harriett  7 Mar 1835St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I49219
4 Huckins, Sarah Ann  16 Mar 1875St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I127564
5 Huckins, William Joseph  16 Mar 1875St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire I127565


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coles / Howse  4 Dec 1871St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F44988
2 Fathers / Howse  23 Apr 1877St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F44994
3 Howse / Banbury  7 Mar 1835St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F14664
4 Howse / Boyce  26 May 1901St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F19019
5 Howse / Izzard  29 Apr 1883St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F14424
6 Howse / Margetson  25 Dec 1866St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F18988
7 Howse / Templer  Abt 1707St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F7310
8 Howse / Webb  25 Apr 1879St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F1409
9 Ilott / Huckins  16 Mar 1875St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F38669
10 Matthews / White  30 Apr 1843St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F38671
11 Sturges / Howse  28 Jun 1875St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F41967


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Huggins  19 Nov 1843St Ebbe, Oxford, Oxfordshire F16170