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Stockton on Tees, Durham



City/Town : Latitude: 54.5822, Longitude: -1.23219


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayre, Alan Richards  17 Nov 1908Stockton on Tees, Durham I57944
2 Bashford, Margaret Louisa Howes  Abt May 1908Stockton on Tees, Durham I105337
3 Borthwick, Lilian Louisa  Abt Sep 1910Stockton on Tees, Durham I57954
4 Briggs, Emma  Abt 1837Stockton on Tees, Durham I53100
5 Cooke, John Nelson  21 Oct 1905Stockton on Tees, Durham I57979
6 Dobing, Harry  3 Dec 1919Stockton on Tees, Durham I57985
7 Hardwick, Harold  Abt 1889Stockton on Tees, Durham I52726
8 Hardwick, Olive Maria  Abt 1883Stockton on Tees, Durham I52725
9 Howes, Alice  Abt May 1904Stockton on Tees, Durham I57874
10 Howes, Charles William  Abt Feb 1907Stockton on Tees, Durham I115668
11 Howes, Edith  Abt May 1906Stockton on Tees, Durham I57877
12 Howes, Emily Maud  8 Feb 1887Stockton on Tees, Durham I57879
13 Howes, Frederick  29 Mar 1901Stockton on Tees, Durham I57881
14 Howes, George Henry Samuel Childs  Abt Feb 1910Stockton on Tees, Durham I105318
15 Howes, Georgina  3 May 1912Stockton on Tees, Durham I57997
16 Howes, Hannah  8 Jul 1881Stockton on Tees, Durham I57882
17 Howes, Harriet  10 Feb 1891Stockton on Tees, Durham I57884
18 Howes, Henry  29 Nov 1888Stockton on Tees, Durham I57887
19 Howes, Jane Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1893Stockton on Tees, Durham I57889
20 Howes, John George  5 Mar 1883Stockton on Tees, Durham I57892
21 Howes, Joseph Edward  6 Jun 1899Stockton on Tees, Durham I57894
22 Howes, Leonard  6 Dec 1924Stockton on Tees, Durham I57895
23 Howes, Norah Thorne Wilson  7 Aug 1902Stockton on Tees, Durham I58004
24 Howes, Olive Ida  Abt Feb 1899Stockton on Tees, Durham I58005
25 Howes, Percy James  29 Jul 1916Stockton on Tees, Durham I58007
26 Howes, Sophia  13 Jun 1897Stockton on Tees, Durham I57903
27 Howes, William  4 Dec 1884Stockton on Tees, Durham I12300
28 Howse, Rose Hannah Elizabeth  Abt 1889Stockton on Tees, Durham I94026
29 Inns, James Henry  20 Apr 1880Stockton on Tees, Durham I53071
30 Inns, Olive Barbara  15 Oct 1906Stockton on Tees, Durham I53074
31 Jepson, Susan  Abt 1868Stockton on Tees, Durham I58816
32 Mills, Ada  Abt 1877Stockton on Tees, Durham I26559
33 Sidaway, Joseph Edward  31 Oct 1903Stockton on Tees, Durham I57919
34 Sidaway, Walter Harry  3 May 1901Stockton on Tees, Durham I57921
35 Sidaway, William Ernest  30 Dec 1907Stockton on Tees, Durham I57922
36 Wall, Ernest John  23 Sep 1884Stockton on Tees, Durham I57924
37 Wall, John William  17 Mar 1915Stockton on Tees, Durham I57925
38 Wilson, Florence Mary  Abt 1876Stockton on Tees, Durham I58019
39 Wray, Stephen  Abt Aug 1910Stockton on Tees, Durham I57927
40 Wray, Winifred  Abt Feb 1908Stockton on Tees, Durham I57928


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, John Geoffrey  6 Oct 2010Stockton on Tees, Durham I162251
2 Allen, Thomas Albert  24 May 2007Stockton on Tees, Durham I162250


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bashford, Margaret Louisa Howes  Abt 1908Stockton on Tees, Durham I105337
2 Cooke, John Nelson  Abt 1905Stockton on Tees, Durham I57979
3 Howes, Alice  Abt 1904Stockton on Tees, Durham I57874
4 Howes, Alice Emma  Abt 1892Stockton on Tees, Durham I57988
5 Howes, Charles William  Abt 1906Stockton on Tees, Durham I115668
6 Howes, Edith  Abt 1905Stockton on Tees, Durham I57877
7 Howes, Emily Maud  Abt 1886Stockton on Tees, Durham I57879
8 Howes, George Henry Samuel Childs  Abt 1909Stockton on Tees, Durham I105318
9 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1880Stockton on Tees, Durham I57882
10 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1881Stockton on Tees, Durham I57882
11 Howes, Harriet  Abt 1890Stockton on Tees, Durham I57884
12 Howes, Harriet  Abt Jan 1891Stockton on Tees, Durham I57884
13 Howes, Henry  Abt 1888Stockton on Tees, Durham I57887
14 Howes, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1892Stockton on Tees, Durham I57889
15 Howes, John George  Abt 1882Stockton on Tees, Durham I57892
16 Howes, Joseph Edward  Abt 1899Stockton on Tees, Durham I57894
17 Howes, Norah Thorne Wilson  Abt 1902Stockton on Tees, Durham I58004
18 Howes, Olive Ida  1898Stockton on Tees, Durham I58005
19 Howes, Sophia  Abt 1897Stockton on Tees, Durham I57903
20 Howes, William  Abt 1884Stockton on Tees, Durham I12300
21 Howes, William  Abt 1884Stockton on Tees, Durham I12300
22 Sidaway, Joseph Edward  Abt 1903Stockton on Tees, Durham I57919
23 Sidaway, Walter Harry  Abt 1901Stockton on Tees, Durham I57921
24 Sidaway, William Ernest  Abt 1907Stockton on Tees, Durham I57922
25 Wall, Ernest John  Abt 1884Stockton on Tees, Durham I57924
26 Wray, Winifred  Abt 1907Stockton on Tees, Durham I57928