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Stroud RD, Gloucestershire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.841461, Longitude: -2.148623


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beasant, Maud  15 Sep 1878Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I140392
2 Birt, Joyce Barbara  26 Mar 1917Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I120086
3 Clarke, David W J  Abt Feb 1941Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I137904
4 Cliffe, Frederick George  Abt May 1877Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I25144
5 Cullimore, Janet Anne  16 Sep 1944Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I61222
6 Dangerfield, Roland Guy C  5 Nov 1902Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I99436
7 Hayward, Dorothy May  Abt May 1915Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I114024
8 Meredith, Frederick Thomas  Abt Nov 1882Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111086
9 Swayne, Dorothy Florence  18 Jul 1912Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I39901
10 White, Lois S  Abt Nov 1917Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I86500


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Albert Robinson  Abt May 1940Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I109549
2 Barrow, Kate Rebecca  Abt Oct 2001Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I165901
3 Chesters, Gwendoline Maud  Abt Dec 2002Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I175979
4 Cullimore, Janet Anne  Abt May 1995Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I61222
5 Cunningham, William Henry  Abt Nov 1982Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I81069
6 Cutmore, Nellie Marjorie Lille  Abt Feb 1996Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I108792
7 Dolling, Jack  Abt Mar 1994Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I141775
8 Glenny, Albert Reginald  Abt Aug 1981Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I114019
9 Halliday, Georgina Eliza  Abt Feb 1949Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I132112
10 House, John Dennis  Abt Jun 1996Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I142781
11 Howes, Clarence  Abt Nov 1983Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I72359
12 Howes, Eliza Jane  Abt Aug 1895Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I50244
13 Howes, Flora May  Oct 1998Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I11969
14 Howes, Hubert Watson  Abt May 1937Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I17441
15 Howes, Kate Mary  Abt Nov 1979Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I17697
16 Howes, Lilly Kate  Abt Feb 1942Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I27878
17 Howes, Thomas James  Abt Feb 1997Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I120082
18 Howes, Violet Lillian  May 1987Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I53187
19 Howes, William Herbert Edward  Apr 1990Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I9845
20 Howse, Albert William R  Abt Sep 2000Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I75387
21 Howse, Elsie  Abt Aug 1975Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I55203
22 Howse, Ivy Katherine  Abt Dec 1997Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I137881
23 Howse, Kate  Abt Nov 1979Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I24375
24 Howse, Maria  Abt May 1848Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I12126
25 Howse, Minnie  Abt Nov 1942Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I10739
26 Howse, Robert Berkeley  Abt May 1840Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110152
27 Lake, Margery Emily  Jan 2003Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I114027
28 Long, Herbert William T  Abt Jun 2000Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I140910
29 Mace, Frederick James  Abt Aug 1967Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I78
30 Putt, Isabella Adams  Abt Aug 1925Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I27573
31 Stinchcombe, Ellen Salome  Abt Feb 1977Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111290
32 Sutton, Anne  Abt Feb 1881Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110324
33 Tavender, Stanley C  Abt Aug 1955Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I114036
34 Turvey, Henry Walters  Abt Feb 1935Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I33298
35 Wood, Maurice Watts  Abt Nov 1977Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111301
36 Young, Emily Martha  Abt Nov 1894Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I7885


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beasant, Maud  Abt Nov 1878Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I140392
2 Birt, Joyce Barbara  Abt May 1917Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I120086
3 Brotherston, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1871Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I3864
4 Cole, Denis  Abt Feb 1897Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I15247
5 Cole, John  Abt Nov 1894Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I16416
6 Cole, Marjorie  Abt Nov 1893Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I40690
7 Collingbourne, Audrey May  Abt Feb 1925Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111831
8 Cullimore, Janet Anne  Abt Nov 1944Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I61222
9 Dangerfield, Roland Guy C  Abt Feb 1903Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I99436
10 Howes, Alice Maria  Abt May 1875Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I4539
11 Howes, Arthur William  Abt Aug 1895Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I21152
12 Howes, Gladys Lilian  Abt Nov 1893Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I21210
13 Howes, Hubert Watson  Abt Nov 1879Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I17441
14 Howes, Kate  Abt May 1873Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I20420
15 Howes, Lilly Kate  Abt May 1873Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I27878
16 Howes, William Richard  Abt Feb 1869Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I16499
17 Marmont, Margaret  Abt May 1847Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I99765
18 Powell, Dorothy  Abt Nov 1919Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I114035
19 Smith, Rosa Emma  Abt Aug 1863Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I102465
20 Swayne, Dorothy Florence  Abt Aug 1912Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I39901
21 Townsend, Daisy Louisa  Abt Aug 1885Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I72718
22 Watts, Richard Henry  Abt May 1853Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I109518
23 Wilkins, Harold Halliday  Abt Aug 1876Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I30129
24 Worker, William Howse  Abt May 1849Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I178914
25 Young, Emily Martha  Abt Feb 1847Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I7885


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, William Victor de Moran  Abt Nov 1932Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110228
2 Colwell, Mary  Abt May 1870Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110339
3 Foote, Frederick Brett  Abt May 1906Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I79702
4 House, Herbert  Abt May 1966Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I33773
5 Howes, Henry  Abt Aug 1909Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I3227
6 Howes, Hester  Abt Aug 1857Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110151
7 Howes, Reginald John  Abt Nov 1965Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I14730
8 Mills, Daniel  Abt Feb 1838Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110252
9 Mills, Mary  Abt Aug 1850Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110257
10 Moss, Doris Lilian  Abt Feb 1980Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I140751
11 Read, Irene Florence  Abt Feb 1978Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I108259
12 Simmons, Adelaide Kate  Abt Aug 1905Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I110230
13 Stinchcombe, Flossie Florence  Jan 1994Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111292
14 Stinchcombe, Frederick Eber George  Abt May 1957Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111293
15 Stinchcombe, Frederick James  Abt Nov 1941Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I29493
16 Stinchcombe, Percy Edgar Edmund  Abt Aug 1963Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I111296
17 Strange, Colin Philip  Abt Nov 1955Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I95148
18 Unknown, Mary  Abt May 1870Stroud RD, Gloucestershire I50766


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Read  Abt Feb 1951Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F26401
2 Howes / Birt  Abt Feb 1941Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F36230
3 Howes / Hayward  Abt Nov 1957Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F34286
4 Howes / Moss  Abt Nov 1946Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F42878
5 Howes / Young  Abt Feb 1868Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F3303
6 Tavender / Hayward  Abt Nov 1947Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F34287


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gorham / House  Abt May 1928Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F36514
2 House / Markham  Abt Aug 1931Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F36515
3 House / Mitchell  Abt Nov 1919Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F36224
4 Howes / Powell  Abt Aug 1952Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F34288
5 Howes / Whittard  Abt Feb 1893Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F5537
6 Howse / Clark  Abt Aug 1878Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F5791
7 Mapp / Howse  Abt May 1907Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F35655
8 Masters / Webb  Abt Feb 1871Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F41783
9 Morse / Howse  Abt May 1902Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F35656
10 Shepherd / Howes  Abt Nov 1898Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F2367
11 Worker / Howse  Abt Aug 1848Stroud RD, Gloucestershire F6142