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Thanet RD, Kent



Location : Latitude: 51.1985035, Longitude: 0.7463555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Skinner, Henry Daniel  28 Sep 1871Thanet RD, Kent I145541
2 Greenfield, Charles Bridger  Abt Nov 1874Thanet RD, Kent I52383
3 Brockman, William Albert  Abt 1875Thanet RD, Kent I30395
4 Howes, Nellie Jane  Abt May 1876Thanet RD, Kent I99188
5 Rich, Laura Ann  Abt May 1877Thanet RD, Kent I6271
6 Howes, William George  Abt Feb 1878Thanet RD, Kent I68443
7 Harding, Lena Nellie  13 Oct 1887Thanet RD, Kent I159674
8 Preston, Thomas Frederick  May 1891Thanet RD, Kent I68459
9 Walker, Ada Florence Elizabeth  19 Nov 1895Thanet RD, Kent I131903
10 Blay, Alice May  2 Dec 1899Thanet RD, Kent I68464
11 House, Kathleen Edith  Abt Aug 1906Thanet RD, Kent I36818
12 Pierce, Violet Marian  17 Jan 1908Thanet RD, Kent I109295
13 Gibson, Sydney  26 Apr 1909Thanet RD, Kent I137642
14 Luff, Harriett Sylvia  6 Jul 1909Thanet RD, Kent I117245
15 Addley, John R G  Abt Feb 1912Thanet RD, Kent I68446
16 Saunders, Claude Edward  5 Feb 1912Thanet RD, Kent I68549
17 Miles, Ivy Ethel F  16 Jan 1913Thanet RD, Kent I6867
18 Larkin, Helen Emily Florence  30 Mar 1913Thanet RD, Kent I145595
19 Addley, Edith L  Abt May 1913Thanet RD, Kent I68447
20 Howes, Leslie Harold  22 Jun 1913Thanet RD, Kent I53826
21 Preston, Thomas G  Abt Aug 1914Thanet RD, Kent I68460
22 Read, Leonard R  Abt Aug 1914Thanet RD, Kent I130974
23 Ells, Dorothy Louise  Abt Nov 1914Thanet RD, Kent I68451
24 Addley, George C  Abt Nov 1915Thanet RD, Kent I68448
25 Howes, Mary  Abt Nov 1915Thanet RD, Kent I53827
26 Howes, William Henry J  Abt May 1919Thanet RD, Kent I92907
27 Howes, Charles William George  22 Oct 1921Thanet RD, Kent I68465
28 Brittain, Hilda M  Abt Feb 1923Thanet RD, Kent I68457
29 Brittain, George Alfred  3 Oct 1925Thanet RD, Kent I68458
30 Penfold, Brenda M  Abt Feb 1946Thanet RD, Kent I71323
31 Penfold, Joan E  8 Aug 1952Thanet RD, Kent I71325
32 Howes, Susan Jill  12 Sep 1955Thanet RD, Kent I111265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, John Mawle  Abt Aug 1842Thanet RD, Kent I108134
2 Blagg, James Peter  Abt May 1863Thanet RD, Kent I163072
3 Challis, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Aug 1873Thanet RD, Kent I3332
4 Howes, Nellie Jane  Abt Aug 1877Thanet RD, Kent I99188
5 Howes, William George  Abt Feb 1879Thanet RD, Kent I68443
6 Turner, Mary Susannah  Abt Feb 1900Thanet RD, Kent I117441
7 Howes, Francis Ernest  Abt May 1902Thanet RD, Kent I29709
8 Amyot, Thomas Howes Edward  Abt Nov 1903Thanet RD, Kent I421
9 House, Charles Careless  Abt May 1904Thanet RD, Kent I36806
10 Pitt, Thomas Paisey  Abt Feb 1905Thanet RD, Kent I64843
11 Howes, Percy James  Abt Aug 1905Thanet RD, Kent I8762
12 Brockman, Ernest Samuel  Abt Aug 1907Thanet RD, Kent I12203
13 Oldfield, Amy  Abt Aug 1911Thanet RD, Kent I30826
14 Trimble, Albert Howard  Abt Nov 1911Thanet RD, Kent I68532
15 Howes, Sarah Hutton  Abt Aug 1913Thanet RD, Kent I51617
16 Howes, William  Abt Nov 1919Thanet RD, Kent I10505
17 Buddington, Arthur William  Abt May 1920Thanet RD, Kent I53650
18 Buddington, Frederick Edgar  Abt May 1921Thanet RD, Kent I53651
19 Brittain, Hilda M  Abt Nov 1923Thanet RD, Kent I68457
20 Howes, Martha Beaumont  Abt Nov 1927Thanet RD, Kent I72708
21 Hance, Albert Charles  Abt Aug 1928Thanet RD, Kent I161114
22 House, Elijah  Abt Feb 1931Thanet RD, Kent I68482
23 Monger, Ellen Quested  Abt Aug 1931Thanet RD, Kent I95298
24 Moxey, Louisa Cribbens  Abt Aug 1935Thanet RD, Kent I8038
25 Howes, Leslie  Abt Aug 1937Thanet RD, Kent I465
26 Allen, Desmond Keith  Abt Nov 1937Thanet RD, Kent I91983
27 Howes, George  Abt May 1941Thanet RD, Kent I28229
28 Howes, George James  Abt May 1941Thanet RD, Kent I23172
29 Parfitt, Albert Henry  Abt Feb 1944Thanet RD, Kent I80891
30 Hodges, Ada Mary  Abt Aug 1944Thanet RD, Kent I86681
31 Howes, Elizabeth Susan A  Abt Feb 1946Thanet RD, Kent I15646
32 Lass, Alice Beatrice  Abt Feb 1946Thanet RD, Kent I36829
33 Howes, Walter A  Abt Nov 1947Thanet RD, Kent I68555
34 Howes, Charlotte  Abt May 1949Thanet RD, Kent I9315
35 Dack, Ada Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1950Thanet RD, Kent I82432
36 Thunder, Annie  Abt May 1951Thanet RD, Kent I68553
37 Brittain, Samuel G  Abt Feb 1952Thanet RD, Kent I68455
38 Matcham, Charles  Abt Feb 1952Thanet RD, Kent I86677
39 Howes, Alfred James  Abt Feb 1955Thanet RD, Kent I4242
40 House, Samuel Robert George  Abt Nov 1956Thanet RD, Kent I36826
41 Preston, Thomas Frederick  Abt Feb 1957Thanet RD, Kent I68459
42 Buddington, Frederick Thomas  Abt Nov 1957Thanet RD, Kent I53652
43 House, Fanny Eliza  Abt Nov 1957Thanet RD, Kent I80881
44 House, Gertrude Lily  Abt Nov 1958Thanet RD, Kent I48239
45 Howes, Percy Clement  Abt Nov 1959Thanet RD, Kent I56497
46 Howes, Dorothy Hilda  Abt Feb 1962Thanet RD, Kent I49720
47 Quaife, Thomas Richard  Abt Feb 1962Thanet RD, Kent I84720
48 Merriman, Edward  Abt May 1962Thanet RD, Kent I45686
49 Brockman, Ernest Alfred  Abt Nov 1964Thanet RD, Kent I68444
50 Howes, Sidney James  Abt Aug 1966Thanet RD, Kent I7914

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Challis, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Nov 1848Thanet RD, Kent I3332
2 House, Ernest Eady  Abt Aug 1869Thanet RD, Kent I68484
3 Strevens, William Richard  Abt Feb 1870Thanet RD, Kent I68476
4 Skinner, Henry Daniel  Abt Nov 1871Thanet RD, Kent I145541
5 Reeve, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1872Thanet RD, Kent I12406
6 Sayer, Edith Emily  Abt May 1873Thanet RD, Kent I65646
7 Goldsack, Robert Frederick  Abt Aug 1875Thanet RD, Kent I162760
8 Howes, Elizabeth Susan A  Abt Nov 1880Thanet RD, Kent I15646
9 Howes, William  Abt Aug 1881Thanet RD, Kent I10505
10 Ells, George Frederick Austen  Abt Nov 1882Thanet RD, Kent I68450
11 Howes, George Thomas  Abt Feb 1883Thanet RD, Kent I6844
12 Howes, Emma Louisa  Abt May 1885Thanet RD, Kent I13237
13 Harding, Lena Nellie  Abt Nov 1887Thanet RD, Kent I159674
14 Howes, Ada Florence  Abt Nov 1887Thanet RD, Kent I12395
15 Howes, Amelia  Abt Feb 1890Thanet RD, Kent I26159
16 Wyles, Mabel  Abt Feb 1890Thanet RD, Kent I8758
17 Miles, Elsie Maud  Abt Nov 1891Thanet RD, Kent I53838
18 Howes, Eleanor Mary  Abt Feb 1892Thanet RD, Kent I21022
19 Howes, Ethel Jane  Abt May 1893Thanet RD, Kent I20151
20 Howes, Charles Samuel  Abt Nov 1895Thanet RD, Kent I9085
21 Walker, Ada Florence Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1895Thanet RD, Kent I131903
22 Howes, Florence Emmeline  Abt Feb 1898Thanet RD, Kent I25986
23 Rogers, Hilda Dorothy May  Abt Aug 1898Thanet RD, Kent I120286
24 Blay, Alice May  Abt Feb 1900Thanet RD, Kent I68464
25 Brockman, Alfreda Ernestine  Abt Nov 1900Thanet RD, Kent I24276
26 Howes, Francis Ernest  Abt Nov 1900Thanet RD, Kent I29709
27 House, Dorothy Collingwood  Abt May 1901Thanet RD, Kent I36808
28 Buddington, Arthur William  Abt Aug 1902Thanet RD, Kent I53650
29 Howes, Ronald Leslie  Abt Nov 1902Thanet RD, Kent I53709
30 House, Charles Careless  Abt May 1903Thanet RD, Kent I36806
31 Brockman, Ernest Alfred  Abt Aug 1904Thanet RD, Kent I68444
32 Buddington, Frederick Edgar  Abt Nov 1904Thanet RD, Kent I53651
33 Burgess, Frank Alfred  Abt May 1906Thanet RD, Kent I112907
34 Angell, Herbert George  Abt Nov 1906Thanet RD, Kent I85679
35 House, Ronald Marriott  Abt Nov 1907Thanet RD, Kent I36824
36 Pierce, Violet Marian  Abt Feb 1908Thanet RD, Kent I109295
37 Gibson, Sydney  Abt May 1909Thanet RD, Kent I137642
38 Kennett, Douglas Herbert Henry  Abt May 1909Thanet RD, Kent I121680
39 Luff, Harriett Sylvia  Abt Aug 1909Thanet RD, Kent I117245
40 Howes, Phyllis  Abt Feb 1911Thanet RD, Kent I53829
41 Saunders, Claude Edward  Abt Feb 1912Thanet RD, Kent I68549
42 Miles, Ivy Ethel F  Abt Feb 1913Thanet RD, Kent I6867
43 Larkin, Helen Emily Florence  Abt May 1913Thanet RD, Kent I145595
44 Howes, Leslie Harold  Abt Aug 1913Thanet RD, Kent I53826
45 Howes, William Henry J  26 Jun 1919Thanet RD, Kent I92907
46 Howes, Charles William George  Abt Nov 1921Thanet RD, Kent I68465
47 Brittain, George Alfred  Abt Nov 1925Thanet RD, Kent I68458
48 Penfold, Charles Roy  Abt Aug 1936Thanet RD, Kent I71314
49 Penfold, Joan E  Abt Aug 1952Thanet RD, Kent I71325
50 Howes, Susan Jill  Abt Aug 1955Thanet RD, Kent I111265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howse, Rebecca Louisa  Abt Aug 1899Thanet RD, Kent I76026
2 Howes, Robert Vincent  Abt May 1900Thanet RD, Kent I1225
3 Keeys, Jane Mary W  Abt Nov 1917Thanet RD, Kent I68483
4 Fishwick, Heathcote Booth  Abt Nov 1918Thanet RD, Kent I134883
5 Howes, Frederick William Fladgate  Abt Feb 1939Thanet RD, Kent I6714
6 Penfold, Brenda M  Abt Nov 1946Thanet RD, Kent I71323
7 Penfold, Charles Roy  Abt May 1951Thanet RD, Kent I71314
8 Wilkinson, Edith Emily Rosa  Abt Aug 1954Thanet RD, Kent I134897
9 Barker, Violet Lavinia  Abt Aug 1955Thanet RD, Kent I95077
10 Herbert, Hilda  Abt Feb 1961Thanet RD, Kent I101747
11 Howes, Ada Florence  Abt May 1964Thanet RD, Kent I12395
12 Howse, Albert Leonard  Abt Nov 1968Thanet RD, Kent I42906
13 Hewitt, Charles Arthur  Abt May 1971Thanet RD, Kent I18436
14 Howes, Amelia  Abt Feb 1974Thanet RD, Kent I26159
15 Funnell, George Ernest  Abt May 1987Thanet RD, Kent I114165
16 Penfold, Charles William George  Abt Mar 1991Thanet RD, Kent I68454


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brockman / Howes  Abt May 1900Thanet RD, Kent F5558
2 Pain / Fishwick  Abt May 1900Thanet RD, Kent F40958
3 Howes / Yeats  Abt Aug 1900Thanet RD, Kent F15769
4 Buddington / Howes  Abt Nov 1900Thanet RD, Kent F15751
5 Penfold / Howes  Abt May 1909Thanet RD, Kent F8537
6 Boissonet / Hows  Abt Feb 1910Thanet RD, Kent F26570
7 Addley / Howes  Abt Apr 1911Thanet RD, Kent F5559
8 Haynes / Metcalf  Abt May 1912Thanet RD, Kent F15743
9 Preston / Howes  Abt Feb 1913Thanet RD, Kent F7117
10 Brittain / Howes  Abt Nov 1918Thanet RD, Kent F8538
11 Sinclair / Howes  Abt May 1919Thanet RD, Kent F5560
12 Brockman / Setterfield  Abt Nov 1926Thanet RD, Kent F20335
13 Howse / Wilson  Abt Aug 1927Thanet RD, Kent F33686
14 Burgess / Howes  Abt Aug 1929Thanet RD, Kent F33903
15 Davies / Ells  Abt Feb 1935Thanet RD, Kent F19644
16 House / Perrow  Abt May 1937Thanet RD, Kent F11465
17 Allen / Rees  Abt Nov 1943Thanet RD, Kent F26646
18 Morgan / Parfitt  Abt Nov 1945Thanet RD, Kent F23039
19 Brittain / Marshall  Abt Nov 1953Thanet RD, Kent F20329
20 Austin / Redgrove  Abt Nov 1954Thanet RD, Kent F35218
21 Howes / Pierce  Abt May 1967Thanet RD, Kent F32652


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Wooster  Abt May 1875Thanet RD, Kent F15366
2 Howes / Moxey  Abt Aug 1877Thanet RD, Kent F3344
3 Strevens / House  Abt Nov 1896Thanet RD, Kent F19649
4 Trimble / Howse  Abt Feb 1908Thanet RD, Kent F14224
5 Ells / Howes  Abt Nov 1908Thanet RD, Kent F4609
6 Howes / Miles  Abt Nov 1910Thanet RD, Kent F15795
7 Howes / Blay  Abt May 1920Thanet RD, Kent F19645
8 Jones / House  Abt Aug 1930Thanet RD, Kent F11460
9 Howes / Reddall  Abt Nov 1930Thanet RD, Kent F19669
10 Nixon / Howes  Abt Nov 1931Thanet RD, Kent F5045
11 Brigden / Winter  Abt Aug 1933Thanet RD, Kent F19672
12 Saunders / Howse  Abt Aug 1936Thanet RD, Kent F12485