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Torbay RD, Devon



Latitude: 50.7299785, Longitude: -3.715181


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Belbin, John Richard George  Abt Nov 1986Torbay RD, Devon I118489
2 Bishop, Hilda Evelyn Annie  Abt Mar 1986Torbay RD, Devon I95072
3 Brimblecombe, Frederick Edwin H  Abt Nov 1986Torbay RD, Devon I86860
4 Edwards, Dorothy Olive  Abt Jan 1987Torbay RD, Devon I109585
5 Fullilove, George Alfred  Abt Feb 1974Torbay RD, Devon I146439
6 Gribble, Barbara Frances R  Abt Jul 2003Torbay RD, Devon I56437
7 Harris, Margaret Grace  Abt Nov 1993Torbay RD, Devon I120085
8 Highmore, Joan  Abt Feb 1999Torbay RD, Devon I88113
9 House, Edna May  Abt May 1984Torbay RD, Devon I109648
10 House, Godfrey Frank R  Abt Feb 1971Torbay RD, Devon I71271
11 House, Joan Barbara Florence  Abt May 1992Torbay RD, Devon I44143
12 House, John F  Abt Nov 1968Torbay RD, Devon I44149
13 House, Phyllis Elizabeth  Abt Nov 2002Torbay RD, Devon I79652
14 House, Raymond  Abt Sep 1997Torbay RD, Devon I116386
15 Howes, Arthur Frederick  Abt May 2004Torbay RD, Devon I18866
16 Howes, Arthur Stanley  Abt Feb 1979Torbay RD, Devon I6174
17 Howes, Clement Harold  Abt May 1979Torbay RD, Devon I12939
18 Howes, Ernest George  Abt Feb 1985Torbay RD, Devon I17565
19 Howes, Harold  Abt May 1970Torbay RD, Devon I61006
20 Howes, Harold Robert  Abt Aug 1996Torbay RD, Devon I105011
21 Howes, Neville  Abt Feb 1972Torbay RD, Devon I99339
22 Howes, Percy Jabez  Abt Feb 1981Torbay RD, Devon I22999
23 Howes, Peter Anthony  Abt Oct 2005Torbay RD, Devon I94201
24 Howes, Stuart Glynn  Abt Dec 2006Torbay RD, Devon I105003
25 Howse, Evelyn Phyllis R  Abt Jul 2004Torbay RD, Devon I79219
26 Howse, Jack Leslie  Abt Aug 1987Torbay RD, Devon I50797
27 Howse, Mabel Selina  10 May 1975Torbay RD, Devon I12346
28 Lake, Beatrice Maud  Abt Mar 1995Torbay RD, Devon I164483
29 Lancaster, Lottie Lillian  Abt Feb 1990Torbay RD, Devon I102214
30 Leaver, Lily E L  Mar 2004Torbay RD, Devon I144677
31 Malcolm, Stella Millicent  Abt Feb 1985Torbay RD, Devon I46256
32 Mannings, Jack Stewart  Abt Oct 2006Torbay RD, Devon I79222
33 Marr, David Thompson  Abt Jun 1993Torbay RD, Devon I83753
34 Martin, Ada Florence J  Abt Aug 2003Torbay RD, Devon I163066
35 Nicholls, William Leslie  Abt Feb 1975Torbay RD, Devon I137660
36 Nield, Maud Anne  Abt May 1969Torbay RD, Devon I81945
37 Packer, Dora Alice  Abt Feb 1982Torbay RD, Devon I112233
38 Pickard, Phyllis  Abt Jul 1999Torbay RD, Devon I83752
39 Rowbotham, Gladys Lucy Florence Marion  Abt Feb 1982Torbay RD, Devon I91627
40 Rowe, Norman Thomas  Abt May 1983Torbay RD, Devon I102220
41 Short, Ethel Louise  Abt Nov 1982Torbay RD, Devon I10469
42 Wadsworth, Bernard Clement  Abt Nov 1983Torbay RD, Devon I100058
43 Webb, Kenneth  Oct 2003Torbay RD, Devon I144692
44 Wills, Hubert Charles  Abt Feb 1976Torbay RD, Devon I48527
45 Wood, Dulcie Evelyn  Abt Apr 1987Torbay RD, Devon I105010
46 Young, Frederick John  Abt May 1985Torbay RD, Devon I118237


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Benthien, Florence May  Abt Nov 1985Torbay RD, Devon I97494
2 Howes, Clyde Edmund  Abt May 1978Torbay RD, Devon I31055
3 Howes, Edwin John  Abt Nov 2006Torbay RD, Devon I690
4 Howes, Emily Louise  Abt May 1993Torbay RD, Devon I22306
5 Howes, Lilian Maud  Abt Aug 1988Torbay RD, Devon I21970
6 Howse, Mabel Selina  Abt May 1975Torbay RD, Devon I12346
7 Parsons, Charles R  Oct 1995Torbay RD, Devon I143706
8 Smith, Francis Howes  Abt Oct 2000Torbay RD, Devon I163065


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nicholls / Pook  Abt Aug 1969Torbay RD, Devon F41864