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Welford, Berkshire



Location : Latitude: 51.4573, Longitude: -1.41063


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, John  Abt 1803Welford, Berkshire I48838
2 Cole, Mary  Abt 1767Welford, Berkshire I27045
3 Evans, Mary Ann  18 Oct 1847Welford, Berkshire I48851
4 House, Albert George  Abt May 1872Welford, Berkshire I48856
5 House, Anthony  Abt 1767Welford, Berkshire I33118
6 House, George  Abt 1853Welford, Berkshire I48869
7 House, Giles  Abt 1810Welford, Berkshire I48870
8 House, Jacob  Abt 1846Welford, Berkshire I48873
9 House, James  Abt 1841Welford, Berkshire I48874
10 House, Rhoda Hannah  Abt Nov 1871Welford, Berkshire I48881
11 House, Thomas  Abt 1804Welford, Berkshire I28420
12 Unknown, Mary A  Abt 1850Welford, Berkshire I48901


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, John  Abt 1806Welford, Berkshire I48838
2 Evans, Mary Ann  Abt 1847Welford, Berkshire I48851
3 Evans, Mary Ann  Abt 1848Welford, Berkshire I48851
4 House, Albert George  Abt 1871Welford, Berkshire I48856
5 House, George  Abt 1854Welford, Berkshire I48869
6 House, Henry  Abt 1874Welford, Berkshire I48871
7 House, Jacob  Abt 1845Welford, Berkshire I48873
8 House, James  Abt 1842Welford, Berkshire I48874
9 House, Rhoda Hannah  Abt 1871Welford, Berkshire I48881
10 House, Thomas  Abt 1801Welford, Berkshire I28420